Back at work, but not for long

Well we had some good news last week and I ended up coming back to Germany for a little over a week, so here I sit thinking about going home again. I’m heading home Saturday night for our 25th wedding anniversary no less!

The plan was to go away but with everything that happened at the end/beginning of the year it has been impossible to plan anything.

Still got angel a little something which I hope she likes.

Started to think about moving again soon, only need pointing, bit of decorating and the pond sorting before the house goes up on the market. So started the idea of getting everything not used into storage.. Which is going to be the garage and three rooms (Extension, small retro and games room) with a small section of the office for good measure.

Looking about the next place looks likely to be north Scotland although finding a place with ok Internet is proving challenging to say the least. Talking of internet cancelled the Wireless internet system as it is too unreliable (unable to use it for anything other than downloading a couple of files and maybe sending email, no good for gaming).

Oh and bought a PS4 which is pretty good, I like the controller, although the on-line services seem a bit lacking compared to the Xbox.

Builders are still trying to fix the tiling and have relaid about 25% of the utility room floor, they then noticed the porch was coming to bits too! Oops.. Oh well I guess that’s why we pay them.Probably going to fill another skip next week with all the other crap to get rid of and also need to think about a new mattress which according to Angel we have had since 1710.. Oerr..

Roast dinners, deer & time

Angel is still recovering so I’m cooking the meals (well heating up stuff and such), and cleaning, although I need to work on that as I should be hoovering right about now (that’s vacuuming for the Americans all down to some clever marketing back in the day we call that by the best selling brand of the era, Hoover). Shows how much we really are creatures of habit and I find myself sitting between tasks thinking of things I could be doing otherwise.. chortle.. I guess that is human nature too wanting something we can’t have.. and then when we do moaning we have nothing to do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did a roast dinner last night, was a bit of a fail really as the lamb was not too great, should have bought something else I guess.. Anyway I know for next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Waffling of time I think I have found where it all goes.. You see my thoughts are that showers in are like super massive black-holes as time slows down when you get near the event horizon seeming to pass more slowly to outside observers .. well that’s the only reason I can see why everyone thinks my showers take hours!

Had a visitor in the garden today, a roe-deer was quiet happy to nibble on the grass and greenery although didn’t hang about once it saw me ๐Ÿ˜‰

In other news, the utility room has been tiled but the grout is cracking as the floor is still moving.. I suspect the builders may get annoyed soon as the tiles may start to lift soon and well with 16 packs used in there I think they might be pissed at having to buy another lot when they break/fail (we aren’t that’s for sure).

I’m supposed to go back to work on Sunday, but with Angel still not much better I’m considering holding off for another week.. Maybe even thinking of dropping the contract.. I’m also not in a good place myself right now.. Feeling run down (maybe a cold or something) and just worn out. still that might just be me moaning ๐Ÿ˜‰



Tiling.. The cost..

So had some builders in to do some tiling in the extension, utility room and outside porch.. Took them a week to do the Extension and that now has the arcade machines back in it, but at one end rather than spread out. I put down the old rug under them to protect the tiles, which look fab btw, along with some off-cut bits under the Mame, Fruit machine and Jukebox. Looks less cluttered and will probably get used more now.

The utility room was a bit of a nightmare as needed a new wooden floor laid before they could tile, and then it took two days.. But worst of all.. The porch which was about as level as the alps and probably as cold. Anyway with a drain cover in it as well I wondered how they would do it.. In the end they did an ok job, but to be honest I think they expected it to be a lot easier.. Wasn’t helped when we pointed out the grout had come out in the utility room on a number of tiles too.. (opps)..

Why am I telling you this? Well Angel thinks we paid too much I think it was fair, yes expensive, but fair in that for me to do it would have taken a lot longer and been crap..

So we only have three jobs left to do now –

The end bedroom needs a bit of pipework doing and some plastering along with someย insulated plasterboard putting on the gable end wall (its single skin).

The side of the house (facing West) needs to be re-pointed during the summer at some stage, and then painted of course.

The pond needs cleaning out, yes still not done.

Then we can look to sell and buy something else.. Who knows where though?

