So hows it going?

Well, I’m OK I guess been feeling a bit rough with the work being a little slow to start, had massive legs cramps on a tower Monday, meant sitting at the bottom of a tower for four hours.. Not nice..

Had a bloodtest Wednesday so should see what they say Monday about it.

Sorted out the Amiga 4000 got everything working on it, USB, GFX, etc.. Just need to get a Network card for it now and an IDE cable so I can use an IDE CD/DVD drive 😉

Cut up a load of logs and put my back out last week (great), Van cost even more money and still makes a Squeal at 15,000-18,000 rpm *sigh*

Angel was not very well last night either..

On the plus side Got paid so out of the crap.. or nearly with money.. Should be straight at the end of July with any luck and then able to get the extension done (yey).

Need to look at getting the garage sorted sometime soon too so I can use half of it for hobby (soldering, cutting blah blah).


  1. bubble says:

    Glad you are working again but you must take more care of yourself (you keep hurting your back etc). Glad to hear the miggy is getting an airing. Do you play Left 4 Dead 1 or 2? I love it and I even get reasonable gameplay on my ADSL. I hope Angel is feeling better too.


  2. bubble says:

    p.s. Bloody typical isn’t it, I have been working for the last two weeks just over the railway bridge from where you used to live. I could have popped in for a brew or two……

  3. Lemmy says:

    Not surprised it squeals at those revs mate!

    I pass your old place several times a week now I’m working in Eastbourne :(, looks like it’s changed hands again.

  4. Chain says:

    Ahh yes I think I might have meant 1500-2000 got an extra zero there lol.

    Sold again or rented again.. Hmm.. oh well.. Such is life

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