So.. Yet another server..

Yes now I’m on another one.. This one seems a little more stable but I’m not counting chickens right now.. Looks likely I will need to see how things go for a little while longer before getting the abacus out πŸ˜‰

So what has been happening?

Well the container is now half full and slowly getting there.. The garage is now devoid of junk (only a small amount left now) and we have been getting on with other jobs.

Talking of jobs I have heard nothing at all which means I’m probably going to have to start ringing round soon to get some idea of what’s going on.

Passed my medical last week.. got average.. Which if I’m honest was a little disappointing but them’s the breaks if you consider how unfit I was in May then I have made big steps forward. I’m continuing the exercise at the moment as I suspect I may need to pass another medical with a chester-step test in the near future.

Should be starting another free course in July.. Looking forward to it too..

Oh and I guess I should mention about the EU vote that happened.. Well?

Nothing will happen so what’s the point talking about it, the PM resigned which has put it off and then it will be at least two years (if everyone agrees on everything, which is HIGHLY unlikely) before we exit… So I doubt we ever will exit the EU.. But if you feel better running around like a bunch of headless chickens go for it..

Whats up Doc?

So nothing on here for some time eh?

Couple of reasons.. I have changed a lot of things in my life the last couple of years and updating this has become less of a “pull” on my resources. I’d much rather get up and run on the treadmill or do something in the garden.

We are also selling the house so I have been busy preparing for the container and now it has arrived we have both been filling it slowly and carefully with all our “junk”. That added to cleaning out the place means we haven’t had much time for much else.

However I have managed to fit in a course on Gravity from futurelearn and some meals out along with relocating the C64 systems to the office which has had a clean out too.

So all in all I have just been too damn busy, sorry!

Hasn’t helped that the new hosting provider seems to have capacity issues and accessing the blog is not that easy either!

Oh weight now down to 90 kilos, have a re-test of my medical tomorrow so I hope I’m fit enough to pass this time!

Got a list of other things to do so best get cracking.. πŸ™‚


So got back Saturday and been doing some gardening and various other bits and bobs.. Looks like we have a damn mouse or something in the garage so I have had to stick out a load of poison πŸ™ Not keen on it but the amount of poop and the smell is making it something I don’t really have a choice about it.

Put the new running machine/treadmill together and have been on that, found the belt slips a bit when running on it so I need to get that nailed down before I injury myself… I’ve started to up the Step to 3.30 now from 3.. I’m also nowhere near as out of breath after doing it.. My legs are still killing me though lol..

I suppose I should think about taking a day off soon as I have been hammering this everyday for 30 minutes in the morning, 15 mins midday and sometimes 30 minutes in the evening.. I think I need to start using the rowing machine again too.. Ho hum..

Next week on Holiday so I will only be doing the step (after all easy enough to find a step and do that), I might try doing some running/.jogging but I still feel self concious when running, hence why I do it on a treadmill.. πŸ™

Angel has been helping out with the gardening and it’s looking pretty sweet, even managed to get some more hardcore down in the area for the 20ft container.. That will be ordered when we get backΒ from holiday.

Not looking for any work yet, want to do a few courses and thinking about starting some OU courses.. I don’t want to go for a degree but would like to just do a load of generic courses that are of interest. πŸ™‚

So there you are you are pretty much up to date πŸ˜‰

Home at last.

So that’s it, finally finished in Germany.. That was one long contract and although it was ok I think overall I have learned a couple of things.. One of which is that I really need to get fit.. After this job I have put on a load of weight and even after 3 weeks of trying to get fit I have lost none of it πŸ™ Although I feel a bit fitter and can see some improvements I just can’t seem to drop any weight off.. I need to lose 10 kilos really and set myself a target of just 5 kilos to start.. But alas nothing seems to be improving.. πŸ™ My resting heart rate seems to have come down ten points.. but I’m wondering if that’s just because I have finally finished in Germany and not because I’m getting fit.

Regardless I can do a bit more on the treadmill and step now which is a positive.. Just wish I could drop some weight.. Grrr…


Been a long time since my last update..

Ok so I had started to update this on a more regular basis only for it to start to suffer again.. Well I reveal that a fair bit has happened, again, which has forced me to change some of my habits..

I had a medical last time I was home and got told that I could not have another 2 year medical until I got myself fit! I was only given a three month sign off.. All based on a new requirement that, it turns out I had read wrong anyway.

So I did the wrong test, failed that and found myself coming back to work for another week with an unknown.. Anyway got back and found I had completed everything on the first day back.. !!.. So nothing to do.. I have spent the last week thinking of stuff to do and getting more and more frustrated about being here and not at home with Angel able to at least concentrate on getting fit.

So here I am with my last day, sent out an email saying “thanks” and had some nice replies.. All in all an ok day so far.. Looks likely I will be dragged “kicking and screaming” down the restaurant tonight for a meal.. Which I’m not certain I want to do.

Anyway heading back home tomorrow.. I would mention more on how badly unfit I turned out to be but frankly I’m still pretty embarrassed and annoyed with myself for letting it get so bad.. I have to lose 10-15 kilos and its going to be hard unless I do something different.. Right I’m off back to the flat to do the exercises again and pack the remaining things away.

