So today my brother is coming up to finish off the hedge, also unknown to Angel he also brought the kids and his wife :)

We managed to cut the hedge and some off the huge log out by the garage before having a BBQ in the rain.. Oh the fine.. lol.. No way I was giving up on the BBQ even though it was raining.

Ended the evening watching some vampire werewolve crapola on telly πŸ˜›

Aha! Vhdx to vhd

So popped into Kings Lynn for breakfast this morning, they had a massive WW2 thing going on with a rebuilt Spitfire IX which had taken the guy 25 years to do, charging a tenner to sit in it for photos… I dunno something about it all sat wrong and I put away the phone after thinking about taking a photo.. Seemed crass after all the people who died to celebrate it and take photos. Β Don’t get me wrong I think it’s jolly good to remember it all, but it felt like profiting from the dead.. Perhaps I’m just too old now.

They did have the air raid bunker open and you could go down and have a look, its normally shut as its below the car park, they uncovered it when doing some work there a couple of years ago.. Very tempted.. But again felt wrong in some way..

Ended up heading back with strange thoughts going round and round about how the folk who died would have reacted to it all.

Anyway back home and finally cracked the conversion using a third party tool. Then I had to recreate the partition information by loading an emulated copy of Ubuntu on a vm in Ubuntu, how freaky is that?

Once done I was able to load my toughbook emulation and everything worked!.. Awesome stuff.. Just have to work out how to change the boot order in grub2 now.

Late night tonight too.. Still made a change, oh and Angel saw a shooting star, hope she had a wish!!

Damn it, VHDX!!

Ok, so ended up removing Windows 8 and sticking Ubuntu on the machine.

Much better, although took a network cable to get all the updates and WiFi working. So the plan was to then install virtual box and load up the image taken from the toughbook, which ended up a nightmare as it seems the VHDX format I took from the toughbook isn’t compatible. So spent ages trying to find a solution..Β  :roll:

Needless to say I’m going to have to try again tomorrow as everything I tried failed.

On the bright side after waiting hours the Xbox one finally decided to let me play destiny which is as good as I thought the improved visuals take some getting used to as just throwing fire towards a target needs to be more accurate now.


Off to kings lynn tomorrow for breakfast.

Yodel, oh dear

Well the package arrived, alas the package looked to have been thrown around the delivery vans.. Astonishingly enough it worked, although it has a stuck pixel in the middle of the screen. Looks like I must try and fix it.. Anyway it’s backing up now so I can get Ubuntu installed on it, sorry Microsoft not this time.

Popped into town and picked up an Xbox one, managed to get some money off too, tried to play it in the evening but it decided to download huge updates so ended up playing the 360 instead.

Should have done some gardening but been too knackered, although going to be doing some Monday and Tuesday anyway as brother is down to finish off cutting the trees downΒ  πŸ˜†

Peterborough instead then.

So got up did the treadmill found out that Amazon have sent the laptop via Yodel.. Which is named after the death like screams elicited from customers on receipt of their products (if they ever get them) “NoooOoOo Pllleaseee NooOoOoo odeeee Ayyy Ho!!”

Anyway popped into Peterborough and wandered about, actually found a Magic shop too.. Made me feel all nostalgic about the game, really would love to play it again but don’t have the time.. The Rift, looks like a nice little shop and they even had a couple of people playing mtg from what I could see.

The picked up Destiny for the Xbox One (Aha!) and got a drink from Costa.. Then back.. I kept falling asleep on the way back.. MAD.. lucky I wasn’t driving eh?

And out in the evening for an Indian, was really nice but just couldn’t manage it all.. I took the safe option of an orange juice (Orangensaft) instead of a beer too.. Might do that in future as just not worth the hassle of a snotty nose when I have a beer πŸ˜‰

Sounds like work is a nightmare at the moment too.. Lucky I’m not there then πŸ˜›

Quick check up at the doctors.

Well been a bit of a nightmare night as Smudge has got a small bit of skin that is hanging from her chin.. It got caught and bled for awhile and well Angel freaked, she went down to been seen in the morning and she needs an operation, not only that they another small lump on her chest :( So she is in for an operation next Tuesday…

Then Angel had an appointment about some marks on her arm from when we cleared some of the hedge months ago.. Not nice..

And then I had my Medical, bit overweight but in general they are happy enough, plan on going to Lincoln tomorrow.. And I’m to start on the treadmill again as left it far too long.

Oh and Amazon Prime day brought a new laptop for work, half the weight of the Alienware so easier to take on the plane. Although talked about it so much actually ended up losing out and having to go on the waiting list… Which finally allowed us to buy it just as I was about to give up. Frankly didn’t fancy carrying the Alienware onto the plane as it alone weighs 7kg!.. The new one is much better at 2.9kg.. So although heavy (it is a 17″ screen) it shouldn’t mean I need a new shoulder πŸ˜‰

To the Dentist!

So first real day back, and I’m shattered.. Kept falling asleep in the sofa, although in the afternoon popped along to the dentist. Find out that have an infection under my root canal, which means I will have to be referred for treatment fairly soon. Sigh

Arrange to have a little more time off in sept for Angel’s birthday.

Do off her car for mot and pick it up later after the test.

Tomorrow off for a personal mot at the doctors.. Oh the joy..

Hello from the north sea

Well finally made it back offshore, and this time in about 400 miles further East πŸ˜‰

Layout internally has changed and the platform us a little bigger but in general they are all the same. Although this one has a helideck for getting on/off in future.

They have some antennas I’m wondering if Angel would let me have in the back garden.. πŸ˜‰


Now that’s a proper dish :)

On the plane back

So strange as it seems in typing this update from the comfy seat (tm uncomfortable Ltd) on the plane flying back from work.. Probably not going to do much more today anyway as knackered from a late night and early start not to mention the three hour drive.

Want a picture it the window?

Just clouds in afraid… I was hoping to get a picture if the turbines if humber gateway or westernmost rough as we went over.. Maybe next time!

Small ship’s.. If are the big boats?

Offshore again today, and half way through the day this little thing arrived.


As you can see they gas even started to deploy the cable. Left before the end gas been pulled up though. The guy in the orange was actually my boss on the last project πŸ˜‰

To bed late as held up getting back and had calls until 1am.. Still home tomorrow yey!