Nope.. Not enough experience..

So got word this afternoon that in fact I have not been accepted for the role, surprised..? Nope.

Popped out and picked up some new door handles and some hooks for holding up the ladders in the garage.. then off to Spalding for a coffee and wander about a bit..

Then back and managed to kick the new football into the pond before struggling with Angel and a couple of sets of ladders.

Have had some good news though.. Microwave link MAY go up on Tuesday.. We shall see.. Fingers crossed.

Next week I shall give a couple of people a call I think and see if there is anything about work wise.

Finally the printer is sorted..

Well after all the hassle it has turned out that the printer error is a fault with the drive card which can be resolved with a new driver!.. Although the driver is an application that you load the plots into for printing.. Still returned it and sorted out some more issues before heading back.. Yey!

Not heard anything from the interview I had on Tuesday so I’m guessing that I haven’t got the role as expected.

Played a bit of Army of Two Devils cartel.. Not bad.. still a little unsure on some parts… Some bits feel tons better though….

Off out to get some bits tomorrow and maybe a trip into Spalding.. OOerrrr..

Latest news on the Microwave link is couple of weeks (so maybe get a better Internet connection soon!).

Where to start?

Well I haven’t updated the blog for a couple of weeks (nearly), lost the will really and had a little break (again) after all this is really for me so I can look back and chuckle about how I worried about meaningless stuff (well meaningless in the future with hindsight ;) ).

Quick recap – Had the sister-in-law down and got a funky security light (remote controlled) working out the back for Angel, also added a few sockets to the bedroom (beside the bed), cleaned out more of the garage and the green metal shed went to a new home. Finally moved the washing machine and tumble drier (spare) into the garage… Think Angel was happy with that lol..

Put the shelve together in the office and moved some of the books etc in.

Tried a new Chinese takeaway which was PANTS! :(

Went out for a Nandos (twice) and finally sorted out the printer/plotter (with some software *sigh*).

Hmm.. went into to London again for another interview with RWE in Mayfair (ha!), erm.. Well that’s about it really.. still haven’t cleaned out the pond (needs shoveling out) or finished the side of the garage (laying down hardcore and partial driveway).

Not heard from Bubble hope he is ok, may tempt fate and ring him ;)

Burn baby burn!

Well the last bit of fencing needed burning so chose today to do it, although I made sure I had the new hose and jet washer right there in case something bad happened.. Also washed Angels car and cleaned down out the front somewhat (looked terrible before), then spent a couple of hours cleaning up the inside of the garage too.. Can walk about in there a bit better now, with hope I shall be getting it into a more organised state over the next few weeks.

Been pretty windy all day so not really done much else in the Garden, other than installing a 2.4mtr fence post for the security light that should be going up sometime this week.

Oh and had a call seems that I have been offered the job that I interviewed for on Friday, although I have been asked to interview for another role with nPower on the 25th.. Hmm.. the money for that role is a LOT more too.. nearly another 50% on top..

We shall see eh?.. Played Warface in the evening too.. Still not 100% on how I feel about this but keep coming back to it which must be positive I guess.


Perhaps it was yesterday but felt like crap all day ended up going to bed early too.. Might have been the fact I woke up at silly o’clock too though.. Who knows..

What ever the cause was not feeling very well all day that’s for sure :(

Fire.. FIRE!!!

Well the plan for today was to get rid of the broken up fencing on the fire (dustbin with holes in it jobbie).. this started well and I managed to keep most of the plastic away this time (which smoked a fair bit last time).. However as I was clearing the garage and keeping an eye on it I noticed that the tree on the drive had started to smoke.. huh? I remember my brother mentioning this tree had a fungus that was used to carry fire between villages in the middle ages and that the tree in question had probably been hit by lightning too.. Anyway after a couple of minutes it became clear it was on fire and catching!! So I ran in a shouted LOUDLY for Angel to pass the hose through the window of the garage so I could try and douse it.. Alas .. the hose was short and what followed would have made for a good scene in one of those comedy Movies.. With me throwing a hose over the roof and finding out it has split.. to throwing over the over one and smashing the top off..

Getting out a chainsaw to cut the tree down, only to get covered in sawdust, things were not improving.. I ended up throwing a sledgehammer at the top of the tree to break it away from the trunk.. then covered it in water.. While I was doing this Angel had rushed off to the shops to buy a new hose.. She returned with a broken one.. Oh dear.. luckily by this time it was out and I was considering a change of career to work for the fire brigade..

Although the while I was getting stressed out with Angel.. Looking back on it now someone standing looking on would have needed medical assistance the way things happened..

The irony is that the tree is on it’s own and would have burned to the ground doing no harm at all if left… oh well..

Off to buy another hose tomorrow… HOSE not house!.. wasn’t that bad.. honest!

Long day

Well today is the day.. Got up early and the plan was to leave at 8.15am leaving plenty of time to get the Brixton, in the end I spent about twenty minutes getting the van sorted before I headed off with Angel just behind me (going shopping).. Long journey with the arrival hoovering about 11.30am most of the trip, until I hit the outskirts of London.. Finally arrived at 11.45am and got a lift to the Tube, mooched about a bit before jumping on a train to Victoria and then walking to the offices.. I arrived half an hour early. thought about just standing there but decided I could wait in the office, hell I’m here now lets get this done so I can get that much closer to getting home this evening..

Felt the interview went pretty badly, but hey what can you expect me being negative surely doesn’t help in these matters I guess.. Anyway was back in Brixton before 2pm.. Now have to hang about until 3.30 before I can set off to pick up my swag from a couple of charity auctions I won last year..

Sat and chatted to my brother before finally setting off and arriving nearly spot on 4pm.. The had a chat with Mr Chris Abbott of BITL (Back In time Live) fame and had a pic taken with Thing on a Spring, before grabbing my swag and heading back towards home.. Finally arriving at about 9pm…

Have to say popping in to see Chris really made my day and although a lot of what he was explaining with websites and all that jazz went over my head (I did know what he was trying to achieve but alas my coding days are long gone so he used to lose me a lot when talking about how much AI his app has lol).. Anyway cheered me up no end :)


Went over and over the composition of HV cables (daft I know) but did this to try and get a good understanding of the make up (even though I still have no real hands on of jointing, and I certainly don’t want any either) it is useful to have some idea, also printed out my CV and noticed a number of HUGE errors in it.. Oh well..

Then spent some time printing out routes to and from the place and working out timings etc for tomorrow, spent a couple of hours this evening playing on-line with Jasper which was ok.. The camera system seems to be acting ok now and not emailing millions of pictures overnight :)

Off to bed now as up nice and early tomorrow.. Zzzzz

First BBQ of the year!

It was a nice day but as I was busy faffing about most of it the BBQ was a bit late.. still nice to sit out in the sun at this time of year that’s for sure.

Going to have to do some study tomorrow as I have been putting it off a fair bit, my confidence has been knocked by that video conference one held last week.. :(

Think I will just treat it as a day out, albeit in a place I hate with a passion (yes I hate London folks).. Not only that I hate driving too.. So Friday will be a bad day all round then :(

Wired up a monitor to the camera system today and checked the settings.. hmm think I have turned off the email issue.. we shall see.

Ahh.. hmm

Popped out for a Coffee this morning, picked up some bits (trousers, yes I have NONE for the interview!!) and then headed back and powered up the cameras which worked ok!.. Alas I ended up getting emails every-time someone walked past them, probably because I had last set them up like that when we went on holiday and left them at the old place lol.. Anyway as we had a foggy night they basically sent emails all night long!!