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HF Remote Antenna Switch – Sorted

Well the Power Supply arrived for the Remote Antenna Switch while we were away and today Angel picked it up so after playing about a bit (and adding a couple more caps to the relays) I had it working 🙂

Works pretty well on the bench so will try and test it outside at some stage during the week adding another Antenna to the Unit, I will also try and build a small Multi-band Antenna, perhaps with traps.. Anyway during the week I would like to have three antennas in the back garden for HF to test with the switch.. I have a Half size G5RV so that’s two right away (my long wire and the G5RV) just need to work out the other one or two 😉

In other news today, ordered up a load of insulation for the loft, and found out I need to get some vapour barrier of some kind to stop the condensation in the loft space due to the moist air from the rest of the house.. My idea at the moment is to get everything down from the loft, strengthen the floor/ceiling joists and then re-lay the floor. Then changed the structure of the loft and allow for a room by changing the supports from a small number of large ones to a large number of smaller ones on the supporting walls.. Then I’m going to place insulation in the rafters (leaving a 2 inch gap between the rafters and the felt/tiles), then some vapour barrier of some kind and finally plasterboard over the lot. Then.. I think I will investigate a way of creating a way of entering and exiting the loft space without creating any structural changes to the loft or ceilings.. I should be able to take a cable from the Consumer Unit up the the loft space for lights but I think I will not bother with power as it just makes it too easy to use it as another room.

Watched a film in the evening which was OK I guess and it managed to mask a few of the fireworks too, handy, before finally getting to sleep just after 1am (which was a surprise what with people parking all up and down the road going to the neighbours, and there’s, from hell)

Oh.. Happy new year.. For what it’s worth 🙄