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A whole shifts work no less!

Well came on shift and as seems to be the case with me and my luck did a whole shift of work!

Actually not that bad as this shift has gone pretty fast so far, launched the plough, did a bit of ploughing and will be recovering it shortly.

^I should add a lot more to it than that but hell I’m not going to bore you with that information, I mean this is boring enough already!

Anyway I won that auction for the Graphic Cards too, even better won them for only 160 quid, damn cool that, so bidnip worked for me πŸ™‚

Managed to grab the phone before going on shift and chat to Angel too πŸ™‚

Just to balance it out a bit, think I have managed to catch a cold (bugga).. Still I’ll get over it before home, lol.

What else?.. Hmm Dunno, sure to think of something tomorrow.. Oh and Happy New Year for everyone that I will miss tonight.

Deja Vue

So again tonight find we are standing by in pretty much the same place as yesterday.. Hmm.. Oh well at least got to read some more if nothing else πŸ˜‰

Only managing 4 hours sleep at the moment, which is strange.. Hmm..

Anyway I am going to try and make the next week of posts positive and slightly amusing, if for no other reason than they will make me chuckle πŸ™‚

So what can I say today?

How about the fact that the Alienware M17x R1 that I have is pretty damn neat and can have 2 graphic cards installed in it and yet still has a onboard one to boot!

Not only that but you can fit two ATI 4870m cards or Nvidia GTX 260m or Nvidia GTX 280m in Sli.. Although you might need a power supply that’s a tad bigger πŸ˜‰

What else? Well it seems you can also change the CPU for a more powerful one that is unlocked if you like, I have a Q9000 in mine and I can change that for a Q9200 or Q9300 Engineering sample cheaply enough and get another boost in performance.

Last but not least you can add two Hdd’s to it, although you need a caddy for the second drive.

I expect I could also change out the slot DVD drive for a Blueray drive if I owned any Blueray films πŸ˜›

Yesterday I subscribed to Analog the magazine, got it on Kindle too, very impressed with the short stories that were in it that’s for sure.

Oh an something to make you laugh..

For breakfast, which is my midday meal, I decided to have a sausage sandwich. Made from an uncut bread loaf no less… Anyway put me sausage in the sandwich smothered it tomato ketchup and munched into it.. Only to find?

It’s a sweet bread.. DOH!

Back out to sea then..

So at last I can start to count down to the day I get off and head home, but first I must *Β integrate* with another load of people who are of differing backgrounds. As such I have already noted two people I’m not convinced about.. Still time will see, love the way people just assume they know the answer to things without even looking and expect you to sort it by waving your hands or just speaking (I guess this is because they talk their way out of problems rather than fixing them). Anyway I have a job to do which I assume will take a couple of hours this lovely moony (I work nights so it’s never sunny) night.

We were supposed to be doing something but something broke, not our fault I might add, now we have not a lot to do.. Oh well.

Been watching a few eBay auctions and although I hate eBay with a passion for certain things its sometimes useful to keep an eye on it anyway I found a rather useful site –

Snipe eBay Auctions

You get a few snipes, as they are called, for free so might be worth signing up for an account if you ever want to snipe (bid at the last second) on an auction. I like it because you can set a limit and forget about it until won or lost. Much better than just bidding one more time towards the end of the auction when you can get “carried away” and bid far too much on items.

Anyway I guess I should go show my face on deck and look at least slightly interested in what’s happening, even though I’m not.

Hope everyone is having a good time at home?

Any port in a storm

So here I am in port again for a crew change and some fuel too boot, sadly I’m not on the crew change and have another two weeks of sheer hell on here to put up worth but hey at least I may get out and about today for some time.. Then again I have a feeling I may just go to bed and cross off another day until I go home and enjoy my Christmas, I’m starting to look like one of the guys that I hated before.. The money chasers and no matter what I say I know it looks like that is all I’m interested in to the guys on here and who can blame them after all they have probably suffered the same fate from the guys on the other vessels at times before and had to put up with no work for months on end while they have the majority of the work (and money).

However it seems that they have been through a lot of people and I have most of them looking to me to stay, probably because I will bring some stability to the vessel, who knows? Me I just want to go home and put this trip behind me and I have another 2 weeks yet! DOH!

Anyway one good thing about being alongside and that is that I can download some more books for my Kindle.. Shocking that I have managed to read another 3 books in less than a week.. Starting to think I should have brought something else with me to take up the time when I’m sitting around getting bored… More to the point I would like to actually achieve something rather than sitting here moaning about it all the time or just stewing. I have thought about trying to learn a new skill.. But seriously what do I want to learn? Might be an idea to bring some electronic project next time for something to do?.. Hmm Maybe but I have a feeling I will be bringing my Guitar and the ones on here are all broken so a month without the neck of a guitar is becoming a bit depressing to say the least, oh well.

Anyway I suppose I should pack some of my gear up and head out to the plough shack and call Angel and have a bit of a waffle, at least better than moaning about in here.

Wonder if I can start counting the days down now πŸ˜‰

When to and when not to work

So what can I say about today? Not much really came on shift and waited for some work to start then the weather started to increase and now looking out the window it looks unlikely we will be doing any work today or tomorrow, I guess we may go to anchor shortly.

Still reading a lot on here and Dray Prescot is some serious pulp fantasy that is available on Kindle.. So far I have read 21 novels and on book 22 right now.. Not bad considering I didn’t start reading these novels until March this year! Things that make life bearable offshore –

MP3 player
eReader (AKA Kindle)

Things I miss –

Everything! Mostly Angel and the Hounds though πŸ™ Not long now though as just about half way through my trip, I have however just found out that the next bunch of guys may be even worse than this lot! I really hope I do not have to return to this vessel.

Managed to get my Alienware to boot Linux, just had to turn off the integrated video card (seems Linux can not deal with hybrid setups πŸ™ ).

Gave Angel a ring on the phone today (after trying for an hour to get through) and had a good chat, hope I get the next shift off as I could do with a good sleep and I don’t seem to be getting one during the day πŸ™ Oh well.. Best get back to it I guess before someone starts to mutter and moan about nothing happening (even though down for weather).