Howdy from Antwerp

Two updates in one month will wonders never cease.

I find myself with some time to fill so I thought why not?

I’m in Antwerp overseeing some last minute works being done on an Offshore Substation, mainly because the person who was here has very bad knees and is unable to make it, or the climb up and down the stairs each day. So here I sit just checking on the progress in the construction yard.

So the wood stove got put in, finished by O.U assignment and scored 81%, which frankly was amazing and a great boost knowing how I crammed most of it on the day. Annoyed not been able to do more at home and Angel has been left with a half finished, well, everything pretty much. Still not finished the garage, although got half of one of the four walls done. Not started on the static caravan yet and attempted to get some stuff out of the storage container only to have a ladder collapse on me… Not clever.

Still toying with the idea of a Turbine in the Garden but not sure how I will get it sorted as the one(s) I keep looking at are so damn expensive (if I want them MCS installed) non MCS approved one’s I can get for less the a quarter the price! So right now I’m toying with looking at an off grid solution and buying some batteries and a 5-10kw turbine.. But that’s months if not years away yet.

In other news.. Well not a lot to add really.. Here until possibly Friday (with luck may be able to get away Wednesday), then about a week at home before I have to go to Grimsby for the start of another project, then back from there for five days to do my offshore refreshers and then back again!!..

Finally home to rip out the kitchen and replace the floor and re-plaster the walls, before a kitchen is fitted on the 27th of April.. I’m tempted to maybe look to starting some of the works before then to reduce the work then, might be easier to just blitz it though. Next week need to agree on a cooker and get it fitted before the new kitchen (as it will have LPG gas hob) and of course the extractor hood and pipe work needs doing as well.

Not to mention I want to insulate the loft’s some more, check the floors to make sure they are insulated and if not insulate them too.. Oh and replace the boiler controls, fit a leaking rad, rip out the sauna, replace the bath. Redo the on-suite.. Lets see what else.. Oh yes the utility room needs a new floor and tiling along with the kitchen tiling too.. chortle.

Going to have to set myself a list of priorities I think as I’m not going to have enough time to complete them all so should do one or two at a time, no point leaving the place like a tip for Angel.. to be honest the front room looks good now and the granny annex is not too bad either.. little stuff to those and they are done 🙂

Anyway I’m waffling should really get back to the hotel and study, I’m still about 3 weeks behind on course work and have no excuse not for studying today 😉

One little thing it’s good to see Bubble posting stuff on facebook (welcome fella!).

Right back to the grind.


  1. Angel says:

    Well I’ve been looking at the same cooker since decided to get the kitchen done, so that’s sorted just need to buy it LOL.
    As for bathrooms being done they can wait for a year or 2 as functional although dated.
    More important to get rest of house painted, carpeted and tiled 🙂

  2. Chain says:

    Yep you’re right so this weekend shopping for a new cooker!!

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