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So I drive to a little town out of the way and find myself being interviewed by three people!!..

I was pretty relaxed to be honest so just said it as it was and seem to have got the job?.. Bit surprised to be honest, good thing is it should only be for a week or two so not too worried about missing out on Holiday or home time.

Also gives me the chance to get in with this large company… Hmmm

So when is 30mm, 20mm?

When it comes with an adapter in the box.. Opps.. So much for getting the wrong one then.. Ahem..

Anyway had lunch out and got some bits and bobs, including an LED security light for the place.. Will be sticking that up soon, looks bright though.

Had a call about that job been offered an interview on Thursday, what is it with interviews all of a sudden? I have gone years without any and now I’m getting them every bleedin job!

Anyway I was going to put a bit of research into this one, but after the last one where I did this I have since thought, sod it, so I will go cold turkey and see what happens. After all they have seen my CV so they know what I can/have done I’m not going to start dancing to a new tune now.. I guess the other main concern is that at three weeks it’s not long and I have to wonder if they will stick to the three week deadline or try the old “oh you need to stay” routine, I’m going to make it clear Thursday that this won’t happen as I have a holiday booked.. I might burn my bridges with this one but hell I have had enough of playing Mr nice guy, never gets me anywhere anyway 🙁 Not too happy finding out they expect me to pay my own accommodation and food out of my day rate.. That means it will be less than the last job I just jacked in!.. Hmm..

Played some of Halo 4 tonight.. Like it very much reminds me of the first one, pretty good so far.. Haven’t listened to the audio CD yet might take that with me Thursday for something to listen to in the Van.

Watched that end of the world comedy film.. have to say not funny and still trying to work out if I can claim back the time I wasted watching it.. 🙁

Monday blues.. NOT

Bit of a strange day today.. Trying to get used to not waking up early and having no luck really.

Popped out into town and into Wickes (yes I have found the holy grail of DIY) for a cutting disc.. Which turned out to be the wrong one, I needed one with a Bore of 20mm and this is 30mm So back tomorrow again me thinks.. *sigh*

Had a call in the afternoon from an agency offering me a job.. Errr. Like only been out of work like a day!.. It’s a three week job which would be great if it lasts that long and NO LONGER.. but as with all things you know thats just not going to happen. Anyway said I would be interested and we shall see what they come back with.

Heard nothing else from anyone, sent in my time-sheet and expenses and got them signed off.. nothing else to report..

Angel picked up Halo 4 for me so might get a play on that tomorrow.. Ended up fixing a website today as well, seems it was hacked and someone installed an SMTP server on it and spammed people 🙁

BaoFeng UV-5R Two Way Dual-Band Radio

Hmm had time to play with some of the stuff I ordered last month, firstly the dual band handie.. Now I was looking for a cheap one of these to take about with me after seeing the simplex one Moose had I was intrigued to find out how well they worked.. And.. Well damn impressed so far, small feels well made and dual band TX with a wide band RX (great as I wanted to monitor the Marine freq round here).. I’m probably going to play about with this on packet for a bit next week but right now damn impressed with it.

Finally started again on the Ensemble III RX/TX and had to change some of the coils as I had them wrong.. Also soldered on with the LED matrix.. hmm this is going to be a LONG job soldering these buggers..

Also got the wood on the saw horses and measure out the cuts.. Not going to cut as need a better disc (getting tomorrow), but even so going to leave it a couple of hours in case I make a mistake then measure again, which is handy as I noticed one after sitting on it for awhile so have two things to correct tomorrow… Got to think about mounts etc too.. So that’s something to think on.. Bought a new Dremel today too as the old one was great but I couldn’t get the parts for it any more!!

And err watched the F1 race which was cool.. Angel cleaned the car and van while I made a mess 😛

The long drive home

So it came to this.. everything in the van and me on the way back home.. thank god.

I would add more here but needless to say I’m relived to be leaving that project, I hope nothing happens as the guys are great.. But .. Well I can’t say any more..

