Listen NOW!

It’s not often that I demand you read something, but if you are a serious nerdy geek like me then you have to (this is a life and death statement, read “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline… If you don’t I will think you are one of the sixers and not a gunter!

It has been years since I read a book like this.. Fantastic, my only complaint.. It’s just too good..

If you loved the 80′s then this book is for you!..

Everything else I could say today would be pointless.. Just buy it and read it NOW! :)






So hows it going?

Well, I’m OK I guess been feeling a bit rough with the work being a little slow to start, had massive legs cramps on a tower Monday, meant sitting at the bottom of a tower for four hours.. Not nice..

Had a bloodtest Wednesday so should see what they say Monday about it.

Sorted out the Amiga 4000 got everything working on it, USB, GFX, etc.. Just need to get a Network card for it now and an IDE cable so I can use an IDE CD/DVD drive ;)

Cut up a load of logs and put my back out last week (great), Van cost even more money and still makes a Squeal at 15,000-18,000 rpm *sigh*

Angel was not very well last night either..

On the plus side Got paid so out of the crap.. or nearly with money.. Should be straight at the end of July with any luck and then able to get the extension done (yey).

Need to look at getting the garage sorted sometime soon too so I can use half of it for hobby (soldering, cutting blah blah).


Well have the Amiga 4000 working with USB now and the Gfx card seems to be happy too… Thinking about removing the CPU card and tidying up the mess I made last week, along with recapping the mainboard too… Will have to see.

Managed to strim a large section of the drive Saturday… But still have about 50-60% to do next weekend. Also need to chop down a fair few trees and bushes before mowing down some stuff and chucking down a ton of grass seed… And I still have the pond to sort out, need to get a pump and filter in whilst removing the remaining bricks.

What else… Oh found out that the Amiga dislikes one of the HDD’s and locks up with it in, so changing it to a 500gb drive (lol for an amiga!). Whacked my head on a shelf whilst playing about with it too… The room is very small and finding it a nightmare to do anything in there.

Pretty much stopped using Facebook now too as frankly cheesed off with the adverts and way the apps want to know everything about you (phone lists, calls made/received, messages, emails.. apps installed, location.. Err no thanks).

So back to browsing FB from a web page and only once a week to see what has happened (normally bugger all apart from a ton more adverts)… Was fun while is lasted (like friends reunited, myspace, ICQ.. Even Twitter.. Just massive adverts now).

Stilling doing the exercise although not doing as much as I would like missed Thursday and Friday last week as was just too tired :( still started to vary the speeds.. Need to find something like the tread mill for upper body now.. Easy to listen to music and turn off when on the treadmill can’t see the same on other bits of equipment.. Still need to try the rowing machine too.

Yes still here..

Strange how I seem to have lost the will to sit in front of a PC and yet find myself shoe horned into an office role for the time being..

Anyway I’m still kicking about although I have stopped visiting FB and even Twitter, the latest updates to some software and the requirement to let them have access to all my call data and emails had made me think long and hard about my continued online entity.. Long gone are the days of having a trust in the *system*.

In other news.. Nothing much really, running low on funds and not bought any gadgets for ages.

Been sorting out my Amiga’s and finally got the Amiga 4000 working with CD, Gfx and USB!! woohoo. .Just need to get all this back together with my HDD. I tried to change the Capacitors on the A3640 but alas managed to get too heavy handed and then had to repair some traces.. I really need to get a proper place sorted out I guess. I also cut a section off my Amiga 1200 which is in a tower, the main reason for this is that an extension to the Expansion slot means the accelerator twists the board. Now it doesn’t, although this sounds drastic there is nothing on that area so I should be fine (no I haven’t checked it yet).

So looking to pickup a network card and then possibly a second GFX card for the A1200.. Although I suspect I may not even use it now as I have the A4000 working.

The new place is proving to be a nightmare, think we need a bigger lawn mower, and I need some time to get on top of the garden.

Then exercise has gone down hill a bit with me missing yesterday and a couple of days last week, I really need to keep on top of this as I need to get fit, sitting on my arse all day is BAD!.. :(

Right best go get a water, no more coffee today (three is far too many anyway!).

