No one available then..

Yes today I could have gone out, but for once I was let down by someone else.. yey!.. sort of..
Anyway ended up on the phone from approx 13:00 until 17:30.. Mental..
Started to read a book yesterday an old Scifi novel from the 70’s by Robert A Heinlein.. About an engineer who goes to sleep for 30 years.. Seems ok.. Anyway read some more tonight.. Whoops not much left to read now! Oh well.. I never knew he wrote Starship Troopers though.. that was a surprise after all I loved “Have space suit will travel” which was one of the first ever books I read.. God I loved that.. Before I knew it I was bunking school to read Scifi and Fantasy.. Two years before he dies I was joining a long line of people who would grow up enjoying his work.. Thanks Robert :)

Angel got the flowers this afternoon which was cool..

Waiting on an Msata 250Gb SSD drive for this laptop as the 128Gb one is just too damn small, still not arrived though, ho hum..

Tomorrow looks like bad weather which is a shame as I was expecting to get off then and head back to the office, but a number of things have made it difficult for me to do that as I now need to be at a location out here next available working day.

So back to shore Saturday evening then.

Weather again..

So spent the day updating documents on-line, now I have managed to get a desk I have been able to update a lot of documentation. Managed to get the internet stable enough to upload and download documents from the systems (the vessel has about 5mb up/down available for us on a sat link impressive).

The weather today was supposed to be ok after lunch which is was.. I stayed on the Hotel vessel as I had some paperwork to do and thought it wouldn’t happen.. As it turns out I was right with all the boats getting to the field only to be told to turn around as Lightning was predicted until 17:00.

Got some flowers to be delivered tomorrow to Angel as she is not feeling very well :(

Ended up chairing a meeting to try and resolve a number of issues.. We shall see..

Some progress at last

Didn’t think we would get much done today, but in fact it worked out that we managed a whole lot!

Got back in the evening and even managed to chat to Angel, found out that WhatsApp can support a phone call over the sat link!! Although there is a little delay (like with a Satphone) it is very good quality and had a chat to her before going to sleep :)

Should be finishing off my work tomorrow and going back to shore Wednesday/Thursday this week.. Yey..

Not the F1..

Although weathered off I still had plenty to do so got that sorted before getting a spot of food.
Looks like tomorrow should be ok now so everything delayed a day.

Tried sorting out a couple of peoples email/computer issues but was beaten by the lack of phone signal (they dial your mobile to confirm it is you trying to access you email).

Then went to watch the F1 race.. And promptly fell asleep while trying to watch it!

Anyway up again early so off to be, managed to email Angel a couple of times today though :)

Early to start late to bed

Up mega early to get down and jump on the boat, that was all messed up again as I was shoved onto the wrong one.. Ended up getting the right one had an eventful trip out and got to work last in the morning.. As normal only managed to get one tower done as things went wrong all over the darn place..*sigh*

Got to the hotel vessel and chilled out after getting my room sorted etc.. Which was a nondescript room not on the list of rooms available !.. Ended up having to wander about for awhile.. Not clever, oh and now the weather looks crap tomorrow!!.. DOH!

Not able to phone Angel as the phone is not working, great :(

Best laid plans

Arrived in this afternoon as it is a late sailing.. Only to find out that I am not sailing after all, the weather is too bad and it has been delayed until the early hours of tomorrow morning :(

Anyway managed to get a lot more paperwork done and then popped out for a takeaway, have managed to have cooked meals for the last couple of days 😉 Although I should have gone for the meal after the shopping for tomorrows food lol..

Went to bed early and listened to some tunez on Slayradio..
Missed not chatting to Angel though :(

Another meeting – Plans for…

So had another meeting today and had confirmed some news I had heard mentioned before, I felt trapped a bit and ended up having to speak to my Manager.. He mentioned I should then call someone else.. Did that and I was felt to be in the wrong!

Made arrangements to go offshore tomorrow afternoon, my plans for a stay on the Island have been scuppered as they have no rooms available, so I’m away onto the hotel vessel for a couple of days (oh the joy). Ended up doing some more paperwork and finding out how far I am behind.

Started to pack my gear up ready for the trip offshore.. Damn I have a lot to take with me, four bags.. :(

Meeting mayhem

So managed to grasp (I hope) the last of the information required and then got down to it, planning for some stuff at the weekend as it looks likely to be bad weather until then. Had the online meeting
which was a farce if I’m honest as no one really knew what was going on with some people stating that other activities should be delayed (not my experience but hey) they then changed their minds and said it was not ok to delay them.. lol.. Anyway such is life

I will have to plan something tomorrow with regards to a place to stay on Norderney as the ferry makes it impossible to get back in the evening.

Ended the day sort of on a whimper really.. Ho hum..

Picking up the pieces

Not so hard really.. But it is a lot to take in all at once, regardless I think I have managed ok so far, just spent the time going through emails.

A meeting that was planned for today was cancelled at the last minute.. so tomorrow instead now.

Have a bit of time tomorrow to iron out anything I have missed but shouldn’t be too bad, would prefer a written handover but there you go, can’t have everything.

Got a sweat and sour chicken thing for dinner from the takeaway. Woo hoo..

Back to it..

So the flight was delayed due to fog.. Great.. Bonus was the first flight to start going again was mine (yey), got on the flight arrived about an hour late.. Picked up the hirecar which is a Lanicia this time.. Basically a Fiat 500 with a different shell, nice..

Drove to Germany.. zzzz Chatted to Angel, then had a lay down, waited for the other guy to arrive and then got a takewaway.. Kebab as normal 😉

Didn’t really talk about work.. no point all boring and can pick it up tomorrow fairly easy so it can wait.