Only the three of us!

Now I knew that a lot of people were employed and that at the weekends we would only see a few as they are Monday to Friday, but I was shocked to find that there was only the three of us in at the weekend! And all contractors.. The irony is that they all complain that we earn too much etc.. but they have their phones off after about 4pm Friday.

Not what you would want to hear if you are trying to resolve something (as I was Friday evening). I should however point out that I see no problem with the not answering the phone as they are generally not paid to cover weekends or evenings and they work long hours during the week.

Supposed to have another thunderstorm today.. Sadly nothing came of it, I was planning on going shopping in the afternoon but once out the door that didn’t happen as I was just too damn hot so went back and tried to have a shower to cool down. Which is a waste of time so who ever suggests this needs to be shot, it works while you are in the shower but as soon as you get out you feel even worse!

In other news my German is not really improving.. Maybe I need to do more practice in the evenings?


Cheers Bubble!

Well sorted out the problem with the phone having email reappearing after deleted, so thanks Bubble :)

Not a lot else to report, not been feeling 100% the last couple of days so have been taking it easy, really want to clean up the garage some more and sell some more of the gear but just felt so tired.. Perhaps it’s the weather.. Suddenly gotten cold again and overcast after a great day on Friday :(

Still slowly working my way through the DD collection, so far not managed to do even one shelf out of 17!! Going to be a long slog I fear.

Well don’t expect to hear anything about possible jobs now until end of next week as everyone will be away on holiday all over Europe until then, although I have spotted some comments which suggest that things are not very good for work.. If things don’t seem to be improving then I will go back to the tools come May.

I left my PC one for a few days to test something and sure enough it seems to be running processes about 10-25% slower than when it was switched on Friday! The thing to remember here is that it has been idle and doing nothing so should be no excuse of swap memory getting out of hand etc.. Another reason to seriously consider moving to Linux for most of my operations I guess. The PC’s in the office do hardly anything that requires Windows now.. Even the account package could run in a container under Wine I suspect.. Something to try next week maybe?

Made a little list of stuff to do.. So far it’s reads Fence pond and wall (around Oil container).. Oh and Earthing point for Office (as really needs one) which should get done next week with any luck.. Just need to “do it” rather than vegetate and consider, or even make lists lol..

I worked out the next project electronics project for me.. So that will be fun (I hope)..

Right looks like I need to clean the gutters just spotted grass growing on the one on the garage.. Oh joy 😛

Spam.. Email and comments..

I do find it rather annoying that I get upwards of 100-200 emails a day now that are spam.. Worse still I get them on the phone/tablet(s) and clicking delete just brings them back again as the phone/email app is stupid and downloads it again.. ARGHH!!!.. On top of that I only really check the office PC once or twice a week at the moment and that then takes forever to start as it wants to download and then delete about 20,000 emails that are (mainly) spam.. It’s got to the point now where I turn my phone,tablet(s) etc off at night!

So what’s been happening? Not a lot really I washed an Amiga 500+ that had bad corrosion caused by a leaking battery, what a daft idea sticking them on the mainboard. Angel was rather amused when I asked to use her dishwasher to clean the board (yes seriously) and once dried out (in the oven lol) for a couple of hours and then left over night it….. … Oh I’ll tell you later 😛

Talking about Amiga’s and brings up the point that I had five A500’s and only two of them where not suffering from rust on the back.. I’m guessing this is because the loft at Whitley Road was damp and ruined them :(

Oh sold some more stuff too got rid of all my Atari 2600 stuff, bar one woody console and Pole Position, mainly because the woody need repairing and the cart has sentimental value being one of the first ever games I played with Steven Bishop.. Another person I lost contact with many moons ago..

Decided to probably keep the Gamecube and Dreamcast systems and offload all my other stuff in the coming weeks so that will be Sega master & Mega drive systems and games together with the SNES and N64 games and systems.. .

But first is the Saturn and all the extras.. Although that will have to wait until next week now as it’s going to be a big box! :)

Oh the Amiga 500+? Well it boots.. and sort of works.. I’m not sure if the floppy drive is knackered or there is an underlying problem with the system, I had to solder the Gary chip directly onto the board as the socket was totally knackered.. And when doing this four or five legs broke in half.. I’m almost certain this is not the issue however.. But I have to some more work to do with it as the keyboard membrane is damaged and I will replace the cap’s in it before I go any further.

And now I’m toying with the idea of letting a lot of my old PC games go too.. I’m not getting much for these things but it is getting rid of a lot of the junk I have been collecting over the years… My intention, as mentioned before, is to reduce my collection to a more realistic level.. On that note I’m going through my DVD’s too and probably sell upwards of 400-500 of them soon too. And I guess I should think about reducing the amount of radios I have too as some are just boxed and sitting around, someone may get more use from them…

I think the hardest thing right now is what do I do with all the magazines I have stashed.. when I moved out of Tugwell road I half filled a skip with magazines.. Fast forward two years and people started collecting them.. The ones I had thrown away.. They were worth in some cases hundreds of pounds for a couple.. Now those days are gone but I’m thinking more of passing them on to collectors rather than the price now anyway.