So yep still kicking about with nothing really changing for better or worse I guess.

One week later

Well been there a week now and although knackered in the evenings it is nice to be home every day, have to see if I can continue to do this when working offshore as might be a little hard to do 12 hours and then get back.. but we shall see…

Did a massive clean of the chicken coop today and thats all done hopefully for another 6 months+..

Well didn’t manage to cut the grass but hope to cut the trees this afternoon so at least get that done today too…

Have the Amiga 4000 work pretty well although struggling with the Video card (only seems happy letting me have 640×480 which is strange as should be able to get 1028×768 I would have thought or at the very least 800×600.. Still I will make sure everything is stable before attacking the Graphics card again.. Also looking at replacing the capacitors and Buster11 (a PLCC chip on the A4000).. Should be interesting.

Hope that next week works out.


After nearly 6 months

So everything is as ready as it can be.. Tomorrow I start another contract after leaving my last one in December last year.. After a long six months waiting for the *right* job to come up I finally have one and for the first time in ten years I will be home every night too! Going to be very strange getting used to going to work and coming home in the evening.

Lost Legit today so down to three chickens and after this one it has been decided to restrict the remaining three to a small section of the garden from next weekend, I think we are going to have to distant ourselves from them as sadly we seem to have become attached to them and losing one is not very nice. :(

Given up trying to get my Amiga 1200 to work as it seems to have an intermittent fault that causes random lock ups etc. So setup the A4000 and slowly working my way though getting it straight. Currently setting up a 16GB CF card to replace the HDD’s in it with the hope that I can at least get a more stable machine. Also ordered a USB card for it (yes someone is actually making USB cards for the Amiga still!). No idea how I’m going to get the machine online as network cards are a fortune and very hard to get hold off… thinking about making a modem.. you can buy units for less than a tenner from China that are serial to Ethernet (WLAN even) so will try this, although it is not going to be fast it will at least allow me to transfer data to the FTP server on the Bubba3.

Anyway in other news.. cut down some more trees and strimmed the grass (saw the deer that visits), continued with my exercise (30-45 mins on the treadmill), rowing machine arrived but back shoulder has stopped me trying it so far.

Money is getting tight.. Really getting concerned and starting to feel a little down.. I guess I shall know a lot more by this time tomorrow.


I know not a lot of updates.. Not sure what to say really.. Just don’t have the great crushing desire to type out what has been happening or moan about things lately.. So things of note -

Down to four chickens as one died of old age.. and probably going to lose another one soon as well (the mate of the one that died :( ). Mowed the garden loads and treated the fruit tress which frankly are not doing too well (mold). Garden needs doing again too! Damn you grass!.. Talking of the garden still have to get the other half of hardcore out of the pond.. and cut down some trees that have died..

So what else? Well have cleared the garage up a lot and even started to setup an area for electronics..

Had a visit from the sister-in-law along with her better half…

Setup the Amiga with Network.. got it on the web and upgraded to OS3.9 (yes bought the Kickstart 3.1 roms).

Still to do is get the data off the disc to the FTP (the ftp apps don’t seem to allow you to copy directories Boo!).

Turned off the server (was costing about 4 quid a day so decided to stop using it).

Oh and the big one is that started to exercise in preparation of job that starts on 2nd of June.. Only treadmill for 45 mins at the moment but ordered a rowing machine as need to work on upper body too.. I did start with fan on but decided that no.. there isn’t a fan offshore in my suit so.. Now running without fan.. Also started lifting small hand weights today too with the intention of getting upper strength working.. I’m after endurance so nothing to build muscle as such just lose a bit of weight and increase my endurance for when climbing towers.. After all I haven’t worked since Dec last year..

From Wednesday next week I will be up to an hour on the tread mill and probably do half hour on the rowing machine if/when it arrives, each day.. Once working I will try and do at least half hour each day to increase my endurance.. Fingers crossed..

Angel has also started to do some exercise the hope is that the rowing machine will be easier on her foot which makes the treadmill pants for her :(

Oh and the wireless link is still slow seems it is not aligned so someone coming Tuesday to look at moving it.. And the ADSL goes off whenever it rains.. Oh joy!

