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A whole shifts work no less!

Well came on shift and as seems to be the case with me and my luck did a whole shift of work!

Actually not that bad as this shift has gone pretty fast so far, launched the plough, did a bit of ploughing and will be recovering it shortly.

^I should add a lot more to it than that but hell I’m not going to bore you with that information, I mean this is boring enough already!

Anyway I won that auction for the Graphic Cards too, even better won them for only 160 quid, damn cool that, so bidnip worked for me 🙂

Managed to grab the phone before going on shift and chat to Angel too 🙂

Just to balance it out a bit, think I have managed to catch a cold (bugga).. Still I’ll get over it before home, lol.

What else?.. Hmm Dunno, sure to think of something tomorrow.. Oh and Happy New Year for everyone that I will miss tonight.