And back to it again..

So March this year was supposed to be a slow month with only a little work at the end, however this has not been the case with me over in Belgium and now expecting to head to Grimsby for the last week in March and first in April.

Can’t say this year has been a good one so far either;
Found out Solar Panels never had the Feed In Tariff applied for so basically we should hammer the crap out of the electric during the day as we get no benefit otherwise.
Letter through the door yesterday with the farmer seeking planning consent to stick three houses on the hill behind us so blocking out sunlight and destroying our privacy.
Lawn Mower has decided to fail.
Feel extremely down.
Expected to share a room offshore with someone on the same rotation as me on this project (wtf).

Pretty sure I’m having the piss taken out of me.

Considering jacking it all in and trying with someone else, but don’t want to burn my bridges with the company I’m with as they have been good to me so far (although if it does change then I shall be flying back early stuff them).

So had a week at home feel worse than when I got back and now off again, when back next I have training and a load of DIY that MUST be done in one day, and then when I get back at the end of April I have just three days to remove a kitchen, including the floor and replace the floor and walls before the kitchen fitters come to put that in.

Lets not even talk about the cooker… I guess after that though I should be ok to start cleaning up the smaller jobs and making good on stuff.

Oh by the way don’t even bother with Hive from British Gas it’s a complete waste of time, ended up with a cold house more often than not as the stat said it was on but the boiler was just sitting there off.. What a complete load of poo!

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  1. Angel says:

    If it don’t get done it don’t get done, as long as the units are out and the marine ply laid that’s the main thing, can sort tiles etc out after.

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