Super long day

Yep so up early and get in to finish off some paperwork, then hand over the remaining information and head to the airport. Arrive and sit in the corner for a couple of hours before I can get on my flight.

Nearly fall asleep on the flight (becoming common now) and then arrive grab my bags and head outside to see Angel arrive a couple of minutes after I get out, just as well as starting to rain.. Brrr…

Anyway shattered.. Travelling all day is doing my head in :(

Still at home now for nine days !! WOHOO!!

Those days you avoid

Well I was asked to go inspect a vessel (so management could pick my brains, then probably extort the greatness of themselves in a meeting somewhere), I declined with the excuse that the weather is so bad the vessel isn’t working anyway.. And.. Yep it wasn’t not only that but the guys who flew out yesterday have ended up stuck on there for another day due to fog..

Nice place to be in 4mtr seas eh?

Still if they don’t get off tomorrow then I expect there will be hell to pay as it’s the weekend and they only work week days (when they turn up).

I’m not going to witter on about it but, blimey being a full-time employee is truely a nice thing as they only work Tuesday to Thursday and have a lot of holiday too 😉

No wonder I’m a contractor these days eh?

Anyway all packed and ready to go home tomorrow.. YEY!

Silly season

With the season now getting on its time for the silly and daft to start knocking on the door.

Had a couple of calls about new jobs for the first part of 2016, which normally run from the second quarter after all the hassle has been sorted out.

Back home on Saturday.. yey!.. Be nice as this trip has seemed to last a long LONG time.. mainly because only had a few days at home last time.

Should start packing tonight..


Time for a commercial break..

Brought to you by the letters K and G and the number 254 :)

IMG_20150819_112414 IMG_20150411_142322 IMG_20140928_150228 IMG_20150415_180857 IMG_20150415_184145

Hmm Steak..

Popped round to help someone out with a couple of Laptops that were playing silly buggers tonight. Was nice to chat with someone about anything other than work and quiet enjoyed the evening, even got a good steak and proper chips (from a fryer no less).

Was a long day though sod knows how I’m going to be tomorrow and the Boss is in.. Lots of meetings etc.. Not long now though until I’m back :)


Unpredictable weather

So for the next week the weather is about as predictable as the lottery numbers, hell the lottery numbers are probably more predictable!

So not sure where I sit right now, but have to try and get the tests done this week otherwise we are going to be fighting against installation.. Ho hum..

Ok.. so tonight I didn’t have eggs and salad.. nope a chicken thingy and some chocolate.. Something tells me I should have stuck to the salad and eggs lol..

Should be offshore tomorrow, maybe.. If not then I need to make it to Aldi and pick up some more food for the remaining week.. Oh well..

Oh upgraded Virtualbox under Linux to 5.0.7 which has some rather good improvements relating to 3D acceleration, meaning it now works in the guest of Windows 7.. and it also seems a little faster and using less resources too!

What to do.. Hmm..

F1.. Looked ok..

So the F1 race looked like it was going to be boring, but it ended up being pretty interesting in the end with broken cars, collisions and all manner of problems.

The end was interesting too.. chortle..

Still something is missing from it, I’m not certain but it feels too predictable right now, the engines cost way too much and even if I think the green idea is good something needs to be done to reduce the costs for the smaller teams.. Remove the Power Unit idea and make them produce separate systems, Recovery unit, turbo unit, engine.. Set a limit on cost and standardise the parts so that they can connect in any fashion.. Also bring in bigger tyres and let the aero team tell you want will aid them and hinder them when racing.. But alas, as with everything these days, it is all run on money so these ideas will go the way of many others.

Another batch of salad and eggs this evening, yummy.. perhaps I should lay off the eggs?. Hmm.. so nice though having boiled eggs on salad..

Looks like I might be offshore Tuesday at the moment and then again on Wednesday and Thursday before back in the office Friday for some final paperwork and handing over.. Back home Saturday night.. YEY!

Welcome to the weekend

And today I started through the stacks and managed to achieve sod all, well that’s what it felt like anyway 😉

Tea this evening was Salad and Eggs.. Which I think i need to get a grip on because good it was nice. Boiled eggs on salad and lemon juice drizzled all over it.. yummy.. a glass of red wine had me a bit red in the face.. Christ i can’t drink at all.. Started to sniffle so went to bed early.. NEXT!

Late start early(ish) finish

This is how it should be really starting late and finishing a little earlier that i have in the past. Looking good, although rather annoyed that someone is hassling me to update stuff knowing full well I have just done a 16 hour day finishing just before midnight the day before and yet expecting updated stats by 8am in the morning! Madness..

Anyway i have update all the stats and started to open the folders from the past strings, now got to fight through the paperwork and work out the way everything goes together.. Kind like programming the C64 rasters bars or a small loader routine called from the Kernal.. Err.. NOT

I keep thinking about all the crap I have accumulated in the garage from all the years of collecting and now I have to get rid of it all, but for some reason i still think it is worth something, in fact must of it is junk and worthless, but I need ot get a handle on the stuff that is worth something and try and sell it on in the next couple of weeks, if for no other reason that to clear out the garage and make room for more crap.. chortle.

Anyway I have settled on this –

Collect C64, Amiga, Dreamcast stuff and everything else will go the way of eBay or some other on-line auction do dar.

Very long day, as seems normal

When I was younger I used to think about how it would be to work really long days and earn silly amounts of money, well I have achieved one of those anyway, sadly the first.. Long days .. Just wish the other one had been linked to the first that would have made it so much easier to deal with the long hours.. Chortle still at least I know where I stand these days.

Anyway spent the day offshore today, even left my laptop on my desk in the office for a change. Was a pretty eventful day too with a visit to four locations and a test to top it all off. then got the slow boat back to the shore which was rather annoying to be honest.

Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of paperwork at the weekend too, got about two whole string worth of data to process and work out what’s going on before I can close out a couple of bigger parts of the project. the good thing that we have now got over half the wind farm being either worked on or complete in the coming days/weeks. And have started to allocate resources to the other side of the wind farm.. Awesome!

Still didn’t really make up for the fact that ended up back very late in the evening alongside, so going to come into the office late tomorrow morning.