Watched the F1 Qualifying in the US of A and thought it looked a great course to drive.. Hmmm

Chicken salad for tea.. yummy..

And home YEY!

All Stop..

So arrive first thing in the morning to find out I am going to be all over the place accepting towers, handing one back and generally being made a complete plonker of before I go.. Seems my advice that the other people should get involved has fallen on deaf ears and I’m doing it all again.. *sigh*.. Anyway go out accept one tower and then, bang.. The job is stopped.. Everyone is pulled from the field and that’s it.

I can’t say any more about it just in case something happens and I let the cat out of the bag as it were, but needless to say I am leaving tomorrow ahead of schedule and the replacements for me will be doing sod all for a couple of weeks I guess.. So yet again I get shafted lol.. Oh well to be honest I should look on it as a positive.

In the evening the lads took me out bowling and got me drunk, then treated me to a Chinese meal, before I cried like a little girl and asked to be taken to the house so I could get some sleep… There were plans for me and a strip joint but.. Well I don’t do nightclubs can you see *ME* in a strip joint.. I wouldn’t know where to look or what to do!!.. Yes I’m that naive I’m afraid.

New starter.. and off we go..

So today the kit arrived (yes it did not end up in someone else’s car boot), and my replacement arrived.

I would like to take the time to comment on that.. but alas.. I have a hard time caring right now.. 😉

Went offshore and checked out a location (placed some labels on some cables, oeerrr) and then came back in, for another load of tosh.. as in meeting and moaning about paperwork…

And.. I was subjected to a meeting where by my job was cut into a role for THREE people to do.. So after me getting cheesed off they are now happy to slice it three ways.. Not only that they had the CHEEK to offer the paperwork role to me!!! Like HELL!..

Anyway got back and stuck the headphones on my head as NO WAY I was going to talk to that bunch of knobs… GRRRR

Ordering stuff and things..

So today I find myself in the office ordering up some gear to use offshore tomorrow, not only that I’m given hassle for not letting other people know what to order so I can be offshore doing more work.. Thing is I have no bloody idea what to order I need to speak to someone and find out from them.. Besides which I was hassled to go offshore last week as *it was urgent* so I dropped the ordering then, making a point of passing on the fact that I would not be able to order the stuff until next week now as it is the weekend and I need to speak to someone.. Hmmm…

Anyway sorted that out, even the hassle after purchasing refused to pay extra for the carriage and then had to send an email saying they would accept the loss if it didn’t arrive (1k of gear going to site), in the meantime I have bought some ladders and then some lamination sheets for the guys offshore.. Talk about joke.. *sigh*

Ended the evening listening (trying to anyway, sodding internet connection from hell) to BBB on (plug for free chaps!).. Great stuff and still juvenile 🙂 Love it..

Sea Mink

Ahh the boat of which legends are to be written was ours today 🙂 🙂 :).. Bacon rolls in the morning with two cuppas.. ACE!..

Then to work and managed to do a HELL of a lot, the guys were so positive it was unreal! A good little boat makes a huge difference, even when the wind picked up they stayed positive and went back up after the wind dropped off.

So a damn productive day and the Legend that is the Sea Mink is born 🙂 bring on the bacon rolls!!

Dropping like flys

So down three people now as people are starting to get worried.. Turn up and a new boat is there (which is good news) but not available until tomorrow (boo).J

Just me and another on the tower today, well apart from watchmen that is. so the work was ok.. busy as it always is with fibre.. But we are getting there.. 🙂

Came in and blow me down go dragged into what can only be described as a “lynch mob” where by they classed it as a HSE meeting.. Which really meant “We do this and ignore your concerns, but you had better bloody work or else”.. Hmm not impressed at all.. and glad I’m going, sod them.

Anyway ended up getting back very late after bumping into someone in ASDA and chatting for ages then phoning Angel for a change too :).. Going to be shattered tomorrow though :s