Dark and damp

So today is one of those days that make you think the world was made in black and white, even the colours look subdued as if they don’t want to draw the attention of the colour police.

Not only that but it feels colder than it actually is, the mind wanders to thoughts of roaring fires and lazy days.

So here I sit on the boat after getting on from the same place I did six or seven years ago feeling as if I have come full circle. Today I have the exciting job of witnessing some antics on the offshore platform and possibly something climbing up another tower.
Probably just as well, this weather makes everything seen that much harder. Of and on to of that speed is restricted due to fog.

In other news – I could possibly find myself in the office more from next month and packages from China take less time to arrive than those from Russia.


The office for today

Just another day


Seems that the software decided my log entry was rather to depressing, so deleted it… Hmm anyway here are the pictures from the day.. Not a lot worse to day really.

Both taken from the offshore platform (substation). Nice sunny day too.


After this climbed another rather smelly tower and then waited to come back to shore. Totally shattered.. Not sleeping well right now and not sure why.. Oh well maybe time to exercise when home too then in an attempt to get more tired perhaps?

Lack of updates.. So why is that?

Ok time I came clean with the real reason why I have not updated you all with my remarkable daily routine.

..The truth is.. I’m not actually doing that much worth posting, well not in my mind anyway.

I mean lets take a look at yesterday -

Woke up, bought some bits from B&Q to cap a radiator and earth bar, had some lunch, tidied up the garage a bit more then watched TV most of the day before firing up the Amiga and C64 and finally getting them to talk to each other (downloaded a couple of programs across a Parallel -> user port link).

Watched some Anime (Fairy Tail) and snoozed..

^Not really the most awe inspiring tales to fill your mind to bursting with information is it?

Perhaps I’m not looking at things the same any more but I just can’t get excited about telling everyone (two or three occasional readers) about my fun filled and exciting life, not only that I have lost the will to complain about everything and everyone lol.

So there you have it, I will try and post some positive bits with maybe some humour mixed it just to see if anyone is still depressed enough to read this, seriously slashdot or hackaday are much better.


Licenced for marine

Had a radio course yesterday so now able to operate maybe band which I guess is handy. Starting to think about other courses to do so I have another option in case the job market dries up.

Still next year I have all the courses coming up for renewal.. Going to be an expensive year! Just hope I can find work to make it all worthwhile.

Pretty rough offshore this morning with done more weather due tomorrow, although some of the forecasts are showing nothing worryingly.

Probably not an early day today then.

Thought you might like to see the first tower getting ready for installation it here so here’s a picture…


Right I’m off to climb up and down towers all day, have fun!

From my phone..

So again no updates for ages… Thought that if I put an application on the phone maybe I would post more?

Anyway picture from today’s office window for you all.


In other news.. Angel has her car back, still waiting on tax bill from last year and tons of DIY still to do, although I have decided to add nothing new to the list until I start clearing the current one!

With any luck we can make a start on the conservatory/extension shortly too.

That’s all for now :)

Foggy day

Well yesterday there was lightning in the field and everyone was pulled down (after just getting up) and then taken back to shore.. So had a half day (once travel taken into account).. nice.. Today was expected to be nearly the same.. but alas it seems not, ended up with dense fog infield which restricted the speed at which the boats could work.. hmmm So ended up being an extra long day due to the transit and also the queue to get in as well.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day too I guess.. Hmm..

Been playing with my new gadget (don’t get that many these days) which is the Oneplus One (from aliexpress as the oneplus website invite system seems broken), damn impressed with the speed of it and also the battery life seems so much better than my old phone (although that was two years old as well).

My first phone with 64GB too and well it is awesome so far!.. Worried I might drop it though as so big… Still have to see.

Oh and Tuesday is going to be mental with me climbing 5 towers for inspections with Nexans and Dong SAP’s.. Hmmm

That book “Ready Player One” is still going through my mind all the time..

Great.. :(..

Well couple of weeks ago I insisted upon a blood test after suffering massive cramps on a tower that left me unable to climb for 4 hours and in some discomfort… Felt like a little child asking for the blood test as the nurse said I didn’t need it!..

Today finally got the courage to call for the results… And it seems my liver is not great :( Had to wait for a call from the doctors.. Finally got it a couple of hours later and was told it is damaged but that it should recover as long as I stopped taking one of my medications. The one for stomach acid/reflux seems to be the cause, this might explain the aches and pains too.. and possibly the cramps.. Anyway I have to stop taking them and go for another blood test in three months :(

In other news.. managed to pick up a OnePlus One mobile and damn impressive it is too, so ordered one for Angel too :)


Not had time to do anything else at home so that’s pretty much it.. Driving to and from work everyday is knackering but it is nice to be at home every night.

Listen NOW!

It’s not often that I demand you read something, but if you are a serious nerdy geek like me then you have to (this is a life and death statement, read “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline… If you don’t I will think you are one of the sixers and not a gunter!

It has been years since I read a book like this.. Fantastic, my only complaint.. It’s just too good..

If you loved the 80′s then this book is for you!..

Everything else I could say today would be pointless.. Just buy it and read it NOW! :)






So hows it going?

Well, I’m OK I guess been feeling a bit rough with the work being a little slow to start, had massive legs cramps on a tower Monday, meant sitting at the bottom of a tower for four hours.. Not nice..

Had a bloodtest Wednesday so should see what they say Monday about it.

Sorted out the Amiga 4000 got everything working on it, USB, GFX, etc.. Just need to get a Network card for it now and an IDE cable so I can use an IDE CD/DVD drive ;)

Cut up a load of logs and put my back out last week (great), Van cost even more money and still makes a Squeal at 15,000-18,000 rpm *sigh*

Angel was not very well last night either..

On the plus side Got paid so out of the crap.. or nearly with money.. Should be straight at the end of July with any luck and then able to get the extension done (yey).

Need to look at getting the garage sorted sometime soon too so I can use half of it for hobby (soldering, cutting blah blah).


Well have the Amiga 4000 working with USB now and the Gfx card seems to be happy too… Thinking about removing the CPU card and tidying up the mess I made last week, along with recapping the mainboard too… Will have to see.

Managed to strim a large section of the drive Saturday… But still have about 50-60% to do next weekend. Also need to chop down a fair few trees and bushes before mowing down some stuff and chucking down a ton of grass seed… And I still have the pond to sort out, need to get a pump and filter in whilst removing the remaining bricks.

What else… Oh found out that the Amiga dislikes one of the HDD’s and locks up with it in, so changing it to a 500gb drive (lol for an amiga!). Whacked my head on a shelf whilst playing about with it too… The room is very small and finding it a nightmare to do anything in there.

Pretty much stopped using Facebook now too as frankly cheesed off with the adverts and way the apps want to know everything about you (phone lists, calls made/received, messages, emails.. apps installed, location.. Err no thanks).

So back to browsing FB from a web page and only once a week to see what has happened (normally bugger all apart from a ton more adverts)… Was fun while is lasted (like friends reunited, myspace, ICQ.. Even Twitter.. Just massive adverts now).

Stilling doing the exercise although not doing as much as I would like missed Thursday and Friday last week as was just too tired :( still started to vary the speeds.. Need to find something like the tread mill for upper body now.. Easy to listen to music and turn off when on the treadmill can’t see the same on other bits of equipment.. Still need to try the rowing machine too.