In the office

So took my time getting back into the swing of things but think I have finally nailed it, I guess as I left it busy it is easier to get my head around what has happened somewhat. I’m still trying to work out where the paperwork should be filed and even what paperwork should be filed, but a little spreadsheet I have has come in very useful as I can use it to work out where I am and what has happened when.

Looks like I’m going to be offshore on Wednesday at the very least this week so far.

Anyway best get my head down and work out the rest of what’s going on, or what should be going on at the very least.

Oooh an Alfa

So back to work today, which kinda sucks but that’s life I guess.

No sooner had I landed than I was asked to phone so arrangements could be made for the next day.. *sigh*, anyway the car I got this time was an Alfa.. Although it is a Diesel so kinda ruins it a tad, and of course all these cars that cost a lot are damaged in some way this one had dents and scratches all over it.. Crazy stuff.. When being handed the paperwork the woman made a point of highlighting the breakdown number for me!!. opps!

Had a nice slow drive across to Germany and found out I can’t go and do inspections as I’m not CP trained (oh the shame), which means I’m in the office trying to work out what’s going on while my back to back is offshore..?

Ahh well.. Sods law I guess.

Hedge and stuff..

So today popped out and bought some stuff for a meal this evening, thought I would try a chicken curry again, more like a Balti really but they normally taste great so who am I to moan?

Got back and fired up the strimmer popped down the drive while Angel did the garden lawn and then I did the bottom out the front before tackling the hedge along the side of our property, ended up doing the grass there too as needed to get to the hedge. Blimey I really need to get a proper hedge trimmer rather than use the extension on this one. Anyway looks a lot better now than it did before which is the main thing, and Angel made a nice job of the other side of the drive too… Next time home have to do the sides of the big hedge which will require me using the trailer with the tractor to get the cuttings around the side.. Should be fun.

Anyway the food in the evening was good and ended up watching a film afterwards.. nice.. Off to work tomorrow so that kinda sucks somewhat but hey that’s life I guess.

Nando’s and a sorry state of affairs..

So went into Peterborough today for a walk around and a spot of lunch at one of my (used to be) favourite places.. namely Nando’s. Well that turned into a bit of a nightmare, probably should have not gone in as it was busy, well it was lunchtime after all. Got seated straight away, which was good, then had our order taken pretty quickly.. Alas this is were everything fails. Waited 20 minutes for our meal, which I spied on the counter beside us sitting for 10 minutes.. Person picked it up three times walking various ways around the restaurant before placing back under heatlamps.. I finally pointed out that it may be ours, he confirmed the order went off for some plates and Angel pointed out it was stone cold.. Opps.. As the person was coming back I felt the food too.. She wasn’t kidding it was cold.. I mean STONE cold.. :( and rubbery too.. As he walked back he saw me checking the food and before he has a chance to say anything else Angel jumped down his throat asking for some hot food. now I should point out that generally we never EVER complain about the service we get. However this was shocking. Although we then got some hot food another 10 minutes later we both felt it ruined the whole experience.. Needless to say that’s probably the last time I go into Nando’s.. Same as a certain other large chain who now never gets my business.. Shame I used to like the meals.. Still I guess that’s just our luck..

..Which turned out to be right as after that we tried to get a drink from Costa in the shopping centre in Peterborough only to find it was cold water with no flavour, hells bells!!!

So guess should start trying out some other places then :(

Ended the evening with a nice warm bath, as last time I will get the chance for a couple of weeks as only a shower in the apartment in Germany.

Rainy old day

So today chilled out a bit, going to pop into Peterborough tomorrow and have a look about, shoulders are killing me today though so not much done. Also got to do the hedge on Saturday as well not going to have time tomorrow 😉

I think Angel is going to do the other side of the drive after I have strimmed down the side so she knows where the edge of the hill is, don’t really want her falling down the hill on the lawn tractor 😉

So ended the day just chilling out a bit.. Played a bit on the Xbox one again, tried a couple of games that finally downloaded, so was pretty good.. Although these sneak type games are not really for me, well it said make sure your not seen, so I shot everyone.. Pretty sure no one saw me after that.. lol..

One side done

Well while I tackled the hedge with the trimmer Angel ran the lawn tractor up and down the drive, looks pretty good too.. I ended up spending most of the afternoon trying to sort out an email issue (which was a banned IP address in the end).

Although Friday or Saturday I expect to do the other side of the drive, well I will strim the section borders and Angel can follow after on the lawn mower do dar..

Watched the last couple of season one of Full Metal Alchemist, pretty good too..

No idea what to buy Angel for her birthday either.. Hmm..

Nice new mower

So it arrived this afternoon, which was just as well as it allowed me time to tidy the garage up somewhat and fit a replacement camera to my Van (the old one started to fail for some reason or other). The new one is pretty crap though.. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and order another one from the big E.

Had a quick go on the lawn tractor (yes even came with a trailer and takes up as much room in the garage as a car), seems ok although I do feel it is not a robust as I would have liked. Still if it handles the grass for a couple of weeks it might turn out to be a winner!.

The weed killer arrived I ordered the other day too, although I didn’t get a chance to use it (just as well as nasty stuff), not letting Angel get hold of it as she will just spray everything!

Found out our neighbours have been robbed again, ironically enough a brand new lawn mower was stolen two days after it was bought! Needless to say the van gets reversed right up to the garage now, just in case.

BBQ in the evening which was ok.. probably need people here when I BBQ as I tend to get carried away now too!

The Mower it cometh

Popped into town today and checked out a new lawn mower for Angel, the old one really struggles a lot so time we bought a nice new one that can cope with the big grass section to the side of the drive.. Basically this is because we are fedup waiting for the farmer to decide to cut it (20 minute job for him).. Probably because he is counting his money and sniggering at us while scoffing bacon sarnies and drinking tea.

Ah well.. Anyway that’s one less thing on the list to worry about I guess..

Probably should look at the solar panels then, this will no doubt mean hours of me looking over people and then just getting a pin spinning ten times and stabbing it in a bit of paper with companies on it.. Which in turn will become a nightmare when they arrive with a couple of solar panels from Maplins and a set of hammers for making holes.

Did go out for a Chinese tonight though, which was nice :)

Spot of breakfast then..

Yep popped into Kings Lynn for some breakfast and ended up buying some headphones for the Xbox One and F1 2015 along with a battery pack.

Not a lot else to say really, filled up the pool I bought a couple of weeks ago, only to find out the top section seems to go down all the damn time :(

Have nailed down the choice of Lawn tractor though, probably go have a look at some tomorrow, then I need to tidy the garage up some more (read put stacks of stuff into the rafters).

Got quiet a lot to do next week.. Well a lot to do if it’s not too sunny that is 😉


The Lawn Mower man

At the time it was an ok film, no?

Anyway been looking to buy a new ride of lawn mower, or lawn tractor as this one has to be capable of mowing the grass either side of the drive, narrowed it down a fair bit but want to be certain 😉

In other news got an email from iD the phone network who refused me credit for a mobile contract, ended up with Vodafone btw who seem pretty good if I’m honest, apart from the hassle I had at the airport when the number switched over.. 😉

Anyway seems the iD network was hacked and everyone’s details could have been stolen.. Oh great! :( So now I have to pay by cancelling all my cards or paying for a service from Equifax and Experian? Sod that if anything does happen I will go straight to them and start asking questions.. Hell I will Bill them for the problems..:(