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Weather.. Logistics blah

So today the weather was a little too rough for the teams, although some did go out I ended up staying on the vessel as not much I could have done anyway due to the other teams not coming out.

Seems tomorrow is another bad day, although I might be able to do some work on Saturday so not all bad, should be heading home Monday for a couple of days too..

Floor tomorrow then

Well the builders seemed happy enough with the second attempt at pipework, so we shall see how it turns out when the floor is laid. I have some pictures so should be able to see how much higher they are once that goes down.

In other news ordered another load of domains for a client who is working on a hush hush project.. OOerrr.. so should be interesting, if/when that gets going. Looks like a long day tomorrow.. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything else but feel a bit shattered, possibly because been faff’ing about with plumbing etc…

Green shed no more..

Today was mostly spent removing the green shed, with the morning being removal of the electrics and roof and the afternoon being removal of the sides and floor plates. Managed to time the moving of the last little bits just as the rain decided to spoil an otherwise good days work.

I lifted a section of floor to see how it was put together and found that the electrical cable is run through a pipe under the courtyard so that should make it easier to pull through a couple of network cables for the server (which is going in the garage in a rack).

Rest of the day was spent feeling down as found out my Nan has had a bad operation and is not doing very well.. Not sure what to make of things when both of your Nan’s end up in the hospital at the same time one with a hip replacement, because of a fall and the other with a major operation to remove a tumour.. 🙁

Ended the evening going to bed early and watching some films.. Tomorrow I will remove the base of the shed and start looking to clear the area for the guys next week.. Also need to try and get the chainsaw going, and try and pull a cable.. Hmm

Where? What? Who? When?

Yes I’m still kicking, a lot has happened and although I still have a lot to upload (the blog sort of continues on my laptop most of the time so if you keep an eye out you might see that missing month plus soon).

Just to recap – Decided to cut the contract short with the last company when it became clear friends where being brought in (I was strung along for a couple of weeks before I realised what was happening) I think that the person in charge was getting money from the recruitment company every time someone was placed so made sense coming up to Christmas to place a lot of mates.. *sigh* I should add for the record this is my opinion, nothing more.

Got back home and started packing more boxes of stuff moving bits down from the last loft (what a nightmare) had lots of arguments with Angel (sorry) before we started moving bits over (got the Pinball tables over on ourselves.

The phone-line that was put in while I was working failed and took over a week for it to be fixed, I then noticed that BT must have been confused when they run in the replacement cable as it is strung out in the trees as if it’s a set of outdoor Christmas tree lights!.. Not sure it will last long! And the Fibre broadband is a cack 1-4mb down and 0.1-.5 up (depending on crossed lines etc), not worth over £50 a month I think you will agree.

Managed to stick up part of a fence (chicken wire) after Smudge did a runner across the road (the day before a dog was knocked down and killed on same road too), got some more to stick up and then try and secure it as best as can.

The Chickens have laid two eggs to date, but seem happy so far.

Been going around replacing bulbs with LED’s and had a quote for solar panels.

Waiting on information on a log cabin for the office.. And going to start calling about come Monday for work for the coming year.

I have missed out a fair bit but that will probably pop up in the next couple of days (between unpacking more boxes and sorting out the garden/garage/sheds).

Happy New Year everyone!


Late alongside.. worth it?

So we arrived alongside late this afternoon, have to wonder though.. Is it worth it? The latest weather forecast now shows it decreasing tomorrow afternoon, so I’m pondering asking the captain to get us back out again tomorrow afternoon! NOOOOoOooo..

Anyway crew change scheduled for Tuesday morning right now so with any luck should be off home soon and may get some feedback to how I have done, not too impressed with how I have done this time truth told, never been responsible for the vessel movements before to this degree (still only slight though) so trying to get my head around things. I’m also not sure where I sit within the whole scheme so I might have to pop into the office and work it out Tuesday morning before I go home (I have to drop off some gear there anyway).

Been watching SPACED, which felt crude to begin with.. but then I realised.. Hell that’s how we lived before lol.. Mike rocks! Bring it! 😉

Off to bed now as have a headache rated at a level 11.. Just wish I could find the down dial on this bugger!