Still kicking

No posts for nearly a month.. Shocking turn of events really, but not a lot has happened so there has been no real point in posting. I mean stuff has happened, chopped up some more of the tree, went back to work, did some work but mainly looked at the weather going *tisk* under my breath.. Then got home again and filled skip before feeling terrible emptying it and then filling it again.

We were due to go visit Jasper but that went out the window once everything else got silly.. Ended up shoving a load more gear in the garage, nearly getting the re-mortgage sorted and generally feeling rushed when we should have been enjoying some time together.

Anyway got back here Friday, had a Pizza, chilled a bit then yesterday went out for a Burger King (yes they sell them in Germany too) and then did some shopping. While the others all went on the *lash* as they call it.. They rolled in at after 5am.. So I have had a nice quiet day today as well.. Looks like got some time offshore tomorrow and then nothing for the rest of the week due to the weather, although I have meetings in the office.. *sigh* still should be interesting :)

Right think that’s it all up to date.. Oh have sorted the retro computer room too and Angel got ordered up a rather swanky Dinning room table, she has wanted a nice one for over a year so about time she got one. :) I even cooked her a steak.. Well we cooked it together really.. :)

Thinking about moving again too.. … . …

A day of tidy.. Ish..

So the day hasn’t been quiet as cold as yesterday, seems the weather next week will be a bit warmer too, oh the joy eh? Seems I will be going back to a busy week offshore.

Still looking at another laptop to use as it looks likely I will be stuck in the offshore for the next couple of months with the job. Also found out that one of the people I thought might get the role in fact didn’t which sucks a bit, but hey ho..

Been playing a bit of the new Destiny and so far it looks pretty good, although I do still feel a bit annoyed that IĀ have been forced to buy the expansion as nothing works from the last one since they changed, they altered the way addons work, just after I found out how to deal with it.. Still I guess that is what happens with a game that is constantly being updated.

Really starting to wish I could have a normal job Monday to Friday or even just back in tht e UK again.

Started to look seriously at places in Scotland now too.. now we know that living away from everyone else is not a negative the choices are a lot more flexible and it is very tempting to jump further away from people. Although one of my brothers lives up there now anyway šŸ˜‰

Grim day at home

So spent most of the day playing on the console and sodding about with my Laptop.

Did put a load of junk into the garage and sort some bits out upstairs though, Angel did a nice Lamb roast too :) hehe guess I will have to go back on the salad when I go back next week after all these treats and nice meals :)

I might have mentioned about the C64 Symphonica that is currently running on Kickstarter? If you like C64 remixed music, and who doesn’t? The get yourself over and back it, even if only for a couple of quid, do it.. Do it NOW!.. What’s that you have? Well take a seat and have a nice steaming cup of tea while you bask in the glory of knowing you are one of the elite :)

The log burner got fired up today too, nice and cosy :)

Booking dot com

No nothing to do with hotels, reviews or dwarfs by the name or George.

Got a call this morning arranging where to go for our interview, it seems that you now have to be interrogated before offered the option of paying someone lots of money for 20 years.. How odd? I suspect this might catch on with the Taxman popping around for an interview about how nice he is letting you pay him and it will only take 3-4 hours and cost a Kidney and part of your liver thank “you very much”.

Anyhow (<see what I did there I didn’t use the “way” bit at the end) we have been set-up (expect Beedle) for a meeting/interview/interrogation on Monday morning, just as well as I’m back to work Tuesday :(

Didn’t do much today either just mooched, think finally starting to chill a bit after a couple of weeks work.. Feel all wound up though.. :( And now Angel is not feeling too well..

Did move some bits about in the house and brought some boxes down from the end bedroom.. Back into storage in the garage.. Skip time soon I think…

Another day.. Zzz

So today I tried to cut up some logs, managed about 1 ton, actually probably more but hey ho.. Anyway now filled up two parts of the wood shed and thinking about having to get a skip in to chuck all the other crap away that is in there, as frankly I have no need of it and why burn that sort of stuff, it’s all old wooden pallets and stuff which although they will burn are not ideal.

I guess I could have a bonfire.. Hmm.. maybe that’s an idea instead then..

Anyway; have you noticed how I use that overly? How many times do I need to useĀ it in the sameĀ entry? *sigh*

Popped into Kings Lynn and had a Nando’s today.. yummy.. Nearly bought a laptop but ended up not bothering as it was from cash converters and that rang alarm bells, not to mention I started to wonder if I would get beaten over the head on the way out the door by some drug addled politician on the look out for a quick fix.

Had some good news in the afternoon that our re-mortgage has been accepted, not sure if this means it has been or has nearly been.. lol

Get over to kickstarter NOW

C64 Symphonic

Yes another one.. So?

Get over there and check it out, there is even a free adventure game, yep even if you don’t back the Audio CD’s.

Anyway I have backed it, wish I could have afforded more but I’m starting to see how bad this new job really is, not earning nearly as much this year.. with a lot of expenses on top :(

Sat system – I blew ours up the other week when I decided to replace some caps and forgot to cut the legs down, they shorted out and blew it up.. I had hoped it was only the PSU but a replacement has also gone bang :(

Oh well, so much for that then.

Looking for small but powerful system..

.. I would love to take my Alienware 17x with me but it weighs too much to really consider and I wouldn’t be too happy sticking it in a bag and shoving it in the hold, besides is anything in them really covered for loss or damage? Maybe I should find out if that is the case? Hmm anyway I have decided to look at a smaller version and been scouring the eBay ad’s in the vain hope of finding one that might be worth a *punt* as it were.. Found a nice looking 15.6″ machine which is a pretty small machine by my standards but hey might go in the hand luggage a lot easier if smaller?

Anyway probably not going to be able to grab it as can’t see them going cheap.. Worth a go though surely?

Ordered a few IPTV boxes for some people so they will turn up at some point Angel also ordered me a Novation Launchpad too with Control Station.


So to the dentist this morning, had to drop off the van first thing too (handbrake) so a rush into town and pop into the dentist.. then well.. Full English.. hehe.. Followed by a coffee and home.. Still not feeling 100% but end up moving some more stuff in the bedroom (old wardrobe coming out in bits.

going to have to stick a lot of my stuff back in the garage for a couple of months until I can find somewhere for it to go.. Unlikely though.. I keep thinking about selling it all but have yet to find the will to sit down and stick it on-line for sale.


Sorting it all out..

So first thing I do today is arrange all the flights for the next couple of trips, then get Hire car insurance (as its getting near to winter it’s probably worth it, and it only costs Ā£39.99 for a year). Book my hirecar.. then buy the expansion for Destiny.. The Taken King, as well most of the game is now unplayable unless you have the expansion :(

Not much else to add other than I have managed to contract a cold, felt it yesterday in the airport when I started to suffer from a sore throat.. :(

Off to the dreaded Dentist tomorrow.. Ooerrr..

Super long day

Yep so up early and get in to finish off some paperwork, then hand over the remaining information and head to the airport. Arrive and sit in the corner for a couple of hours before I can get on my flight.

Nearly fall asleep on the flight (becoming common now) and then arrive grab my bags and head outside to see Angel arrive a couple of minutes after I get out, just as well as starting to rain.. Brrr…

Anyway shattered.. Travelling all day is doing my head in :(

Still at home now for nine days !! WOHOO!!