Proper pipework

Ok so the builders pointed out the pipework is going to be under the floor if left as is and also be hard for them to work to. So once they had finished (the window guys had been and gone too) so we now have windows!..

Anyway before the builders had arrived we popped out for a meal, which wasn’t too bad, then into B&Q for some other fittings for the pipework.

Once some clearing up had been done and the windowsill and door sill put on the builders buggered off and I got to work ripping out the pipework and doing it right.. And if I’m honest it looks damn good too. If only everything was as easy to get right second go and looks good!

Although I’m pretty disappointed with the blow torch which is about as useful and a couple of matches on a windy day. Spent more time screaming at the gas torch than soldering lol..

Fingers crossed the builders don’t find it too bad tomorrow ;)

Pipework like Super Mario bodge it!

Yep today was a weather day so although I had to hang about for a bit to get some paperwork done in the office it wasn’t too bad and I was able to get home for the late morning. Once back popped out and grabbed some more pipework stuff then spent the afternoon soldering it all up.. Looks like crap and I have a compression fitting that is weeping (SODS LAW!).

So tired that in the end it was Pizza and bed.. :(

The oncoming storm!

WARNING the storm is coming..

Today was interesting watching people walk around tying stuff down and making sure that things are secure for the oncoming storm.. STORM I say.. hmm as if we have never had a storm in the UK! lol..

Anyway done pretty well but again been a damn long day.. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get back early and sort out the pipework for the radiators, that should be interesting!

Some people.. Sigh

Had an email chasing a problem with a site, seems that someone has been unable to grasp the fact that they have been moved and are still trying to access the old system/server. Still I’m hopeful that they MUST have reached the end now.. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow the ceiling will be boarded out and plastered, with any luck.

Simple fixes are the best

Well a long day and trying to get used to the way things are going with the new chain of command, not working too well at the moment but hope it will settle down shortly.

Managed to sort out the last client who was having hassle with their website this afternoon so that should be that, until the next reseller account moves onto the cloud.

Still STILL problems!

Yep have someone else now that is having problems, so been trying to resolve their problem for them without much luck I’m afraid.. Mainly because I need to manually set it up for them, they are not the best with computers or technology.

Another long day.. Although was good as got a lot of work done, tomorrow looks to be yet another long day, lets hope that I don’t have to wear the transfer suit when I get back to shore this time though.

Seems the new floor is going down next Friday too.. The ceiling should be up Monday and plastered on Tuesday with the windows going in Wednesday.. so technically we are a couple of weeks away from completion!

Awesome and tomorrow is the weekend so less hassle from people too, well we can live in hope.

More problems

Well working today, ok not much working as too windy but its the thought that counts. Got back to find still issues with the websites.. Seems the DNS has not resolved correctly on a lot of them although it is now starting to clear itself up somewhat. Probably didn’t help that a lot of people decided to stick the password in wrong for mail servers¬†and manage to ban themselves chortle.. Some of the excuses you get are just astounding!

In other news looks like may get a couple of days off next week too when the new storm comes through (probably end up being like someone farting ;) ).

Buzbie came to stay for the night too (although only passing as on their way down south). Sadly I spent the evening (once home) trying to solve problems so didn’t really get to see them :(

Another windy day

Yes another windy day in paradise.. And home early which is nice, spent some money on pipe and bits and bobs for the rads in the extension and will have to find time to install it all.. Also talked to the builders about the floor which is about as flat as the Himalayas, the idea is to put down some insulation and then a new floor that is like an epoxy resin, after all this it will be the warmest place in the house!

On top of all that one of my main reseller account has been migrated to the cloud (the one this site is on too) hence lots of the day spent on the phone trying to resolve the issues that cropped up :(

Yep the office

Well as thought it is a weather day and yes I have been stuck in the office all day too.. :(

Seems tomorrow is also going to be a weather day.. too.. Hmm.. Seems the winter has finally decided to show up with a wave of the hands and a shrug of the shoulders. Ho hum..

In fairness most of today has been working out what is going on once my current Boss goes on holiday..

Just throw that cable in..

So came back yesterday from the PlayExpo (did I mention it was awesome?) and found that Legin had managed to wire up the extension!. Which only left some cat5 cabling to install, spent a few hours chucking some in the extension and through into the games room before calling it a day and going out for an Indian meal in the evening. Was actually not too bad, even had a wander about tower (although the weather wasn’t too great).

Back to work tomorrow and although it is a weather day it looks like I will be in the office all day BOO! HISS!.. :P