So it’s new years eve and many people will be out down the pub or round friends places getting drunk and pretending to like each other whilst drinking more in an attempt to avoid the silly question “why?”. Anyway my day was spent on the Shed roof finding all those sneaky spots where the felt has lifted up.. Kinda surprising when you consider how much felt adhesive I used (and have on my clothes even to this very day).

After that little spot of playing find the leak I settled down listened to some music and played about on the PC.. Did I mention I sorted the Xbox 360 HDD out again? Well I did after a couple of dumps of the NAND and a quick re-flash of that section it was all cool again 🙂

In the evening we both sat down in the front room with the projector on a started to watch a DVD.. When the DVD player decided to power down and eat the Film.. Hmmm.. Bugga! so ended up watching a Film on ITV4 which is very sad I know.. Oh well.. I Suppose it was better than spending an evening with strangers getting stupidly drunk.

Would have been nice to go out but poor old Tia freaks out at the fireworks bless her.. 😆

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