Elite Dangerous – Refunds..

Ok so I managed to get my refund a couple of weeks ago after over two months of boilerplate reply’s and being generally ignored, I only succeeded when I made it plain I was taking them to court in the next couple of days. Since then I have seen a big increase in other people and their success in also gaining refunds. Which is a good thing for everyone, not least the company that makes Elite Dangerous – Frontier Developments who were starting to look very second rate, back street dealer what you may.

It’s a real shame that something I was really looking forward to turned out to be such a complete failure in the end, for me at any rate :(

With the erratic nature of my broadband line and the fact I wanted to install it on my laptop and play it offshore on vessels that only offer internet access to dumb terminals I was never going to be able to use the game.. Such a shame as it was initially promised with an offline mode. Still regardless of the failed features (too numerous to mention even here) I look to reviews from people to see what I’m missing out on.. So far not a lot but it does look nice none the less..

What am I doing at the moment.. Playing Destiny.. hang on an online game.. huh.. Well yes it is.. But even that falls over all the damn time and I spend hours getting so far only for me to be kicked out.. Sod knows why I still play it.. I guess because it reminds me so much of Too Human :)

Paperwork meal out and ILL.. :(

Yes got up a bit later than normal then did a load of paperwork with headphones on while Angel did the hoovering up stairs (vacuuming to you from the US of A), then booked a course for end of Feb. Only to have a call a couple of minutes later explaining there is no room and next available date is over two months away!!! So asked them to cancel it.. two months!!

So right now I need to get all my certs done and I have cancelled them all.. What am I like!

Went out for a spot of lunch and then ended up feeling ill all evening :( Freezing cold and even with the fire roaring away both of us were feeling a little cold :(

On the bright side not into work tomorrow due to the weather.

Late LATE LATE day..

So to make the most of the weather we have gone offshore late today, meant coming back at 10pm and then driving home at 11.. Tomorrow I’m doing some paperwork at home so that should be ok I guess.. No need to go in over thew weekend now either so next time I’m at work is Monday!.. result!

Although was a long LONG day today :(

Cancelled one of the training courses as it is now no good for offshore wind.. :(

So much for that then..

And the weather looks like it has put paid to the chances of getting finished this week.. :(

Still it is an extra couple of days I guess..

Looks like may go out tomorrow.. possibly.. who knows..

In other news struggling to find dates for courses to refresh my training, think I may have found somewhere but need to find out some more information.

Ordered a new sign for the house yesterday too.. Fingers crossed it turns up in a couple of weeks. :)

Offshore then..

Yep looks like that’s it then with some tests booked at the end of this week if the weather holds I could be finished! Bit of a pain but there you are, still on the bright side be home for our anniversary this year :)

Had a good run of it but it is looking likely that I will have another dry patch of work, time to train up in different areas I guess.. ;)

Got home to a nice Chicken Salad.. yummy..

Finished this week!

Now looks like could be finished up this week probably Thursday!..

Not sure how I feel but hey it has been a good job a little down that I’m not going to get an extra week out of it but those the breaks..

Another long day and just sitting outside the harbour now typing this on the laptop.. (7pm ish) be heading home in a bit, once we finally get through the lock that is and right now that’s not looking likely to happen for a little bit either.

Hmm.. not sure how I feel now.. Blimey..

Hope we have enough saved up for the training I now require for the next role.. Guess time to start hitting the emails next week.. Although be nice to have some time off too.. All we need now is some awesome snow.. More talk about some next week but well lets see eh?

Sadly looks like I won’t get any more time lapse as I haven’t managed to find a way to attach a camera to the wheelhouse window in time.

Ho hum.. Still I do have a LOT of gardening to do :)

Sunday.. And knackered..

Well back to it and boy am I tired.

Looking at this right now looks likely I may get another week out of this and that will be it. Some bad weather coming in soon but for now it looks good so can’t complain.

Ended up back to a nice Sunday roast that angel had made then some Big Bang Theory on the TV before having a deep and meaningful conversation with the pillow.

Dinner out then

Last day with my back to back today so the Boss invited us out to a meal this evening. I went in first thing did the hand over had some nice breakfast then headed home as no point sitting about all day in the office, plus the Boss had gone fishing for the day.

Anyway was nice to be at home most of the day and grabbed a snooze as I expected I would be back late and up mega early for Sunday as the weather looked ok.

Ended up back at 11pm after rushing off after a coffee after a very nice meal.. Probably badgered the Boss far too much about another role but hey if you don’t try..

Going to be feeling it tomorrow!

Back to work tomorrow

Blimey is it cold today or what? Hope it gets a bit warmer as I’m back to work for the last time with these guys tomorrow and don’t think I can deal with freezing my buttocks off all day.. Brrrr..

Played some more Destiny earlier and started to level up my Warlock (currently level 10) the idea being I then have two and can do some more farming.. Already have some legendary armour for him anyway so just 10 more levels before he can use it chortle.

Bed early tonight as up for work tomorrow.. Off out for a meal tomorrow night as last time will see my back to back and the Boss is paying ;)

Out a fair bit today

Popped into Peterborough again this morning and had a wander about some retail parks before heading back home. Played some more games on the telly while chilling in the afternoon. Then went out for a nice meal at the Chinese down the road (20 miles away lol), was very nice didn’t eat too much and had a nice time.

Back home and watched “The Giver”.. Oh dear.. what a pants film! Is it me or am I seeing the same film over and over again with different names and characters..

Talking of films I’m getting sick of having to sit through crap adverts you can’t skip explaining that piracy is a crime and if you get caught you will be shot in front of a live audience, ok that may be a little extreme but what the hell.. I’m sick of these adverts.. People who PAY for the products get stuffed with this crap…. Almost makes you want to take up piracy so you can avoid the bloody adverts!