Angel is recovering from her Operation well and fingers crossed we will find out next week that things are looking positive.. I’m not back to work for another week as well.. Although I’m feeling a little down, I’m struggling to work out why though..

Oh I will start to update this a bit more now I have a couple of places to site and type out my life story for five minutes.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Flying high

So I’m going backwards and forwards from Germany a fair bit right now, so much so that I have a fair few air miles and have ranked up a level (oOoOo) to a semi elite status, which changed to a not so elite status just after the new year (chortle). Anyway started to get used to the travelling and although I still hate it I find I can put up with a fair bit more than I thought if I just accept it.. ย Got me thinking.. This is what a lot of people do as standard they just accept it, which I guess makes me strange for not wanting to and always seeking a “better way”.

I was going to start going on about the internet and censorship and how it is all changing to “for profit” model, as in everything you do is monitored and calculated for the best “revenue (sic)”.

I will be shortly installing a server to hold all my emails and moving towards a PGP system, even so I will also look towards running a VPN for my main link soon with the console(s) being the only thing that will not go through it. Not that it will be a great help with all the sites tracking what you do, but it is a start.

If I’m honest it will be almost impossible to hide from anyone what I do on-line, but I think that it is about time they (whoever they are) started to have to work to find out how many times I visit hackaday and what I do on B3ta,

So flying home tomorrow and I should be able to make use of priority lanes, but I’m not going to count on it ๐Ÿ˜‰

With any luck I shall also get home to a newly tiles extension and utility room :)

This year I think I shall start looking towards another role, this time being more based offshore and hands on again, sorry but this office politics is driving me round the bend!


So on a Monday it is normal to have a meeting (on-line) with my manager and work out where we are going and what is missing in the way of progress. This is a short conversation in general that should last less than half hour.. However if a certain person joins it can go on for a couple of hours at times. That bundled with the mood swings most people associate with a demented hedgehog trying to make love to an inner tube, makes for a tense Monday…

..Today however was pretty good managed to get through it in a little under 1 hour 45 minutes and without too many complaints (which is a plus), got some work to do though with regards to moving forwards. Still all in all a pretty good day.

Angel had a run in with the builders who are round laying tiles in the extension and utility room, seems one thought it was ok to piss in the garden!!.. Oh dear.. Reports of her killing someone with harsh words are *just* over the top.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Still the tiles look darn good :)

Ended the day going to kip a lot earlier than normal too.. Fingers crossed get some sleep :)

Welcome to 2016

Happy Christmas and New Year..

A bit late but hey I thought of you all.. No honest I did! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway not been posting due to time constraints and a lack of will power.

Lots of things have happened.. Lost another good friend just before Christmas, he will be missed and I will kick myself for not going to see him, on top of that Angel had some bad news too.. So all in all not a great incentive to post anything here.

Although Angel did get me a Turbo Chameleon C64 Cartridge which is awesome.. Not had much time to play with it but very cool bit of kit :)

Bought a nice new TV just after Xmas as the other one decided to play up (no sound).. Although still not got to the bottom of that one.

Upgraded a PC.. Err.. Removed everything from the extension which is being re-tiled from tomorrow.. Thinking of skipping a load of gear and then sticking lots into storage soon so we can look to sell the place. Oh I finally fixed the floor in the hallway that was lose, turned out it was not my fault anyway the people before never fitted it correctly!

Need to sit down and do a lot of outstanding jobs next week.. So will be cutting logs, doing some gardening maybe get a skip and fill it with general rubbish.

Hmm maybe do a BBQ..

Anyway hope Santa bought you all a nice present!


So what do you actually do then?

Funny question I get asked a lot these days when I say I work in renewable’s and Wind Turbines (not windmills), is what do I do?

Tough one to answer, but if it’s life insurance one things is clear..

..Sorry went off on one there for a moment.

So I generally consult, supervise and offer advice based upon experience. Something I used to do in IT but was paid terribly, because everyone knows that. I’m not bitter about the attitude that befell me when trying to setup my IT business .. Well ok maybe I am… Even to this day I get very annoyed when people walk up to me and explain how they spent 3-4k on such and such and yet would not even talk to me as I would “rip them off” even if I only charged half that. I think something that brings to point home was someone once told me that I was so cheap as to be “unrealistic”.. So there you have it the reason I failed in IT is because I was too cheap Ironic really.

