Quiet Monday

Rather strange that my phone didn’t ring once all day with requests for information from the office.

Very strange indeed…

I did however have a call about a nine month contract with someone else..

Trying to work out if with while going for it or should I wait that bit longer and hope that I get something else one this finishes..  Hmm..

Productive day

Shocking title that suggests something positive..  When in fact it.. Well was !

Been a lovely sunny day offshore the kind that should have been around June not the end of September (not that I’m complaining to much). Looks likely that we will be finished at this location in the next couple of days before we have to revisit the problem from last week.

On the plus some photos for bubble –








Not a lot else really, been thinking for a couple of years now about trying my hand at a story of some sort and trying to maybe get it published…  Not looking to make it my new vocation in life but feel I should at least get it out of my system.

But what to write? Something I like such as sci-fi or fantasy it perhaps an area I wouldn’t read our show interest in..  Well good reader, shower of Google what do you think?

Stop start all day long

My role is to consult on issues that arise and offer solutions ensuring the job continues apace. But sometimes this just isn’t possible, where people make decisions in an office without thinking it through, I’m there to balance it all out.

If course sometimes people take advantage of this and you end up doing something else as well, like today..  Oh well..

So tired…  Get back and have to print out loads of stuff..  Pack up a cdtv which is being picked up tomorrow and try to stay awake..  I’m grumpy and very moody to boot.. Great  :(

Playexpo 2014

Yep booked a couple of days at playexpo in Manchester next month looking forward to it.  Should be pretty good, never been to one before but look’s cool.

Work today was in the office for a bit and then home, CDTV sold and guy is coming to pick it up Sunday.. 

Ended up stocking the fascia up on the house in the afternoon, blimey I’m so tired..

Tomorrow offshore to do a repair, maybe, who knows anything could happen. I should try and remember to get some pictures of the boats for bubble too ;)

Supposed to be a nice easy day

Today I’m on the platform all day, it was supposed to be something else but sadly that hadn’t happened. Still should have been a nice easy day with the forlorn hope of a possible early finish. Of course by now the use of the word forlorn will have triggered a certain reality that this has not been the case.

All was going well until it was time to come back.. Then a couple of problems caused a delay, so now it’s going to be a long day instead. The silver lining is that tomorrow I’m in the office, although I’m still trying to work out if that’s a positive ;)

The Humber Gateway is getting on well –


Probably should clean the windows eh? You get the idea though lots of turbines going up.

Should find out how far they have got with the extension when back later with any luck they are up to window height..  No promises though!

In the office..

Well I guess I’m overdue some time in the office and today we had a meeting about the work in doing and some of the issues encountered, I’d love to wax lyrical about the meeting, but frankly yod be asleep. So instead I’ll tell you that I managed to finally short out my email (by admitting defeat and installing outlook, cough spit). Then caught up on my paperwork and generally moaned about until the afternoon when I headed off back.

Work as normal tomorrow, yey!

Early start, late finish

So up nice an early get out and wait about ages to do anything then rush about.. Bit like the building work going on at home I guess.. Came back to two courses of bricks laid.. Hmm I guess there has been a lot to sort out with the Inspector I’m hopeful that we see some more progress in the coming days (although they don’t work weekends) still at least it is started now.

I feel terrible, slipped on the ladder and bashed my hand today, nothing too bad but I ache all over. Just getting old or something more serious who knows, although Angel has booked me into the Doctors in a couple of weeks..

All start.. Stop!

Well the building has started and err stopped, seems they need the building inspector after all.. hmm so more work tomorrow with any luck.

And work offshore has been eventful too, nice big swell and bouncing about all over the place.. Hmm Bruised my knee trying to get off the boat damn quick, luckily I don’t think its anything too bad.

Home pretty early as well which was a surprise, mainly because I was on a different boat than normal, still any excuse! Sadly tomorrow I’m on the early boat so will be cream crackered.



Went into work this morning only to find no one working due to the weather, so headed back after doing the hand over.

So tired ache all over, so end up going to bed for as bit…some up still aching and tired.. founded out that on another boat tomorrow as I’m being mucked about.. not only that have to be up mega early too

Back to it then

So out on a different boat today only to end up coming in early as well. Not much else to add really.

Ended up chopping some bits off the walnut tree when I got home as the builders need the extra height to get some bits through on Monday…then to bed as knackered.