Really?.. No.. ..REALLY?

Surprised that I managed to get away fairly early today after doing the paperwork and getting the timesheet signed I was on my way back down the road at 10am.. but took a lot longer than I had expected as one of the main roads was closed ended up doing a MASSIVE detour which took nearly an hour extra!

Oh well.. Still surprised was let go so early! And also that got the timesheet signed so quick!

Something fishy going on here surely, also heard that job may now finish second week in November, which is a shame as planned on it running until Dec at least, but hey be good to see this one out.

Super quick hand over

Well in the morning and brought some cakes that Angel had made.. Got in chatted to the guy who is my back to back and started to waffle about how things are going then get told that it has been called a weather day?!.. O.K… seems the lad yesterday was right for a change then chortle.

Anyway did the hand over copied over a load of files and made sure that the guy was up to date then headed back.. Nice!

Still have to go in tomorrow for some paperwork and to also get my timesheet signed.

Only a couple more days..

..You can do it hold on just for a couple more days.. Tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad as I have my hand over so the day should go fairly quick, fingers crossed. Been another awful day with the weather a little on the crap side, still it’s done now. One of the lads loves thinking that the next day will be a weather one and anything is a reason for a possible party tomorrow. Alas the weather is fine ;)

Got back and ordered an Indian meal which took over two hours to be delivered.. *sigh* that’s another one off the list then.. :(

Oh the floor? Yes that was poured yesterday and looks pretty good, have to see how it turns out on Tuesday when the builders return to start skimming the walls with plaster.

Bad mood, broken servers and pants weather

Yep everything happened that could today, the day was a very long one with me rushing about, knackered, late in and then a long drive back in the pouring rain that was not helped with the get away for half-term in full swing too :(

Of course the servers all went down as well after a faulty PDU on the rack, even though the DC are supposed to have live monitoring of this they clearly missed this.. Ironically thinking back on it now if the engineer who was sent to fix it hadn’t found the fault then the whole DC could have gone up in flames from the clearly ill fitted connector block/short circuit.

I also bit Angel’s head off after some comments she made on ArseBook about something.. :(

Floor tomorrow then

Well the builders seemed happy enough with the second attempt at pipework, so we shall see how it turns out when the floor is laid. I have some pictures so should be able to see how much higher they are once that goes down.

In other news ordered another load of domains for a client who is working on a hush hush project.. OOerrr.. so should be interesting, if/when that gets going. Looks like a long day tomorrow.. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything else but feel a bit shattered, possibly because been faff’ing about with plumbing etc…

Proper pipework

Ok so the builders pointed out the pipework is going to be under the floor if left as is and also be hard for them to work to. So once they had finished (the window guys had been and gone too) so we now have windows!..

Anyway before the builders had arrived we popped out for a meal, which wasn’t too bad, then into B&Q for some other fittings for the pipework.

Once some clearing up had been done and the windowsill and door sill put on the builders buggered off and I got to work ripping out the pipework and doing it right.. And if I’m honest it looks damn good too. If only everything was as easy to get right second go and looks good!

Although I’m pretty disappointed with the blow torch which is about as useful and a couple of matches on a windy day. Spent more time screaming at the gas torch than soldering lol..

Fingers crossed the builders don’t find it too bad tomorrow ;)

Pipework like Super Mario bodge it!

Yep today was a weather day so although I had to hang about for a bit to get some paperwork done in the office it wasn’t too bad and I was able to get home for the late morning. Once back popped out and grabbed some more pipework stuff then spent the afternoon soldering it all up.. Looks like crap and I have a compression fitting that is weeping (SODS LAW!).

So tired that in the end it was Pizza and bed.. :(

The oncoming storm!

WARNING the storm is coming..

Today was interesting watching people walk around tying stuff down and making sure that things are secure for the oncoming storm.. STORM I say.. hmm as if we have never had a storm in the UK! lol..

Anyway done pretty well but again been a damn long day.. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get back early and sort out the pipework for the radiators, that should be interesting!

Some people.. Sigh

Had an email chasing a problem with a site, seems that someone has been unable to grasp the fact that they have been moved and are still trying to access the old system/server. Still I’m hopeful that they MUST have reached the end now.. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow the ceiling will be boarded out and plastered, with any luck.

Simple fixes are the best

Well a long day and trying to get used to the way things are going with the new chain of command, not working too well at the moment but hope it will settle down shortly.

Managed to sort out the last client who was having hassle with their website this afternoon so that should be that, until the next reseller account moves onto the cloud.