Dull Monday’s

So coffee in town (damn chilly) a trip trying to find something that someone doesn’t sell.. *sigh* then back home.. On the plus side the Basic ADSL is in and working at about 2.5mb/0.44mb (not much different from *super* fast fibre).

Played a bit on-line and been playing Fire Emblem on the 3DS.. Hmm Oh and the Cabin is getting started tomorrow (just in time for a load of wind and rain!)…

And thought everyone might like to see some pics for a change –

Shed's gone and waiting for the office.

Shed’s gone and waiting for the office.

Looking out towards the Drain (River)

All the glory of the pond.. Trust me it’s behind that fence (probably just as well too).

Can you see the road? No? That’s because you can only see half the garden the other half is behind those trees 😉

Checking out to see if Angel has chucked any corn down..

Again looking towards the drain (river) on the right, it’s there behind the trees..



















Oh and Bubble.. Opps Look it up.. and have a chuckle.. 😉 Oops.. 😯


  1. Bubble says:

    Nice pics matey, you both have a wonderful place to live. Makes me laugh though that (for the moment) you “only” have standard ADSL but you still have a faster connection than me 🙂 LOL
    The opps definition was good too.
    Is Angels prezzie a self build or a proper manufactured one? (pics please)
    Keep the updates coming.

  2. Chain says:

    Yep.. I think the problem with our connection is the cable between the cabinet and house, which means the fibre is always struggling… Shame as going on that figure we should get 13-18mb on fibre. Still waiting on an install date (if ever) for the Wireless/microwave link.

    I will take a picture later and stick it up for you.. Also have a couple of the Log cabin today too 🙂

    Angel is not very impressed with the mosquitoes at this place though 🙁

  3. Tracey says:

    Not impressed is an understatement lol

  4. Tracey says:

    Cabin looks good though (from the outside)

  5. Bubble says:

    Tracey I am sure that the mozzies are seasonal and will be better/worse depending of time of year. Also they love it being so damp at the moment. Should be better when we get some sunshine ( yes, sunshine LOL )


  6. Tracey says:

    Bloody hope so as it looks like mozzie central here lol

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