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HF Remote Antenna Switch – Sorted

Well the Power Supply arrived for the Remote Antenna Switch while we were away and today Angel picked it up so after playing about a bit (and adding a couple more caps to the relays) I had it working 🙂

Works pretty well on the bench so will try and test it outside at some stage during the week adding another Antenna to the Unit, I will also try and build a small Multi-band Antenna, perhaps with traps.. Anyway during the week I would like to have three antennas in the back garden for HF to test with the switch.. I have a Half size G5RV so that’s two right away (my long wire and the G5RV) just need to work out the other one or two 😉

In other news today, ordered up a load of insulation for the loft, and found out I need to get some vapour barrier of some kind to stop the condensation in the loft space due to the moist air from the rest of the house.. My idea at the moment is to get everything down from the loft, strengthen the floor/ceiling joists and then re-lay the floor. Then changed the structure of the loft and allow for a room by changing the supports from a small number of large ones to a large number of smaller ones on the supporting walls.. Then I’m going to place insulation in the rafters (leaving a 2 inch gap between the rafters and the felt/tiles), then some vapour barrier of some kind and finally plasterboard over the lot. Then.. I think I will investigate a way of creating a way of entering and exiting the loft space without creating any structural changes to the loft or ceilings.. I should be able to take a cable from the Consumer Unit up the the loft space for lights but I think I will not bother with power as it just makes it too easy to use it as another room.

Watched a film in the evening which was OK I guess and it managed to mask a few of the fireworks too, handy, before finally getting to sleep just after 1am (which was a surprise what with people parking all up and down the road going to the neighbours, and there’s, from hell)

Oh.. Happy new year.. For what it’s worth 🙄

Nope, lets just go home

Well after having a terrible nights sleep, I decided to not bother looking at a property this morning and we just loaded up the car and rushed (yes we did rush, sorry Angel) off home.

Then it was a long drive south (although not as bad as the trip up) until the M11 services, after that the rain started and I was really struggling at one point to see what was happening in front of me, I think angel might have got the wrong idea that I was in a mood but I was struggling to see where we were going and keep the car on the road, even having to take avoiding action on more than one occasion. I even came back the A22 as I couldn’t handle the motorway any more!

Anyway back home and the hounds settled down straight away! No messing they just went back to their routine, Which involved checking out all the carrier bags for food or toys 😉

I think all of next week will be looking at improving things, I suspect I will have to work a lot more in 2012 but one thing is for sure, I’m not going to end up like this come the end of 2012!

Anyway new years eve tomorrow and I expect it will be very noisy about with the neighbours from hell I should imagine not getting to sleep before about 3am 🙁

Sadly not a nice day..

We were hoping on seeing another property today but alas it looks unlikely as they only want to do a short term let and have been unavailable. So instead we planned on taking the hounds down to the beach again, but sadly shortly before we planned to go it started to rain and the wind picked up 🙁

So instead spent the day looking for jobs (applied for about 14-15) and just chilling out watching TV.

Annoying to think we could go out and do stuff if we were at home right now. 🙁

We are due to go see another place tomorrow morning.. And I think we are heading back a week early as well. Sadly our mood and the hounds not being able to be left or go out without us is making this a Holiday to forget 🙁


Well today we popped down to look at a property, just over an hour later we arrive to a place that is opposite a drive through McDonalds and next door to a warehouse, with huge cracks in *all* the ceilings and large cracks down the walls it wasn’t looking good. Although the garden was pretty big and had trees hiding the road and Fast food place.. So looking at probably about 2-3 weeks worth of hard work to get the place into a condition where we could even live in it.. I quite liked the garden and to be fair it looked ok.. But Angel was not too happy with the huge cracks the easy access to fast food and the possibility of the place falling down… Not the mention the fact that there is no fence to stop Smudge or Tia running over and ordering a Big Mac with fries.

Anyway got back.. Argued a bit. Argued some more and then watched some TV, before arguing again and generally wishing we hadn’t bothered coming here in the first place..

Worse still the place we saw driving along the other day has come back and said they only want to rent for 2-3 months and then sell (if only we could buy it 🙁 )…

Still as some smug git always likes to point out “these things happen for a reason” yeah just that it seems to be one to keep us in the gutter ARGHH!!

2012.. Is it going to be better?

So not long now until we start our move towards another year, the question on many peoples lips is will it be any better?

