Not great :(

A couple of years ago I backed a Kickstarter project that looked awesome, I’m not going to talk about it too much as I think it doesn’t deserve anymore attention, sadly they couldn’t deliver so I requested my money back at the beginning of November .. Still nothing only an offer of a partial refund (what the hell).. So today sent them final notice that I will now be taking court action against them and claiming for the court costs too.

I was astonished to get a reply a couple of hours later saying they will look into it at once on Monday morning and could I hold off until then.. Well I like to think everyone deserves a chance (or 30) so I will hold off until then.. Certainly not going to hold my breath though ;)

Also started the ball rolling looking towards the next project, not too impressed with the answer from the current agency though.. Maybe time to start putting the CV out there some more in that case… Think this year is going to be a lean one as mentioned before :(

Offered a Pinball table for a damn good price today too.. Sadly think I will have to refuse as well just not certain about work right now!.. Maybe in a couple of months I will be more settled/sorted and able to get one, if that one is gone.. well.. so be it ;)

Vampire Tests

So again time for a blood letting and all that involves, in and out in less than Five minutes something I can get used to, if I’m honest I would have to say since moving away from Eastbourne the speed at which I get seen and sorted at the doctors has been pretty good. The hospital on the other hand is a different matter, with lots of problems all over the country this winter I’m glad I haven’t had to go for anything!

Anyway after the blood letting it was in for a coffee before heading to the DIY place for some stuff to fix the roof and fill a gap in the office where the door frame is a little on the lose side (not much of a gap but some cold air coming in there ;) ).

Angel took a nice picture of me using one of the B&Q baskets with the handle and wheels.. hell I had some heavy stuff in there.. Ended up buying a couple of lamps and some whitewash too (need to do the extension at some stage in the next couple of months).

Played some Destiny online and then came upstairs found Angel asleep so started to re-assemble the Amiga 4000, I had taken it to bits the other day due to some memory issues which turned out to be form the battery that leaked a couple of years ago. I never cleaned the tracks up enough and ended up having to do that for a couple of hours this afternoon… Still back together (minus the Network/64mb card) and no errors or crashes (fingers crossed it stays that way!).

Fixing the roof..

Well popped out this morning and grabbed some stuff for a stir-fry later.. Also got some more hooks and stuff for pictures and some for the garage so I can hang some stuff up on the walls/roof.

Then spent some time trying to fix the leak in the porch roof, which was rather interesting, seems that the previous people have tried to find it too and given up.. Oh well I have given it a go and we shall see how well that works tomorrow when the next rain showers appear… Now snow this morning though (boo!)..

Angel cleaned my van while I pulled some of our logs out of the wood shed and broke up some for kindling.. trouble is all our wood is soft wood so burns through mega fast.. ho hum..

Then made a stir-fry and managed to eat a chilli which had Angel in fits while I ran about crying like a little girl… It was hot though!

Found a couple of LCD monitors on eBay that are pick up only (sucks as they are 2 and a half hours away).. Still I shall see they would be dead handy for a project I have in mind ;)

Looking to start offloading retro stuff in the coming days on arsebook so that will be interesting :)


So up a little late today, but still the plan to head to Peterborough to have a look about came off.. Only had an hour and half there but have to say bit more about from what we managed to see.. MASSIVE shopping center there which was good fun walking about. Even managed to get Angel lost ;)

Tomorrow the plan is to try and sort out the porch (which leaks in the rain) and sort out some more wood for the fire (actually going to burn some of our own logs too), and maybe some other bits and bobs.. Maybe pop out.. about town too.. With any luck we will get some nice snow…. Although doubtful :(

One day less..

So went in today and low and behold got a call that they were thinking about going offshore in the afternoon, so did the hand over and DPR then headed over to fix a faulty laptop. Then headed home as looked unlikely we would go out (in fact I think this was a ploy to get me over to fix the laptop ;) ).

Headed to Kings Lynn int he afternoon and had lunch out before heading back and trying to sort out some bits… Might g9o online for a bit in a min.. not going to be on tonight though.. Getting a bit too old to burn the candle at both ends.. Off to Peterbourgh tomorrow for a day out :)

45 mins on the treadmill

So started to up the length of time on the treadmill and as not offshore because the weather is too bad today seemed a good day to bring it up to 45 minutes. Also found that shoving something on the screen while doing it is a handy way of getting through the time without thinking about the effort so much. Might try a hour at some stage next week.. Who knows..

Played a bit more of Destiny on the Xbox.. Good fun, but left a few things as thought Jasper might be interested in playing them too. Have completed the story of the game so far now though :)

Welcome… Err hello?

Well got in this morning and no one else here apart from the Marine controller so on with the paperwork only for that to be finished by just after nine.. So I’m now sitting here updating files on systems and thinking about heading home.. May not bother coming in tomorrow at all as no one else seems interested.
Van struggled to start this morning, hope it gets me home as the fuel light came on about 4 miles from office.. and at least 6 miles to garage!.. opps.. Right off to pack up and get ready to head home..

Got back and feel rather ill.. Think might be a mild form of food poisoning perhaps.. Anyway end up doing pretty much nothing all day then going to bed early

Extra work?..

Got in this morning expecting to have maybe an hour before heading off home after sending some messages and then clearing out. However I did expect to be looking at a Mac book (shhhh) with the intention of adding some more memory to it for someone. However when I had arrived it appears that I was in fact looking at two Mac Books and also an HP Pavilion with dead CPU GFX fan… Which I had to strip down to confirm the damn fan to add insult to injury.
Anyway once that was done I was off like a rocket on my way back home, the wind has increased somewhat but it has also gotten a lot warmer… Although I think I may still have a bit of a cold as still feeling tired and keep having a dry cough from time to time.
Was going to play some games on the Xbox.. Ended up just chilling as too tired/cold.. OOerrr..
In tomorrow to do some paperwork then home again as looking unlikely for any work to be happening this weekend.

Super busy day

Up again at silly o’clock¬† (ok only 5am) in to get onh the boat and then.. err.. sit about for 45 minutes until we can go anywhere, hmm. Anyway got a busy day today with hopes of visiting four or five towers for inspections, well that again was the plan ended up with only two locations being inspected. Long day though and very cold on the towers right now, best to stay out of the wind and busy in these conditions as once cold it’s damn hard to get warm again.
Weather is looking pretty poor over the coming days so looks like be driving in having meetings and then driving back home again.
Couple of things I have noticed I need to resolve, I’m not practicing thwe guitar at all… Not reading much (and have stacks of books).. really need to start doing stuff tend to sit about too much I think.. Maybe just me.. Who knows… Oh well..

Chug chug

Well off to work again this morning and as promised trying to update the blog more than before, so i’m typing this into wordpad (remember that you rebel windows 8 users?) ready to submit once I’m able to use an internet connection again.
Ended up offshore yesterday afternoon so wasn’t a nice easy day as I had hoped, mind you compared to my previous roles this one is easy. Either that or I just have a routine that works.. ho hum..
The weather looks likely to get bad a little later so may not get too much doine today but at least we are trying.
Wish there was a eBay shop of some sort local I could just drop all my used/unloved gear into and they would sell it for me.. But alas I’m probably going to have to sell all my *junk* on forums or possibly gumtree (had enough of ebay now).
I really need to cull some of the stuff I have collected which will never get used, like old consoles and computers along with electrical goods, games and books.. Not to mention radios and various other random objects.. I need to clear out the garage of a huge amount of junk to make room for new projects and also get rid of some of the stuff I never use. That of course does not mean C64 or Amiga stuff though ;)