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Quick update..
general stuff;
– Caravan (last one) is going to get given a viking burial next week.
– Containers have been sorted out a fair bit and I have found tons of stuff that I have re-bought (opps) still a way to go with them though.
– Garage has been nearly completed, Angel did a awesome job with the painting and we moved the machines in. Even played a bit of table tennis 🙂
– Solar panels are now working and the cables have been replaced and re-terminated correctly, by us.
– Started to make progress with the Server Rack and awaiting a new RAID controller for the last bits.
– Had a mental quote for the Harling (16k).
– Nan on Dads side died and left all of us a little bit in her will, nice but the pictures we got were the best.
– Facebook is about to be lost to me as I don’t want to agree to them having my data etc.. I’ve already dropped the app and chat so no great loss.
– Someone I know is finally getting married to, by all accounts, an awesome person. Looking forward to the wedding 🙂
– Been accepted for another role (start in coming weeks) although until I have the contract *nothing is certain*.
– Bloody mice! in the walls and eating through the waste pipe on the dishwasher (twice in two days ARGHH).. so set more traps and also stuffed wire wool into all the gaps i could see.. 🙁

Other stuff;
– Awaiting a small DC Generator so I can design and build a small scale wind turbine.
– A certain persons old Amiga has been upgraded a fair bit and cleaned up, waiting on a replacement FDD at the moment and some 3.1 ROM chips 🙂
– Fixed a broken PSU, meters don’t work though so may have to revisit that tomorrow.
– Heard from an old friend and helped fix his PC remotely 🙂
– Thinking of getting some radios out int he coming days and setting up my station here.
– Also thinking about placing the IC7000 in the van, or at least having a mount for it there.

Not looking forward to going back to work, although it will now be 14 on and 14 off so not all bad 🙂

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