My thought on this are a little mixed right now, with no real work or even an idea of when I might get any I’m a little depressed with the prospects, but on the other hand I know there will be plenty of work during the year but I will have to accept another pay cut. On the one hand this seems fair enough but what does annoy me is that lots of people will now be earning more money and probably be in charge of me, because they are mates with someone in charge, or worked for nearly 6 months without a break.

I’m also a little cheesed off that we are locked into our debts right now and even if we were to pay them we would still be unable to buy another place.. So we are going to be renting for the next 3-5 years by the looks of things.

So 2012 not looking that great for me, probably means more work and longer times away (I expect to have to spend 8-9 months away next year to regain some funds) and even then I will probably be in a worse position than 12 months ago when the company I was working for went bust !.. Opps.

Well on a positive note I’m not working for a company that has just told everyone that there is no work until March!.. opps.. On the negative that means there are more people looking for work 🙁

Swings and roundabouts

Boxing day (2011)

So after having a bad evening yesterday with a runny nose and eyes, probably bought on by the wine I drank 😉

I was a little better today, took the hounds to the beach again and had a walk with them on the lead this time as the beach was packed with people, I guess all walking off thier dinners etc fromthe day before.

Saw those places on the way back again and some look very nice, all in the middle of nowhere, which is either good or bad depending on your thoughts on the matter 😉

Had a nice salad in the evening too and some more of the Christmas pud.. basically today was another chilled day.. To be honest everything still feels a bit forced and the fact we can’t leave the hounds on their own is starting to chaff a bit now, would be nice to pop out for an hour just to have a look in the shops together.. 🙁

Starting to think more and more about work.. Which is a bit annoying, I would like to know that I have a permanent job to go to soon, but I fear I will be going to another job for less money than I was on before.. But I shall be ringing around tomorrow and trying to find out if there is anything I can get hold of.. It has been nice being at home but I really need to get something soon.. Fingers crossed.

Christmas Hound(s)

So after a better night of sleep (Angel even managed some) it was up early and out with the hounds around the lake for a walk, not a huge lake but a nice little walk I guess…

Then opened up all the prezzies and watched as Tia spent more time taking the paper apart than playing with the toys, hehe.

Got some neat stuff from Angel and got her some games for the DS… Then took the hounds for a walk along the sea front, which is mainly sand 🙂 It was surprising to note how few people there were out and about too so we pretty much had the beach to ourselves (and what a beach)..

Then after a little sit down Angel did the Christmas dinner, which was yummy, and then sat and watched TV, seems strange to spend time in front of the TV all the day but I dunno.. Was nice not to have shouting and banging from next door for a change.

Saw some lovely places on the way to the beach today too.

You do realise the water is miles away, right?

Christmas Eve.. Hmmm

Well the hounds have not settled down and to be fair I’m not sure I will either, this all feels a bit wrong for some reason.. Rushed or forced..

Anyway Angel popped out and did some shopping and well I stayed in, you see we are not allowed to leave the hounds on their own 🙁

The place we are staying in is not really very private either, truth told it feels as if at any minute someone wll come wandering by and wave in the huge window which is the door, hence the curtain is always shut in front of it 🙁

Oh well Christmas day tomorrow so will make the most of that anyway 🙂

Never again!

Today started very badly, which I should have taken as a sign, with an email from the company I was (har!) working for saying they are down manning everything until March next year from the 28th! Great that means I now have to compete against four full barge crews for a position come Jan 🙁

The Hire car is a ford an no chance of taking the fishing gear as can’t get it on the roof racks 🙁

Then the journey from hell to the place we’re staying at… In the middle of nowhere and so far not too impressive 🙁

All in all not great.. The hounds were pretty much freaking out all day (8 hour drive) and towards the end I was thinking about taking a sleep and driving home again.. Yes that cheesed off.. 🙁

Oh well perhaps tomorrow will be better, with any luck my neck will stop hurting.. (here’s hoping).

Looking forward

So tomorrow we areaway for a break.. A much needed one too after the hell of 18 months the neighbours have put us through 🙁

Not really a lot to add about today truth told I updated my profiles to show I’m looking for work after Christmas, not sure how well that will work,helped sort out a backup issue with an old friend. Got cheesed off with a client saying they don’t want to pay an invoice so deleted the whole thing (all £280 of it) and have them on a blacklist (never deal with again)… So Christmas looks like its going to be great 🙁

Oh and my brand new headphones for playing Xbox games without annoying Angel broke. So I superglued them to fix them.. And then the other side broke (design flaw)… 🙁

Oh and finally got paid for two MTG cards that sold last week.. *sigh*.