So long and thanks for all the fish….


So I, from time to time, have been known to back the off kickstarter. A couple have failed, or just not finished and one high profile one changed just before release and ruined the whole point (that’s Elite in case your wondering). Anyway something I have had more luck with are the music and video ones, in particular the ones relating to C64 music, I’m guessing this is down to the sheer love of the system and music that drives them. Anyway yesterday backed another one which I hope makes it, against all the odds.

So go check out Ninja MusicologyΒ and sign up, you know you want to πŸ˜‰

Work has nearly finished now, with about 4-5 more days of work offshore and a couple of days of paperwork on top of that it seems likely that I will be finished up on Tuesday and wave farewell to Germany and this project.

Went out last night and had a meal and a few drinks (only the third time since coming to Germany), was a nice night but think i would have preferred to stay in if I’m honest πŸ˜‰

Right best get back to results and working on the handover before i start to make up information for the meeting tomorrow, my last with luck.


The final countdown

So.. I have access again, not sure why I keep losing access to the blog from the office but there you are I have it back again for the moment so I will get this down before I lose it again πŸ˜‰

Looks like this may be my last trip out here, although the weather is not playing by the rules at the moment and I could end up back for a short trip in May.. We shall see.

Been offered the chance to climb to the top of a tower and take some pictures if i get out there, that would be nice as only time I went to the top was during my training back in 2003-2004 in Wales.. So a lot has changed since then, they are a lot bigger and a damn sight higher.. They also all mostly have lifts now too! So no massive climbs!

Anyway I’m doing the final paperwork at the moment for the hand over of the last cables then I shall be on my way.. Been a lot of ups and downs with this contract but overall I think it has been a positive experience, although I would have to think about it if offered something else in Germany πŸ˜‰

Right guess I should head to the next meeting and make myself a pain the in bum πŸ™‚

Just as you thought it was all over..

I guess I should have known that saying I’m nearly finished would have a negative impact on the proceedings lol.. Well seems that the weather has decided to put it’s size tens saftey boots right in the middle of the table and do a tap dance. Bad weather for a week from now by the looks of it.

In other news the work load is starting to drop off and I’m finding myself with less and less to do.. I’m trying to leave as little as possible for my Back to back but I think I might have to leave him something! lol..

Just over another week until I finish.. Well that is the hope anyway.. I haven’t booked any flights or car hire yet so I hope it does end then πŸ˜‰

In other news.. Hmmm.. Not a lot to add, I guess that’s the trouble with working long hours away from home, you really don’t have much to say!.. I have to do some washing tonight, is that worth mentioning? Or the fact that Angel has had the washing machine at home bugger up?

Well when back will be packing up a load of the gear I have an I will have to think about either dumping or selling some of the stuff I never use.. Who needs Megadrive’s and Master System’s when they never use them?

Right back to it.. Ok.. Maybe not right back to it but I feel the need for a cup of tea coming on right about now. πŸ™‚


And it’s back.. I have been unable to access the blog from within the network for sometime now, I have had a work around which is to use a VPN but that has made things harder so I have steered clear for the time being. Today however it seems to be working so for a change I thought I would post up from the office πŸ™‚

It’s nice and sunny here in North Germany at the moment and this is most likely my last shift here too.. So on the 26th I will be driving back from Germany for probably the last time. Seems strange to think I have been here on and off since June last year. I have become “that bloke” in the corner that is always joking about something, still I have also done a fair bit of work and hope that at times I have helped with some experiences from previous roles/projects.

Normally about now I’m starting to freak out looking for the next role, but for a change I’m not going to get worked up. Mainly because it won’t help, so what’s the point?

In other news ordered something to be delivered here from Amazon (Hermes are delivering it so it is possible it may never arrive) and will be sending a Guitar back to the UK packaged up with a load of T-Shirts etc.

Not really a lot else to add, not long now..


And we’re back..

So up bright and early this morning.. Find the last two chickens dead and then jump in the car for the airport. Sucks that the chickens are dead but not a lot you can do, we knew this would happen at some time. Didn’t expect them killed by a fox though, that’s what it looks like at the moment anyway, poor old Angel found them this morning.. Drives you nuts to think about the things you do to keep them and then that happens.. πŸ™

Anyway Angel almost got killed on the way back from the airport as a van was on the wrong side of the road.. Think the next trip (if there is one) I will bring Van and leave it in the car park.. Less hassle.. Should have done it this time really.. πŸ™

Anyway landed picked up car and headed to the apartment.. Been here a little bit and starting to wish I had got the later flight so I could have a bit more time at home.. After all turns out I didn’t need to get here early anyway!

So this is a long trip for me 16 days.. But with luck it could well be my last one.. yey!

So now the process begins on looking for the next role and trying to work out if it will be worth while going to. I have ruled out a fair few on the basis of having to work through a certain agency so that makes the job a little harder but we shall see. I would rather work for an honest agency and get a lot less. Harsh but true.