Playexpo 2014 day two

So a late arrival, which is ironic as it opened earlier today, with a few less people.

Bought a few bits and grabbed some freebies, before calling it a day.

I think next time I will have a hotel
for the second day too.

Awesome and didn’t see all of it still!




Need to take more pictures next time too.

Playexpo 2014 day one

Blimey..  That’s the weird to describe it.





A very enjoyable day and I think I didn’t most of it pondering buying something (which endemic being sold out in the morning anyway), Ealing about in a daze..  No gauntlet machine though (only saw gauntlet legends).

Anyone thinking about going next year, go, it’s so much fun!

The roof (ish)

So the roosts arrived this morning first thing, only the roof was not ready for them with some brick work required and then finally the roof needed lifting as there was not enough angle for drainage. The builders again buggered off before finishing up, leaving a couple of bricks missing from the back section, still they only get paid when completed.

After they had all finished I got my gear together and jumped into the van for the journey to Manchester, not to bad actually only going wrong once too ;)

Off to event city tomorrow for playexpo 2014, YEY (I hope).

Another vampire test

So when phoned for my results yesterday it appeared that the sample was lost, today meant going in to get another test, hope they don’t lose this one. I was going to muck about with the c64 and Amiga dumping more stuff to disc and then uploading to the Amiga before sticking it on the server.  However couldn’t be arsed in the end, chortle.

Popping to Manchester tomorrow for playexpo 2014 over the weekend, hope it’s a good fun as it looks on paper.

The office has seen some more work today, mainly recovering the roof from around the garden which had blown off yesterday afternoon / evening.

They are thinking about putting off the roofers tomorrow now too. :(

Spalding hmmm

So popped into Spalding this afternoon, as the builders buggered off early as it stated to rain.

Seems there is a bit more to the town, but still not that great.

Then back again, what an exciting life I lead ;)

Roofing on the go!

Amazingly the builders arrived today even though it was raining! And although it stopped and started most of the day they continued to give it their best. Some of the roofing insulation and a large part of the remaining blockwork was competed. Probably a lot less than if it was dry but still something is better than nothing.

Rainy day in traffic

Today the builders didn’t arrive as it was chucking it down, so instead we popped to b&q to grab some bits that turned into a slightly longer to than expected journey.. Mainly due to the road works that have turned Boston into the mobile car park of Lincolnshire.

This means we will be staying away from the town and going north instead for the next couple of weeks, frankly this is not too much of a problem as the town rates a minus on the scale of one to ten making an interesting -9.

Here’s hoping the weather is better tomorrow.

Bye bye apple of my eye

So today it was time for the apple tree to have a trim, seal the windows and generally clean up. The tree took a little longer than I expected to cut back and my plan on using ropes to secure the branches during the cut failed. Still managed to cut two huge branches off before putting a ton of expanding foam into the window frames.

Then sorted out the TV antenna so now able to watch free view upstairs. Nothing else other than website updates…

Tomorrow the builders are supposed to start the roof for the extension, however with rain forecast for a week it now looks unlikely ho him…


Popped into Spalding and grabbed some bits for the guttering, it’s a plastic sheet that fits under the last row of tiles and stops water pooling under the tiles and/or running down the wall.

Then chilled waiting for the rain too stop before getting up and sticking the new guttering on, some the weeks after buying it.  At least now it is done and I can relax a bit.

Tomorrow I have to trim the apple tree and look to tidy stuff up and skip a load of rubbish. But apart from that I’m going to start chilling, might have another play about with the Amiga and c64 seeing as I have a ton of black floppies now I should be able to get something sorted.


Start of the roof!

Two the guys have started the roof of the extension so…  A little recap for you all –


The day it came down.


Just after the conservatory has been taken down.


The builders about to start, plant has been trimmed too.


End of day two.


Day for end of the week.


Start of week two.


Day two week two.


Current state and the end of week two, minus the new guttering on the main roof.

So there you have it, next week the roof should go on and with any luck the electrics and plumbing may get started too.