Fantastic :(

So.. The old accountants *forgot* to account (ha!) for over 60,000 pounds worth of invoices meaning we owe the VAT on them 🙁 They came back with a rather strange excuse of “we never got them” which is alas untrue as we have read receipts from all the information which clearly shows they did indeed have them and even managed to pay the VAT on one that they said they never had! Hmm..

So now skint, BIG TIME.

In other news the foundations of the conservatory are way to shallow in my mind (only 400-450mm deep) and the gap between walls is only 50mm (which should be at least 75mm) So today arranged for the building inspector to come out and have a look at the issues on Monday.. Fingers crossed at least this goes right (not holding my breath).

Ok rather than moan about not having calls back from agencies about roles or anything lets move onto something positive.. Hard to do really when the favourite chicken died last weekend ruining the whole couple of days 🙁 Still to clear the pond and found a rather strange structure at the back of the pond at least a meter deep.. My first thought was that it was a raid shelter.. But alas looks like a compost heap that someone build (mental as really well made by the looks of it).

In other news.. The Amiga and C64 have been connected, although I’m still struggling with the Amiga right now trying to get the network card to work is proving.. Annoying to say the least, I think either the connector or the pcmcia adapter is knackered.. Maybe I will try re-soldering it later on tonight.

Started hacking the trees along the drive the other day.. blimey.. Going to go for the strimmer next dry day and get all the weeds destroyed around the main garden and inside it.. Then on with the Hedge trimmer and back the drive and perhaps the garden and tops of the trees.. Hmm..

Not to mention STILL need to sort out the pond.. pond and stuff is looking likely to be hundred quid at this rate.. Hmm..


  1. Bubble says:

    Hiya, thank you both for my birthday prezzie, I love it 🙂 The card was fantastic too. I will have a chat soon.

    Thank you both very much 🙂

  2. chain says:

    No problem fella glad you liked it.

    Upgraded my Amiga (in the tower I got from you 😉 )
    And been surfing the web on it.. Well trying lol.. Slowly saving disks to ftp so can load them into emulator.

    Hope your both well!

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