Really need to get TV or something to watch when on the treadmill.. Zzzzz..

Fantastic :(

So.. The old accountants *forgot* to account (ha!) for over 60,000 pounds worth of invoices meaning we owe the VAT on them :( They came back with a rather strange excuse of “we never got them” which is alas untrue as we have read receipts from all the information which clearly shows they did indeed have them and even managed to pay the VAT on one that they said they never had! Hmm..

So now skint, BIG TIME.

In other news the foundations of the conservatory are way to shallow in my mind (only 400-450mm deep) and the gap between walls is only 50mm (which should be at least 75mm) So today arranged for the building inspector to come out and have a look at the issues on Monday.. Fingers crossed at least this goes right (not holding my breath).

Ok rather than moan about not having calls back from agencies about roles or anything lets move onto something positive.. Hard to do really when the favourite chicken died last weekend ruining the whole couple of days :( Still to clear the pond and found a rather strange structure at the back of the pond at least a meter deep.. My first thought was that it was a raid shelter.. But alas looks like a compost heap that someone build (mental as really well made by the looks of it).

In other news.. The Amiga and C64 have been connected, although I’m still struggling with the Amiga right now trying to get the network card to work is proving.. Annoying to say the least, I think either the connector or the pcmcia adapter is knackered.. Maybe I will try re-soldering it later on tonight.

Started hacking the trees along the drive the other day.. blimey.. Going to go for the strimmer next dry day and get all the weeds destroyed around the main garden and inside it.. Then on with the Hedge trimmer and back the drive and perhaps the garden and tops of the trees.. Hmm..

Not to mention STILL need to sort out the pond.. pond and stuff is looking likely to be hundred quid at this rate.. Hmm..

Damn you accountant!

Well seems we have been stitched up by our accountant and probably owe over 5k in VAT.. Although the accountants are a right nightmare to work through.. :( On top of that got another VAT bill of 1600 quid for this quarter and I haven’t worked since Dec last year!

I have been asking about for work and a lot of agencies have gone silent with nothing coming back at all!

I still have something for June but gosh it is starting to get worrying on the money front :(

In other news slowly been working on gardening and working up a sweat (basically doing stuff that needs doing but also getting a work out), dug a hole at the corner of the conservatory to check the footings, only to find they are not deep enough :(, then moved a ton of rocks out of the pond, before dragging them over near to the Chicken run (going to move the shed out the back to the corner here and store their food and stuff in it).

Today moved some more rock and also drained down the pond again, need to remove about a ton of rock and then clean the inside before looking to refill and landscape (grass seed) the edge ;) Also need to look at a pump for it too.

What else.. Oh met one of our neighbours (about a mile away) alas it was because he has been robbed and had someone break into his garage and steal his ride on lawn mower radio and other stuff :(

The microwave link is still only 10mb, although sometimes in the morning it will jump to 26mb.. but still pretty happy with it and they have said they will reduce the charge until they can get the 50mb link :)

Garage is getting less stacked with junk and the Amiga and C64 are setup (well nearly waiting for a connector so I can put them in pride of place).

Bubble mentioned something about his Internet that was interesting.. ooerrr.. come on them spill the beans.

Pizza and 1084S!

Popped out for a pizza this afternoon and a walk about Skegness, very busy too with lots of holiday makers I guess.. Bet it’s going to be a lot worse in a couple of weeks time when it gets warmer too!

Got back and pulled the Commodore 1084S monitor from the shelf in the garage and set it up.. HOW small it is!! I thought it was MASSIVE when younger too guess that can’t have shrunk which goes to prove that Wagon Wheels really haven’t gotten any smaller lol..

I need to make up some RetroBrite I guess and get the case looking like new now, also need to replace the degauss circuit on it and look at some noise that it coming through to the screen.. Will pick up some shelving tomorrow and make a proper shelf for it to sit in the corner like a good little monitor and also add some more for the discs and other bits and bobs to sit on :)

Watched some telly.. and hit the sack.. oh the joy!