Up early again and sod knows why, but there you go I guess.. Anyway helped Angel make a fry up which was nice, crispy bacon yum. Then mooched about really, legin (brother-in-law headed back home and we just mooched some more watched F1 then sleep.. Tomorrow the Builders are coming to paint the extension, however it appears there is a leak coming from the flashing so not sure they will be able to paint it … Who knows eh?

Be nice to have it finally finished however.

Fingers crossed and all that.


Used to love wandering about bootfairs and buying crap that I didn’t need/want now just wander around looking at stuff thinking ‘huh?’ still was a trip out for a change I guess. Got back and then helped with the second fix of the electrics in the extension (not the conservatory as I keep calling it.. chortle.

Got the air rifle out in the afternoon and had a go target practice with the new laser sight, pretty good fun, now need to make sure I use it to have a go at the rats at some stage!

Not a lot else to add really, had a Chinese meal and watched a bit of F1 Qualifying apart from that a pretty laid back day.


I remember when I was a kid Halloween was err sod all.. now.. You have to employ security guards, gun emplacements and set up a small parameter with fencing and a land mine zone to stop those pesky kids asking for sweets.. Seems wrong to give kids who are hyper more sweets so they can OD on sugar ;)

Still on the bright side no one should make it this far up the drive this year so no need to panic about people arriving to wind up the hounds.

Builder came back to day to clean up.. Well didn’t do much of that and ended up buggering off with it not even half done. We are not very impressed with that.

Brother-in-law arrived and had a chat and then hit the pillow, up early(ish) tomorrow to do the second fix in the conservatory, fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long.

Oh and my Van has been in the garage since Monday and spoke to them again (after hassling) today only to find out they have found the fault but not the fix so can I leave it with them until Monday afternoon.. Hmm We shall see what they find, if anything.

Kickstarter projects

Been getting a little cheesed off with the kickstarter projects I have backed with every single one having been delayed and in some cases gone cold (no updates), I guess there are a lot of people having holidays right now at my expense :(

Anyway found out about 2 today and made me feel a little better one the guy is seriously Ill so he needs to get sorted first and the other should be arriving in the post sometime very soon (tomorrow as was to arrive today but we are out in Kings Lynn so put it back until tomorrow). The other two are I have backed one is silent as in (thanks for your money MUG) and the other may finish sometime and I can even play the game (it was a game btw lol) if I pay them extra now.. :( So the whole point of that kickstarter has failed spectacularly in my mind but there you are what can you do?

But all this moaning is because another I backed after it had finished keeps posting up saying (look we have finished pay us more).. What the HELL!.. anyway finally heard I should get something in December now.. :(

Why this big rant? Well it seems a Kickstarter is starting on Saturday that I HAVE to join!.. DOH!

Anyway in other news had breakfast out and wandered about Kings Lynn and generally had a nice time out, shame it was so short. The builder was supposed to come again today to tidy up after finishing the plastering yesterday, only for a no show.. Maybe tomorrow eh?

Moving some rubbish about

Decided it was time to chuck out a load of stuff I have no intention of using, with eBay being so expensive to now use (fees faffing etc) a load of gear has started to go into the skip, this time I’m trying to be reasonable but I guess some stuff will be fully working and just binned (like the 5 servers so far), on the bright side a load of other rubbish has gone in too.. Still always feels a bit strange to throw away gear that’s perfectly fine.

Also moved a load of bricks and pallets and some wood etc.. generally trying to tidy up some of the areas with the hope of making it a bit cleaner and easier to clean in future too.

Think sometime next week will be a leaf blowing day with all of them getting blown to one area for collection :)


First day off..

So always takes some time to get used to being off again, and this time is no exception, so up early(ish) and mooching about, the builders are supposed to be here today to plaster the walls.. When they finally do turn up they sort of start.. and do a tiny bit of setting up before plaster three walls, nearly, seems they are back again tomorrow to finish up?

Looks ok though and got the brother-in-law up over the weekend to second fix the lights and sockets. Can see this being a long week for some reason..

Ended up with me and Angel chucking a load of the bricks that cam from the old conservatory beside the garage ready for some chippings to go on-top and provide another parking area, I want something that drains water but can be used to park if needed, so this is my solution.

Really?.. No.. ..REALLY?

Surprised that I managed to get away fairly early today after doing the paperwork and getting the timesheet signed I was on my way back down the road at 10am.. but took a lot longer than I had expected as one of the main roads was closed ended up doing a MASSIVE detour which took nearly an hour extra!

Oh well.. Still surprised was let go so early! And also that got the timesheet signed so quick!

Something fishy going on here surely, also heard that job may now finish second week in November, which is a shame as planned on it running until Dec at least, but hey be good to see this one out.

Super quick hand over

Well in the morning and brought some cakes that Angel had made.. Got in chatted to the guy who is my back to back and started to waffle about how things are going then get told that it has been called a weather day?!.. O.K… seems the lad yesterday was right for a change then chortle.

Anyway did the hand over copied over a load of files and made sure that the guy was up to date then headed back.. Nice!

Still have to go in tomorrow for some paperwork and to also get my timesheet signed.

Only a couple more days..

..You can do it hold on just for a couple more days.. Tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad as I have my hand over so the day should go fairly quick, fingers crossed. Been another awful day with the weather a little on the crap side, still it’s done now. One of the lads loves thinking that the next day will be a weather one and anything is a reason for a possible party tomorrow. Alas the weather is fine ;)

Got back and ordered an Indian meal which took over two hours to be delivered.. *sigh* that’s another one off the list then.. :(

Oh the floor? Yes that was poured yesterday and looks pretty good, have to see how it turns out on Tuesday when the builders return to start skimming the walls with plaster.

Bad mood, broken servers and pants weather

Yep everything happened that could today, the day was a very long one with me rushing about, knackered, late in and then a long drive back in the pouring rain that was not helped with the get away for half-term in full swing too :(

Of course the servers all went down as well after a faulty PDU on the rack, even though the DC are supposed to have live monitoring of this they clearly missed this.. Ironically thinking back on it now if the engineer who was sent to fix it hadn’t found the fault then the whole DC could have gone up in flames from the clearly ill fitted connector block/short circuit.

I also bit Angel’s head off after some comments she made on ArseBook about something.. :(