So Angel convinced me to plaster the garage and although only just under half is done I have to admit it is the right choice and it will look fab once complete.
I’ll possibly take some photos once it is done so you can look at the right bodge I have made of it all, I know I have done stuff that’s crap, but it is a garage so i have left some bits a bit rough. I mean not much point if the next person who owns the place smashes it all down anyway.

Found my Network card and went to put it in the Amiga Bubble sent up, alas it failed to boot and then I ended up stripping the machine down to find the connector to the 68060 was a bit corroded, at least that is now working again 😉 Bubble did include a Ethernet card with it but alas it is an old style Ethernet one so I need a hub that supports BNC or some such.. I might just buy a new network card for it instead.. or buy the vampire for the A1500-2000 I have in the container 😉

Toying with the idea of swapping out the HDD’s adding a smaller SSD and Compact Flash drive.. Oh and I have the newer kickstart roms i could remove from my A4000 .. hmm..

Work is just not happening it appears my CV now reads as I’m a dimwitted terminations rep or some such as every job I apply for they are refusing me on lack of experience (which does make me laugh out loud when they inform me this on the phone).

Angel has been painting again today and I have been mucking about in the mud sorting the poly tunnel out. The garage plaster still hasn’t dried out enough to paint so for the moment it’s having to wait a bit.. Maybe it will be dry tomorrow. Then a bit of paint and we can get the arcade machines moved in and the other side can be done 🙂

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  1. Angel says:

    Maybe I could paint it next week as gonna take me until Saturday/Sunday to finish what I’m doing 🙂

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