Cake and heartburn

So someone bought a load of cake into the office so I had some, I also had a couple of rolls.. And.. ended up with heartburn all day long.. :(

Done loads of work and still holding out for some solution to problems I’m facing.. still I enjoy this and from Saturday I will be in my own element working under my own supervision. Although I do have to arrange to go get some shopping before the weekend.

Had some awesome chicken stuff I threw together with some noddles in the evening, and then went to bed mega early as just well tired.. Well that was the plan..

However a Mr Ernest Cline has a lot to answer for as I ended up reading half of the book “Armarda”.. DAMN it’s too SHORT!!!.. lol.. Now what am I supposed to do?

And there he goes..

So my Boss here is on holiday next week .. and .. He has gone already, come lunchtime he had packed up and left.. If anything goes as before I expect he will lob a few grenades just before the weekend and leave them for me to pick up.. Ho hum..

Still it is less stressful with him gone and I don’t have to go over things again and again finally just giving up 😉

Still looks like offshore this weekend, although now looks like it will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! *sigh*

On the bright side I have been invited into the KLM lounge next Thursday when I head home.. Ooerrr.. Lets see then 😉

Meetings and missed food

So I ordered a stack of food for the meetings today and.. Sods law I was in meetings at lunchtime.. So missed out on it anyway.. Sucks big-time.. But made up for it with egg, sausage and chips in the evening. Probably need to get something else as not had much else other than meat and starch based foods for the last couple of days.

Weather still looks bad until the weekend, when I will be mega busy.. oh joy..

Got my spreadsheet all sorted though although I feel it could do with some work to make it more flexible, hmmm

How bad is the weather here? Supposed to be a nice place to go on holiday.. That means the Germans must have a sense of humour after all!


A week of bad weather

So looks like may not get much done in the following week as the weather has come in..

From what I can see I won’t be offshore for most of this trip with a mad dash at the end to get some stuff done.. Oh well..

Instead I have a batch of meetings to attend for the next week whist I draw my own conclusions about the status of various bits and bobs, Done pretty well with my system of working out what’s going on so far, but think I have missed lots or need to find a better way of displaying the information.. Hmm.. Anyway managed to get away early again this evening as going to be a busy time with meetings for the rest of the week.

Started playing Destiny on the PS3.. Hmmm

Puddles of water

So arrive in this morning after driving through what appeared to be Armageddon to find that the office had pools of water all over the place. Found out later that the windows have an issue where by they leak and leave huge puddles on the floor which is a wooden one on concrete so if left the floor starts to swell up and lift.

Anyway ended up throwing paper towels down all over the place, clean up a fair amount of them before being asked to leave some for the people to see in the morning.. Not sure anyone will be there by the time the cleaners arrive but its the thought that counts I guess.

So ended up going back about 5pm again.. Did my burger, egg and chips and manage to eat most of it.. Not that great though if I’m honest.. Probably only be able to have that sort of thing rarely.. Oh I did have chicken fingers.. I bought them thinking they were fish fingers.. So my own fault, should really read the packet 😉 They were not very nice either. .:(

Read some more of the book and installed Destiny on the PS3 here ended up leaving it running overnight while it downloaded updates, at 1am it still had about 5GB to go.. So not holding out much hope  :roll:

Meetings tomorrow, some online, should be.. interesting.. Perhaps.

Horizontal rain and the winds from Hades

The day started well, got to the office and just in the door as the rain starts its relentless assault upon the building. My back to back left about lunchtime and headed to the airport, just as the weather was getting worse too. Ended up working out the status of locations which I’m fairly happy with, although I think I need to fill out my document tomorrow so I can see it all in one place.

Ended up heading back to the apartment a little after five between the downpours.. Had some good lightning but alas too busy trying to work out what’s going on to watch it.

Read some more of the book, blimey half way through now.. Think I may have to ration myself shortly or get used to the idea that I will have to start another one soon too 😉

Burger, eggs, onions and bread rolls for tea, with lashings of mayo.. Not the healthiest of meals but I bought the burgers at lunchtime and they need eating.

Probably have something the same tomorrow, of course the burgers are not beef burgers but pork burgers.. *sigh* still they were nice enough, just add soy sauce when cooking 😉

First day back to it.. again

So trying to get my head around things and it seems that I need to have some sort of document which I can look at. Probably try and sort something out tomorrow by using my old DPR sections. Rather than use the systems in place, which would require me to open about 4-5 pages to get some overview I can just have most on one page.

I still have to work out how to get the Hold ups in some sort of form that I can review quickly, not sure who that’s going to work but I have an idea of making a small excel spreadsheet with the information displayed on it.. I’m almost tempted to write a Access database, if anyone even does those now?

In other news did a big shop today picked up loads of drink and food for the coming week and a bit, with any luck I should have enough from this one shop to not to have to bother again with anything else.

Brought a copy of Destiny for the PS3 with me so may start playing that at some stage, anyway ended the evening early watched a film and then got my head down.

Started reading a little of the new Erenst Cline book, Armarda.. Something about his style of writing makes it so easy to read, he pushes all the right buttons which I can relate to with regard to games and scifi shows.. Awesome :) Also like the way his second name is Cline.. C Line.. Command Cline or Cli.. CLI reminds me so much of all the good things about Linux, Amiga DOS, Unix, Xenix all that jazz.. AWESOME!


Snoozing on the flight

Seriously I nod off on the plane now.. How sad is that.. well I have nothing else to do so I shove the headphones on and then close my eyes.. next thing I know they are announcing that they will be landing soon.. Oerr…

Got a rental from Budget this time, was a lot quicker to get it too.. Seemed to be better and have a VW Polo.. nice little motor used only quarter or a tank to get to the apartment too!

Then had a little snooze before going out for a kebab (my only guilty pleasure here is one when I arrive and one the day before I leave).

Shopping tomorrow and catching up on the overall progress in the field… ho hum.. looks like I may be doing a lot of work!


Angel sorted out our holiday yesterday too, did I mention that? No? Well we are going down south in Sept for a week and plan on having a bit of a catch up with everyone (if possible) before I head back up home and then off to work the very next day.

Smudge is being a bit cheeky and ran down the garden barking so Angel had to put her on the lead so she doesn’t run about too much, not that its helping much 😉

She also found the squeaky pig and has decided that she should be playing again 😉

Angel is taking her back to the vets tomorrow for a quick check up too.

Had a nice relaxing bath in the evening, always nice to have a soak before I go back to work, as there is no bath in the apartment I’m staying in over there.

Poor old Smudge

So Smudge has to go into the Vets today to have some lumps removed as she has been having an issue with some skin lumps on her chin, they get caught and won’t stop bleeding.. :(

Anyway while Angel dropped her off at the vets my brother managed to chop up some more of the huge log that was beside the garage and then had to dash off home.

That then left me cutting the rest of the logs up before I could move the chipper around and drag the remaining hedge around to chip.

I managed to do all that just as Angel arrived back, she gave me a hand putting the chipper in the right place and then that was it done!

So all that’s needed tomorrow is for the ladder to be moved back and my bags packed before I head off to work again on Thursday :(

Smudge was back by then and little sleepy.. although she did go straight to her food bowl lol..