So hows everyone doing?

Been busy with work again, not really had much time off since I have started this project and it’s starting to show.. So tired and at times I find myself thinking about just going to sleep as tomorrow might be better.. Not great, makes me think I’m starting to slip into a bit of a depressing state.

Managed to get a couple of days off so far and seen a slight reduction in work load, however it is less work but it’s slipping to afternoons leaving me with some days not being able to do stuff as I’m waiting on meetings, documents etc.

Oh my batteries arrived so we now have approx 7.2Kw of battery storage, meaning we are now using on average 1 unit a day.. Cool, although of course I still need a good day to balance them out a bit (ones a bit less charged than the rest so I need to leave them for a couple of hours on a sunny day disconnected to balance out 🙂

Expect to head back offshore next week for a jointing campaign so that will be fun, not.

Just about to wait on a date for the harling to be done on the outside of the house, and then if lucky we can get the bathroom done, oh the life we lead lol..

The garage floor (EVA foam) is not working and I’m looking at other options that I can put in place.. One I’m tempted by is the Plastic flooring route, but as the EVA foam ones lift up I’m concerned I will get the same issue with the PVC type and as I have a lot of heavy stuff around the edges it would be a nightmare to try and get it to stop lifting up, not to mention the fact that it costs and arm and leg to do!

Angels car has been playing up, although fingers crossed it’s now resolved as a faulty sensor.

Spent the end of June beginning of July in Amsterdam working and since then I have been trying to 1. work out what I’m doing on this project from day to day (as my role varies with the needs) and 2. work out where I’m going to next after this project is done.. I have heard something about going to do another role but I feel I may have just been sold a line to tag along.. Shame..

Right best get back to it, these bills won’t pay themselves will they.

Have fun!

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