So today getting everything ready for the marthon dash before I head home on Sunday, this time I’m going to be heading offshore tomorrow and then coming back on Saturday night, spending the night on a hotel vessel. I would like the idea apart from the obvious fact that its going to be crap.. Yep I have heard that nothing is really setup for making it a nice place to stay..

My calls to try and arrange something else have met with blank stares as well.. Oh the joy.. Anyway I should be getting back to the apartment later packing everything up and then carrying a minimal amount of gear with me offshore.. Well that’s the plan.. You can bet that won’t work though 😉

In other news.. errr.. yeah I used to try and post up funny stuff.. remember that? Well now I’m an old git everything I post up has to have some sort of meaning.. or relate to something I’m doing.. Hell it’s boring for me hate to think what you guys think!

All AboardOh why the title Helicopter?.. I thought it sounded better than whining old fart 😉

No I was going to be getting my first ever helicopter ride.. but instead out tomorrow with boat transfer…

Blimey hard to imagine this blog is now over ten years old!! No wonder my posts are less and less funny.. I find it hard to make people laugh with my clothes on, after ten years most people have been able to view far worse stuff on Facebook.. Hell when this blog started facebook was only a year old and not open to everyone.. Crazy stuff..

Since I started this blog I have realised that some things will never be the same, I have struggled with depression, even if I haven’t openly admitted that fact, I have had bouts of it. I have also found that being on my own doesn’t help me, I tend to get worse, so my offshore trips are both a blessing and curse.. They force me to interact with lots of different people on a daily basis but they also alienate me from friends and family.

Gosh.. getting a bit deep isn’t it..

Time for a joke..

Two birds sitting on a perch, one says to the other “can you smell fish?”..


Last night I was going to

.. Play some Destiny, seems ages since I last fired it up.. But alas I ended up reading a book instead.. Maybe tonight? I deserve it after all this paperwork after all? No? Damn!

Anyway meetings tomorrow again and I also have a shed load of paperwork to upload and sort out, oh the joy, at least I made a start on some of it today.. Even if it was only a very small start.

Ended the evening playing a little destiny, I wasn’t going to but thought might chill me out, instead I felt terrible and ended up struggling to sleep.. The heat didn’t help either :(


So paperwork abounds and I’m just starting to get through it at the moment, the weather is terrible, but I’m home at the end of the week (yey).

Not really a lot to add on my boundless fun and games.

…Nope.. nothing I’m done, flip me over and reduce the heat.

Not clever

So did some training today and then had a test where I just didn’t read the questions, ended up handing it back without answering a lot!.. Sod only knows what I was thinking, anyway person seemed happy enough, but kicking myself right now.

Ended the evening having hotdogs for tea, not been feeling 100% of late so thought a simple meal would be better.. Seemed to make me feel a little better at any rate.

Also looks like I may be moving offshore on to a hotel vessel from the weekend, just before I come home.. Hmm



So got up nice and early, then onto the ferry, with hardly anyone on it..

Across to get on another boat and… Go out into the field only to find ourselves back along side some 4 hours later.. Sigh..

The jump on the ferry with about 2.2 million Germans (towels included) back to the apartment, quick shower then into the office. Missed the start of F1, which sucked a bit, but hey ho, such is life.

Looks like I will be in the office again tomorrow as I have training, then the weather looks pretty bad until Thursday.. So guess I should be clearing some more paperwork in the meantime. Need to get some more shopping at some stage too.. 😉

Well that was fun..

So spent the day catching up on paperwork and found out that if I had gone out offshore I wouldn’t have been able to do much anyway.

In other news I have decided I need to write a shopping list in future as I generally buy lots of junk when I should be getting some decent stuff to eat.. For instance I didn’t buy any chicken this time or other meat.. only mince.. So.. yeah mince.. Hmm.. also forgot to buy some other stuff although I did buy a lot of salad, but forgot the corn on the cob.. doh!

Maybe I’ll pick some of that up Monday instead as I’m offshore tomorrow all day.. Oh the joy, still not long now until I’m home again.. yey

Late into the Office

So I decided that after a couple of long session I should come into the office later..

And no one moaned.. Which was just as well, managed to sort out a load of stuff and was asked if I would be going off tomorrow, sadly not as the person I need to tie up with is not available so Sunday looks like the day.

Anyway left early and went shopping always surprised me that you can buy tons here and its so cheap.. Perhaps its just very expensive in the UK.. Oh well..

Ended the evening reading the end of a rather good book, tomorrow looks likely to be fun (not).. But at least I have some paperwork to complete then may even get back to the apartment early again (shocking I know).


Another day (this time only 15 hours) and I’m starting to feel it, I need to get some food in tomorrow as I have run out now.. And not just food either, I’m shattered.. Plus side? I might get some sleep!

18 hour day..

This is stupid.. Not only have I had a very VERY long day totally illegally, but I have been unable to sleep and now I have another long day to look forward to tomorrow!!

Sort of hand over..

It’s rather frustrating when the person who is leaving refuses to hand over to you, or rather the prefer to have these HUGE boards with stuff just all over it.. Not much help really as no way of knowing if something has been done correctly or not. Still I think I managed to work out where I am and what’s going on. Then managed to get ,myself into some bother by trying to work with the project and help everyone achieve something, this backfired and I find myself out tomorrow morning at 4am until 8.30pm doing inspections before going out again on Thursday for more work at 6am.. Kind of losing the plot here a little but there you are.

Best get my arse back to the apartment and try and work out what I can take for food tomorrow, haven’t had a chance to go shopping yet!