I have of course left out the Magic the Gathering cards that are sitting in boxes.. I suspect they are worth in excess of 6-7k and I even offered to sell them to someone awhile back for 2k but they only wanted to pay 600-700 for them.. 10% of the bulk value.. I suspect if sold out they could clear maybe 10-12k.. But I don’t want to go through them as I fear I will want to play again and it also drags up memories which I would prefer not to relive..

Right enough waffle.. You are already bored stiff.. Hello?.. Opps.. 😛

Nearly all white..

Angel painted the sides of the extension over the last couple of days looks damn good, not sure why the builders thought it would look better left as is.. The rest of the house is painted white so the extension would just look odd.. Hmm..

Not really sold anything else off, although I have a stack of stuff I need to get rid off.. Thing is after the last guy asked me to take a million photos of some tapes that were only a quid each I’m not too interested in the hassle preferring to stick all the stuck in boxes and hide it in the garage again.. Which I have started to do again.. Oh well..

Had a call last week about a Job and since then I have heard nothing.. no surprise really but getting a little frustrated.. This time last year I had a job lined up, right now I have nothing!.. :(

In other news, cut a small hedge back this morning.. Got a whole load of stuff to burn (FIRE!) in the coming days and still exercising on the treadmill most days.. I have one or two days offf a week.

The plan tomorrow is to paint the front of the extension and if possible the front and side of the office need treating so I will try that too.

Work wise.. I’m going to have to think about applying to roles soon!.. :(

Getting on with stuff

Finally starting to see changes in the place and the overall garden too.

Managed to cut down some more shrubs after Angel attacked them last week.

Also slowly started selling retro stuff (did you know I have 7 Megadrives), not to mention at least 3 Amstrad CPC’s.. and I never owned one before so why now???.. Think I will stick the Amiga 1500 on the retro for sale thread tomorrow and see what happens.. Maybe even stick the 3000 on there too.. Hmm.. And then there are all the discs and Amiga 500’s I have (seriously I have 6- or 7 I think..).. I might keep a couple and set one up with AmiCom on it lol.. oh the joy 😉

Anyway fixed a PIR which turned out to be full of water, seems these are made for outside but not to et wet?… Common fault too from what I understand.. how about that then eh?

Got some plans for some decorating which Angel thinks is ok (ok she had the idea,, lol..), So probably start at the weekend with the utility room and give that a lick of paint and then maybe look at doing the extension (whitewash outside) as long as the weather holds.

So now the section besides the garage is done and the woodshed is semi sorted I guess the next big thing is the end of the garden with the trees beside the road and then around the pond, I’m thinking about the roadside tomorrow if I can.. Depends as a fair bit to cut down there but I will have a think tomorrow.

Started to do the treadmill again, only 45mins (3km) but something I guess I want to run a bit on it but as it is so small I’m afraid it will fall to bits even doing 6kph makes it rattle like an old aged pensioner on medication… Hmmm.

Had a call yesterday morning about a possible role, but I haven’t heard anything since so I guess that’s that then 😉 Anyway I have come to terms with the fact that I won’t be doing anything before April now.. and even then probably first or second week in May if I’m honest with myself.

Not a lot else to add really.. Been playing Destiny on the 360 still and about to get my last character to level 20 probably in the next day or so.. The others are 29 and 30 respectively which sucks as one should really be nearly 31 now but for some reason I’m unable to quiet get there without running RAIDS which mean I have to contact people on forums to do.. :( what’s the point of the forced matchmaking when doing strikes then?..  I mean why not offer that as an option to those of us who have like 3-4 people in our friends list.. :(..

I think I shall start another couple of lists to work through, one of which is going to be create something in Game Salad just to prove I can 😉

Oh and still have to knock out two more vents in the office.. Hmm.. Tomorrow or the weekend.. Hmmm… Lets see eh?.. :)

Two for the price of one..

So drilled a couple of huge holes in the Office wall yesterday and added in the vents which have been sitting on a shelf for oh around 8 months 😉

Ordered up two larger ones to go in at some stage next week (these will go up higher as the one fitted yesterday was low down. Looks ok though and that’s the main thing.

Got up early today and popped to Kings Lynn for a cooked breakfast and wander about, bought a couple of DVD’s (Anime) and then headed back.. Managed to annoy two people one a woman who I didn’t see in my mirrors and nearly side swiped, yes I nearly hit someone.. In my defense I noticed as I started to move out of my lane and moved back into it again before anything happened. I also waved sorry as she passed looking very vexed (hmm).. The other was a lorry that had sat in the outside lane on a dual carriage way for about 2 miles before approaching a roundabout.. I figured they were either going for the third exit or being an arse.. Seems they were being an arse as they then tried to drive into the side of me beeping their horn and probably waving about in the cab and mouthing expletives in a vague impression of a rabid stand up comedian.. Hmm perhaps Lorry drivers could take that up ?

Anyway I ignored him, and they then spent the next 10 miles or so moving to the bump and then back again in an attempt to annoy me.. Well I writing this so I guess it worked.. Hmm.. Thing is who was more annoyed.. I’m guessing them?

