Time to plan..

I find myself feeling a bit lost, my last contract ended without an extension, which means I have no idea when I’m going to get another contract. A lot of jobs I wanted to get done are now possible however I have managed to get the lurgy on more than one occasion, although the garage is now boarded out and lights are up.. I haven’t plastered & jointed or painted and if I’m honest I don’t think I will bother now either.

I have started to tidy up the poly tunnel, so that’s a good thing, filled a skip with rubbish (which went this morning).

Plans this week.. go out for a meal somewhere nice with Angel, plant some seedlings in the poly tunnel, finish the floor in the garage and setup the test equipment and radio(s).

Also the A4000 TWR arrived from Bubble (thanks 🙂 and apart from one of those silly copper clips for the case coming lose nothing seems damaged 🙂 I have an Amiga Network Card I shall be putting in to replace the BNC old style one in it 🙂

The Solar Array sprung a leak (water started to come out the conduit used for the DC cables) and they are still not online yet, SSE due at the end of the month though.

Had lots of people trying to convince me to work at the last minute on jobs, one made me laugh as it sounded good until you found out they wanted to pay you an employees wage but use you as a contractor, I’m sure someone will take the rate besides they will just accept anyone at some point, but it does make you wonder how that project will turn out in 6 months time.. Oh and after being told there was nothing for *months* the company who let me go are now *desperate* to find someone.. Sorry I’m having a month off besides you didn’t need me 17 days ago.. rates probably a joke anyway..

What else.. Hmm.. Van is a bit knackered.. In for a service tomorrow though, needs some Tyre’s anyway.

And Year two of my Uni Degree is complete.. in a few more days I will need to look at the next step.. Although I may change my focus to something else.

Right I’m off to tidy up the garage some more and move junk about, I feel a massive selling spree coming as I offload all my Sinclair, Sega, Nintendo and Atari stuff. 😉

In other news Angel is ok although I think she misses going out and wandering about town (its a bit far now). Oh and she is painting again (or about to) just don’t stand still if you come round!

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  1. Angel says:

    Think the walls would look better painted… I don’t mind doing them if you do ceiling 🙂
    One room left to paint now… hoping to finish it this week 🙂

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