Abscess under my tooth :(

So this morning found out that I have an abscess under one of my molars and it needs to be removed, not only that but the other side there is a shard of metal poking through my roots from years ago.. And I also have to get my filling at the top changed from a metal one, just in case mercury is the cause of the metal taste 🙁

So I’m back next week to have the filling changed, my roots sorted out and the metal shard removed, the abscess on the other side I’m going to wait a few more days and see if the infection clears up enough to allow them to remove that the week after 🙁

Looking at getting implants at the moment so I can eat properly, false teeth just make me feel ill.. 🙁 But been told need to wait up to 6 months before they can do that as the gum needs time to heal 🙁

All in all a bad day me thinks 🙁

We also looked at a house in Hailsham, on the off chance we could find something local after all.. Sadly it was next door to a pub, on the main road, with no parking and a garden that was/is too small to fart in without clearance from air-traffic control. 🙁

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  1. tracey says:

    that made me giggle..

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