So back on topic, what do I actually “do”..

Well without going into it in too much depth I go offshore from time to time and do quality inspections of installations. I also get involved in planning for works and reviewing documentation used by all parties, including the “As Built” that is supplied to the end client on completion. At times my job is very dull and boring and yet I can be bored out of my skull climbing a turbine in rough weather freezing my danglies off because no one else can or knows about it.

I guess the reason I still do this is two fold, it’s a rapidly changing role that requires constant learning and training. And as the role tends to be contract biased I tend to only work for 6 months of the year before having a small break waiting for the next project to come up.

I do still miss my IT days, home very night weekends off.. A social life (even if it was limited)… Yes I miss the normal life and would give this up in a heart beat if I was offered something… But I’m in a niche role now.. and no one wants to risk giving me a role because I may leave for better prospects/money for the next big project.

Right enough self pity.. What has happened this week..

Not a great deal if I’m honest, I have done a lot of paperwork, even managed a day offshore, but generally the weather here has put a stop to pretty much everything else.

This time next week I will be back home, thank god.. Until then.. I shall grin and bear it :(

Still kicking

No posts for nearly a month.. Shocking turn of events really, but not a lot has happened so there has been no real point in posting. I mean stuff has happened, chopped up some more of the tree, went back to work, did some work but mainly looked at the weather going *tisk* under my breath.. Then got home again and filled skip before feeling terrible emptying it and then filling it again.

We were due to go visit Jasper but that went out the window once everything else got silly.. Ended up shoving a load more gear in the garage, nearly getting the re-mortgage sorted and generally feeling rushed when we should have been enjoying some time together.

Anyway got back here Friday, had a Pizza, chilled a bit then yesterday went out for a Burger King (yes they sell them in Germany too) and then did some shopping. While the others all went on the *lash* as they call it.. They rolled in at after 5am.. So I have had a nice quiet day today as well.. Looks like got some time offshore tomorrow and then nothing for the rest of the week due to the weather, although I have meetings in the office.. *sigh* still should be interesting :)

Right think that’s it all up to date.. Oh have sorted the retro computer room too and Angel got ordered up a rather swanky Dinning room table, she has wanted a nice one for over a year so about time she got one. :) I even cooked her a steak.. Well we cooked it together really.. :)

Thinking about moving again too.. … . …

A day of tidy.. Ish..

So the day hasn’t been quiet as cold as yesterday, seems the weather next week will be a bit warmer too, oh the joy eh? Seems I will be going back to a busy week offshore.

Still looking at another laptop to use as it looks likely I will be stuck in the offshore for the next couple of months with the job. Also found out that one of the people I thought might get the role in fact didn’t which sucks a bit, but hey ho..

Been playing a bit of the new Destiny and so far it looks pretty good, although I do still feel a bit annoyed that Iย have been forced to buy the expansion as nothing works from the last one since they changed, they altered the way addons work, just after I found out how to deal with it.. Still I guess that is what happens with a game that is constantly being updated.

Really starting to wish I could have a normal job Monday to Friday or even just back in tht e UK again.

Started to look seriously at places in Scotland now too.. now we know that living away from everyone else is not a negative the choices are a lot more flexible and it is very tempting to jump further away from people. Although one of my brothers lives up there now anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

Grim day at home

So spent most of the day playing on the console and sodding about with my Laptop.

Did put a load of junk into the garage and sort some bits out upstairs though, Angel did a nice Lamb roast too :) hehe guess I will have to go back on the salad when I go back next week after all these treats and nice meals :)

I might have mentioned about the C64 Symphonica that is currently running on Kickstarter? If you like C64 remixed music, and who doesn’t? The get yourself over and back it, even if only for a couple of quid, do it.. Do it NOW!.. What’s that you have? Well take a seat and have a nice steaming cup of tea while you bask in the glory of knowing you are one of the elite :)

The log burner got fired up today too, nice and cosy :)