Well been awhile since I have updated the Blog and in the meantime the following has occured -

Finally got the Jukebox working for Angel.

Bubba 3 arrived back and is now working like a goodboy

Wireless link went in (currently only 10mb/10mb though waiting on network upgrade to get full 50mb/10mb soon)

Angel mowed the lawn and I strimmed it, jet washed off the back lean too and then the front porch (which leaks like a sieve, no panic though as the rain is not expected to be at 4bar and horizontal anytime soon!)

Buzbie and the gang came down south stopping by on the way down and up again (was nice to see them)

Tia has had an operation to remove a lump on her leg (which was all ok, yey)

I managed to put my neck out..

Still haven’t got another job yet (until June)

Sorted out some more of the small room, made a little table for retro stuff :)

Setup the main Internet link as the wireless one with backup router to switch out if I’m away and can’t get back to fix it.

Plans agreed for extension out back!..

Chickens getting very cheeky..

Put down some more woodchip on the garden.


Chipped in

Well Angel and myself put down a couple more loads of wood chip on the back garden and cleaned up a bit of the garden too.. Looks like going to take another 2-3 days in the garden to get the wood chip sorted and then need to think about the pond again.. Not to mention the side of the Garage, which needs more top soil removing before we can get some hardcore down for the drive way.

Still feel terrible.. Although a little better today still not feeling 100% :(

Playing Army of Two – Devils cartel which is/was pretty good (finished now).. Wonder if they do another one?

Also playing through Sniper – Ghost Warrior.. which has a stupidly hard section when leaving the camp, seems you just have to run like a nutter from what I have read.. oh well..

Tomorrow may try some more of the Back garden but have to see what the weather is like.

Also started to move across data to the Bubba3, ended up using FTP as the most reliable version of moving data across (file transfers seemed to fail or stall ?!?).


What to do?

Spent this morning fiddling with a petrol generator in the garage after getting a note through from the electric board about the power going off next Friday all day.. Hmm.. Didn’t manage to get the bugger running so not sure where to go from here really. I have the niggling feeling that at some stage we will require pwr for something or other during the day.. oh well we shall see… I shall have to shutdown the server as well seeing as it runs on UPS, yes it’s a huge UPS but even so it’s not going to be enough to last all day.. lol

Dug up some more around the side of the garage too… Not sure how much to remove so may have to make a section around and then mark it up tomorrow.

Still feeling like death warmed up :(

Angel got shafted on a service (nearly £200) so we won’t be going back there again, so next it will be trying to find someone else, makes me wonder do they treat all people like that? They clearly don’t want any more customers that’s for certain.

If someone sees my get up and go, let me know as it seems to have left :(

Also got to charge the new residents one pheasant and rabbit who have taken up residence in the garden… bad enough with the chickens running to you for food now have some more freeloaders!

Feeling bleeerrrr

Still feel terrible today not sure what’s up with me.. The pollution levels are high but I don’t really have a breathing problem (even stopped taking antihistamines a couple of days ago).. Perhaps eating too much bread? Regardless need to get a grip on it and start doing something before I fall into the trap of just laying about feeling worse.

Finally sorted out some logo’s on a website today and arranged for someone’s domains to be parked etc.. In general did a bit today.. Played some xbox 360 in the evening which was nice, although always feel guilty about playing games these days..

Need to sort out the spare room with a table of sorts so I can set-up the C64 and Amiga as is befitting their nature.

Bubba3 and Tia

Well this morning Tia was in for an operation to remove a lump from her leg (it was only small so minor one but better to be safe than sorry), the Bubba 3 finally arrived too.. So shall try setting that up tomorrow. Decided not to play on-line as feeling a bit washed out again.. Not sure what’s going on really.. started to clear some of the ground to the side of the garage and felt a bit ill :( Oh well have to do it another day I guess.

I also finally sent in my CV to a large company so will be going back on the cards, well if they offer me a role anyway, I was toying with staying as a Small Business but there is really no benefit right now and I’m being mucked about by agencies too which sucks. So looks like I shall be back PAYE fairly soon.

Not really a lot more to add today really.. watched a few episodes of a Manga (Buso Renkin) looks interesting.. Has that Bleach feel to it although less about repeating the same thing over and over (which drives nuts with Bleach btw).

Aprils fool!

Well seems I am one after all!

Tia needs an operation (tomorrow) and today the driveway was done with a red faced Angel.. Looks damn good though!

My Bubba3 and the Microwave link however were what made me an April Fool, neither arrived/turned up so spent most of the day waiting for stuff that was never going to happen.

Did however buy some films, on that subject did you know that it is still illegal to backup your own DVD’s, CD’s and videos? Well it is.. so you buy something and when the disc breaks or the tape wears out tough you have no rights.. So not only do you have to sit through stupid adverts about pirate movies etc (which are ripped out of the pirate copies btw) but you are not allowed to backup your films onto say a media sever making it easy to watch them around the house.. Well unless you buy a DVD/bluray drive for each film I guess.. :(

Is it any wonder no one listens to the copyright people.. total joke.

Well now that rant is out of the way.. lol..

Also bought some Easter eggs.. not sure they will make it to Easter though ;)

So I have to make a choice tomorrow.. do I go back to a PAYE person and take a proper job or do I stick it out a bit more?.. Hmmm

Driveway a bit and another couple of fly screens then

Today Tia went to the Vets and while there I shoved down some gravel on the drive and made another fly screen.. Then off to buy some more wood for another couple of fly screens.

Angel ordered up some more gravel for the driveway and I spent ages looking for bits and bobs in the garage again.. I really do need to get everything sorted lol.

Made a frame for the back door only to find it was too wide as I forgot about the tiles that come in towards the bottom.. doh! well will have to fix that tomorrow then!

Should get the microwave link tomorrow at some stage.. We shall see only been waiting since Dec after all lol..

F1 and DIY fly screen

Watched the F1 race first thing in the morning and then popped out and bought some wood to make a screen for the windows.. Seems I’m going to need a bit more wood though so will be off again tomorrow afternoon to pick some up I guess. The one I made up though looks ok and should be good for the job of being able to leave the windows open and stopping fly’s coming in.

In other news.. played a little on the Xbox again tonight..

Having some very strange dreams of late.. I need to clear out the garage some more so I can get building something interesting me thinks..

Oh and Angel helped me with the ladders finally getting the on the walls of the garage (even if a right mess of a way of doing it for now)… And leveled up the washing machine so will see how that goes tomorrow..

Sorting out the lights..

Spent a few hours today sorting out the garden with Angel, managed to get some wood chip down at the bottom and middle so just the two large areas to do now.. Probably have a go tomorrow maybe.. Who knows eh?

Ordered up some lamps for the office too, the current ones are 40w buggers mixed with a couple of LED’s I found so would be nice to get them all to LED’s.

If I’m honest been feeling a bit down of late not sure why though?.. Probably the lack of work so started to reach out to people in the hope of finding something sooner than June…

Played online in the evening.. was a bit of fun.. :)

Nope.. Not enough experience..

So got word this afternoon that in fact I have not been accepted for the role, surprised..? Nope.

Popped out and picked up some new door handles and some hooks for holding up the ladders in the garage.. then off to Spalding for a coffee and wander about a bit..

Then back and managed to kick the new football into the pond before struggling with Angel and a couple of sets of ladders.

Have had some good news though.. Microwave link MAY go up on Tuesday.. We shall see.. Fingers crossed.

Next week I shall give a couple of people a call I think and see if there is anything about work wise.