Long day

So up mega early and offshore working all day, done some inspections and then waited for some testing to be completed which took rather longer than everyone expected due to a failure on a couple of splices, still it was fixed and we headed back.. Tomorrow is a weather day for certain and it looks likely that most of the week may be the same (maybe Thursday is a working day at the moment).

Also had to sort out some issues when I got back relating to a MySQL server issue that I had missed.. and trying to let someone know that in fact there is nothing wrong with the server. Hell everyone else’s email is fine his is not.. and he has admitted to updating his PC with new software and suddenly it doesn’t work.. Well let me see.. now.. :(

So tired… Zzzz

Busy day rushing about..

So today went out and managed to do some inspections and look at bits and bobs, not too bad but still feeling it with the neck feeling sore.. Tomorrow is a mega early day too as we need to get some testing done before a large weather front comes through and stops work for a couple of days.

Oh and found out that Angel was getting my text messages but I wasn’t getting hers mainly because whisperpush doesn’t seem to be working properly at the moment.. So had to disable that.. :(

Bad Neck

So the weather was ok on the way out but started to get bad throughout the day and on the way back I managed to whack my neck with all the bashing about in the chair, if it had gotten much worse I would have needed to do up my seat belt :(

It wasn’t too bad but I think my neck had gotten cold a couple of days ago and was starting to give me hassle anyway, this just made it that much worse:(

Anyway tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better which I hope will make it a little easier to deal with the neck pain… Besides I’m climbing about all over which means I won’t have too much time to think about it.

Also for some reason Angel is not getting my Text messages.. And out here at the moment there is no Internet, I’m guessing this is because of the weather.. :(


Back to work then

So popped into work this morning only to find that we are not going offshore due to the weather!.. Seems probably not going offshore until Sunday now.. Oh well.. Of course when I got back that did mean I could put most of the arcade machines back in the extension with Angel helping while we both pushed and pulled these buggers about. how the HELL I moved Gauntlet on my own last time is beyond me!

Then wired up the sockets in each of the rooms, the room still looks empty and although finished for now (having it tiled early next year) we probably won’t be using it for sometime anyway as need something on the floor.. Still it’s done now (YEY!)..

Need to arrange some blinds of curtains now I guess?

Oh and backed a Matt Gray kickstarter where the guy is remaking a load of C64 tunes from Last Ninja and such and releasing them as a special package.. I suggest you check it out https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1289191009/reformation-c64-track-remakes-by-matt-gray-last-ni

Got a text last thing this evening looks like will be going out to work after all tomorrow as the weather has come down some.. Oh well..

Rads are go!

The roofing guys popped back and fixed the leaky bit and we picked up Angel’s car.

Spent the afternoon/evening soldering up the pipework and got it all working, no leaks and ok.. Apart from using the spirit level to fix the pipework to the wall.. FATAL mistake.. because it now looks pissed.. :( Oh well might have to box it in anyway.

Been seeing tons of spam from Amazon of late (which actually isn’t as it contains a trojan/link to trojan) still it is getting harder to see these things.. Hmmm..

Getting some very stranger comments on here too of late the robots are getting clever but I’m afraid if I don’t know you random stuff just makes me chuckle, hell some of the comments even the people I know make me chuckle so what chance do these have of getting through ?


Firework night or as I used to call it “Reason to blow the living crap out of the garden”.. however I’m an old fart now who values peace and quiet, along with a mega nervous dog that tries to hide in your jumper if she hears a bang.. So Videos and chilling out instead.

In other news popped into Kings Lynn had an “ok” Nando’s which reminded me never to bother ordering cheesy garlic bread there again, as it was crappy break warm¬† with a TINY bit of garlic butter on and half a piece of synthetic cheese on it.. :(

Bought a few dvd’s and then took a drive back (missing the Costa much the Angel’s horror), then dropped into Wickes picked up some pipe and found they do indeed have a pipe bender in stock.. with no bits and an open box.. :( so that’s not going to happen then.

Back to work on Friday so only tomorrow to chill out before back to it.


Old colleagues

Had a couple of emails today from people complaining that emails were no longer working, seems that they can’t use their email much as the change happened at the weekend! Was good to catch up though and have a natter about nothing in particular.

Went to pick up the van this afternoon and was rather stunned when it arrived, it was cleaned so I thought it was someone else’s! They even gave it a quick clean out too.. Seems to drive a bit better so just have to see if they have cured the starting issue that plagued me before.

The builders finished off the painting today and cleared everything up taking away all their stuff. So in the afternoon I plumbed in the first radiator and made a fairly good job of it too! Impressed even myself with that one.. Although I did do the easier one first ;)

Tomorrow into town in the afternoon and maybe I will try the other radiators, although I’m going to have to buy some more pipe and a pipe-bender (oerr).


The white room

Yep well seems they are confident that the leak is from the flashing and have asked the roofing guys to come have a look at it tomorrow (probably just needs sealing). So they cracked on painting the room.. Blimey VERY light now.. lol.. Ended the day with it mostly finished and two coats on the walls and ceiling.

We went out and bought a load of nuke it meals for a change, then watched Time of EVE and rather cool kickstarter that I got through the door Friday (yes I was moaning but NO LONGER) it was awesome!

After all that I shoved the lights up in the extension, I had installed the sockets earlier in the evening.

My Van had a shed load of work done to it, new cambelt, brake fluid change, new fuel filter and now needs two new tyres before they can road test it.. I will laugh myself wet if they try to start it tomorrow and find that it won’t start (as they said they have fixed it, the fault with it stalling after start)…

Did I mention how good “Time of EVE” was/is?


Up early again and sod knows why, but there you go I guess.. Anyway helped Angel make a fry up which was nice, crispy bacon yum. Then mooched about really, legin (brother-in-law headed back home and we just mooched some more watched F1 then sleep.. Tomorrow the Builders are coming to paint the extension, however it appears there is a leak coming from the flashing so not sure they will be able to paint it … Who knows eh?

Be nice to have it finally finished however.

Fingers crossed and all that.


Used to love wandering about bootfairs and buying crap that I didn’t need/want now just wander around looking at stuff thinking ‘huh?’ still was a trip out for a change I guess. Got back and then helped with the second fix of the electrics in the extension (not the conservatory as I keep calling it.. chortle.

Got the air rifle out in the afternoon and had a go target practice with the new laser sight, pretty good fun, now need to make sure I use it to have a go at the rats at some stage!

Not a lot else to add really, had a Chinese meal and watched a bit of F1 Qualifying apart from that a pretty laid back day.