Got back and Angel cleaned the Van.. Now what am I going to do it’s bloody clean!

I finally got round to moving the sand from the drive and breaking up the crappy planters out the back, which I then proceeded to shove about 2 tons of grass seed on (not really but one of those jumbo boxes from B&Q)… Not a lot else to add.. probably shouldn’t have done too much as was getting fairly warm.. Still getting there.. :) Angel cleaned up out the back too looks much better now, really need to trim the trees soon before the log cabin looks like it;’s from a forest scene.. ahem..

Changed an address on someones website and here we are (well I’m here and you are there but generally we are all here now so that’s good enough for me). huh?

Tonight I’m planning on playing some more Destiny on the Xbox and I may then play about with the PC in the other room or start another electronics project, after all I have a load of addressable LED modules and a hankering for some fun and games.. 😉

For those who wonder/ponder as to why

So I thought I would actually come clean, I mean why is my blog not updated as regularly as before? Ok the answer is.. I can’t be bothered.. Sorry but it’s true I have moved away from everyone, as I wanted, and now find myself shutting off the valve to most other people out there (sorry unwashed masses).

I’m not a very thoughtful person really rather selfish in my ways these days, plus of course I can’t add much more than – Woke up, did chickens (or Angel did chickens), mooched about, did some stuff in the garage/garden/sky then watched some tv and played some xbox, went to bed…. Sorry but that’s pretty much it, I mean today.. well went out bought some chainsaw gloves and stuff and then drilled a hole in the wall of the office for a vent.. exciting stuff I know!.. Calm down dear!

On the other side I find myself wanting to do lots of things but having a hard time committing to just do one of them.. Like everyone I guess 😉

Work is frankly depressing at the moment, as there isn’t any and worse still I’m not sure when there will be, come end of April I’m going to be getting extremely worried if something hasn’t come up.

And on top of that I read all about the massive 1984 ere world we suddenly find ourselves in, with even more pressure to follow what you are told, I’ve looked into VPN and TOR which is remarkable if you think about it. I don’t download pirated material and yet here I am freaking out.. Worse still employers scan the internet to find information about every person who they might deem interesting for a role and so I find myself thinking should I delete my blog/facebook/linkedin profile?

Amazing how much we give away for convenience isn’t it, I have an Android phone and it syncs with my gmail account.. so google/(insert government body here) knows who I’m calling/emailing/texting and at what time.. We really have lost all privacy… And this depresses me even more.

I’ve slowly started to sell off my retro collection, which is a bit like me a general and unfocused anyway. I’m going to keep what really means something to me and clear the rest it’s about time I accepted the fact I’m going to die and leave nothing in my wake.. So time to reduce my worldly goods.. Gosh that sounds so depressing but I’m keen on dumping the excess baggage that this collection of junk brings, after all it’s only worth something to me.. Even Angel looks upon it and sighs lol..

Right well that is about it for today, I’m guessing this rant may keep the masses entertained for at least 5 minutes.. Later’s dudes I’m off to surf the mental highway and read a book while drinking a nice cuppa tea, oh how I live on the edge eh?!

So what you been up to then.

Well last week ended up with flu and pretty much stuffed.. So spent most of it hoping I would be better by Sunday, when I was due to head off to a hotel for Monday and a course in Hull. Ended up feeling a lot better by Friday afternoon so went out for an Indian meal (yummy).. Then Saturday popped to the Chinese near Sutton Bridge for a nice meal out too.

Sunday afternoon headed to Hull to overnight for the course on Monday..

So Monday did my offshore refresher and Underwater Helicopter escape etc.. Not as much fun as I remember before though.. Then the firefighting and smoke room (not as bad as last time, think the masks here where better), finally the first aid and then homeward.

And.. I have to do pretty much all that again in April (minus the helicopter escape) for another survival.. Because this one explains how to get on and off a boat.. Pretty handy I expect I have been doing it wrong for 11 years now….

Anyway Tuesday this week I intended on starting to cut down the trees at the end of the garden after about an hour I gave up, either I’m still knackered from the survival or cutting the trees down is going to take weeks..  :roll:

Looks likely that I will cut down the bushes at the end of the drive and look to replacing the fence at some stage next week. weather permitting.. Reminds me I need to chase the sign.. Hmm…


So Angel got some new tyres which turned out the be budget even though they cost a fair bit!.. Made some mushroom and bluecheese sauce for lunch and then had a nice chicken salad for tea.. Again played some Destiny.. Still suffering from the bad throat.. Damn it..

Heard nothing from anyone about this possible role so I guess that’s it then.

Booked hotel for the course in April and paid for the course next week along with booking a hotel room.

Going to see a film tomorrow if better.. Bloody hope so as this sucks.. :(

Chilly day..

Well another day of playing some Destiny.. only managed to bleedin blow 20 hours play by buying a bit of armour that I already had :( Opps..

Watched some films in the evening.. well tried to and ended up stop starting them all damn evening :(

Angel finally gets new tyres for her car tomorrow, with any luck I will hear something too..