Went into work this morning only to find no one working due to the weather, so headed back after doing the hand over.

So tired ache all over, so end up going to bed for as bit…some up still aching and tired.. founded out that on another boat tomorrow as I’m being mucked about.. not only that have to be up mega early too

Back to it then

So out on a different boat today only to end up coming in early as well. Not much else to add really.

Ended up chopping some bits off the walnut tree when I got home as the builders need the extra height to get some bits through on Monday…then to bed as knackered.

Skips away..

Last day off for another two weeks so spent a pretty busy morning in town for a coffee, then cash and carry before heading back and sitting down the power so I could remove the sockets from the distribution board. Then faffing with the laptop trying to get it working (work email again) without any luck, although the phone now works.
Restrung Angels guitar and found some more Saturn games.. Lost a bid for a CD/DVD buffing machine, ho hum.

Then the skip arrived for the work that starts Monday, looks like won’t get the fascia Monday now as company is buggering about.. Means the new gutter is having to wait a bit longer, sucks but there you are.

Then to bed and watched a fun before having a frankly terrible nights sleep.

General mooch day

Started to burn off the straw today while Angel player with the leaf blower vacuum thing. Also had some more work to do with my main machine (email system was hanging).

Ironically the work email was also down, looks like something to do with authentication servers, truthfully glad I don’t deal with that side of IT anymore. Still not working on my phone or laptop so may have to phone then tomorrow again.

Made a target for the air rifle and then had another go with that, Angel is much better than me.


Still getting better need more practice, as is the same with most things.

Then spent ages testing Saturn discs to make sure they work.. Ended up playing some of them too, however surprised how blocky the graphics were back then!



Then watched the most awesome film ever..  “Ninja Apocalypse” move over Lord of the rings, Tron, Matrix and The Avengers my life is now complete!


The big clear up

So today was a big clear up of the garden, which took longer than I expected.

Tried to buy some cladding for the gutter only to find that no one sells it, of course the trip into town want helped due to road works. Seems strange that in this day and age the road works can’t be carried out in the evening when the disruption to traffic is minimised… Doesn’t help there is only one road, route through the town either.

The evening spent time trying to play destiny again… Pain the arse disconnects again made the game less fun.. Also WHY do we have these shocking loading times STILL!

Also watched sabotage the film, don’t bother complete waste if time.

Not so bushy tailed

Well today popped into Kings Lynn and had a nice breakfast before Angel bought some new shoes and we picked up some videos in HMV. Then another long journey back, seems the traffic has all waited until today.

Out again, in the afternoon, to get some gutter, which did fit in the van Angel ( ;) ). Spot of lunch then down came the bushy Listeria along with the dodgy gutter, tomorrow should be replacing it once I’ve got some more fascia boarding for it to sit on.

The evening was a complete wash out after trying to play destiny on the Xbox only to be kicked out time and time again.. Then tried titan fall only to suffer the same! Remind me why I didn’t buy any online only games before? Oh yes they’re crap if the server is down.

So destiny and titan fall… Score less than 4 right now, as I can’t play them!

Kings Lynn, not…

Well the idea was to pop to Kings Lynn this morning and have breakfast and a wander about, however that seems to be unlikely now as has some people turning up to get the lawn mower later. Oh well. Guess the chickens get a clean out early then.

That’s the chickens cleaned just have to wait for it to dry before adding bedding later on. Chickens were none too happy having the mite powder running about like headless.. Wait.. Oh dear.. Too late

Might go looking at an air rifle this afternoon as now annoyed big time with the rats.

Angel on the other hand has been on the phone sorting out skips, buildings inspectors and boiler service’s.. Blimey.

Picked up an air rifle, with some targets a bag and some pellets.. Angel seems a better shot than me too.

CDTV is now on eBay and I shall start to add some games tomorrow.

Finally gone..

That’s it this afternoon the last bits of the conservatory were picked up. Just a wall some crappy floor along with a rather lurid painted plasterboard wall.

This afternoon tried to write in a speaker to my c2n with the idea of being able to tell which tapes are audio/data mixed (it’s been some years after all). That was a complete fail so looks like I will have to create an audio circuit (with volume) and go through the circuit diagram rather than rely on some dubious website.

Something I can report however is that the floppy disks are no good for saving data to. Then again might be just that the discs are just too old and have started to break down, more than likely after all this time.

Noticed the Amiga is now freezing which might be related to the update I have done to opus which has removed the workbench default, damn you!

Just a wall remains

This morning to nice and early as the conservatory is coming down today.

Was actually a good laugh trying to get it down and managed to get it almost completely down in 7 hours. Would have been done but some screw’s had blown in the brick work and made removing sections extremely hard to do.

Still now there is just the wall left with the old plasterboard wall in the back of the house.


That corner on the left was err broken when the doors were removed. Not me I might add!

So in another couple of weeks we should see some progress, with any luck ;)

Nothing else done today, although I did attempt to cut some hedges.

Runny nose..

Ok so the nose tap has been on full all day, making anything a real chore. Still angel seemed happy enough with her birthday presents. Myself I’m pretty impressed with the signed Bon Jovi guitar..

Tomorrow I need to put the mount up but that’s after the conservatory comes down and I get to grips with the foliage in the garden.

Was a lazy day today and my hopes of getting the the tap turned off on my nose was ruined when a major panic set in because the boiler had a funny five minutes. Still sorted out for a service sometime next week with any luck…

Rats still in the cage seems they have now also working out how to use the feed station. Go hum

Something to chuckle about.


Just need about 200 hundred lines rather than 3