Airports… Meh

So here I sit, again, waiting for a bus to shuttle me to a plane.. I have managed to work out ways to minimise the agony of security and check in.. But still.. Wtf..

Guy sitting opposite me in departures has just burped loudly.. Kids crying, multiple people coughing and the constant murmur of chatter. Bit like waiting in the longest supermarket queue going, only without the feeling of relief you get, once to win through the checkout..

Set off nice and early this morning to catch this flight, nearly team out of fuel as the garage wasn’t open so limited at slow speed for 40km pulling into another deserted one, but this time armed with card payment machines…

Staying to think this day is doomed to failure. Right best go and stand in another queue like a Muppet.

Morning lamers!

Watched a lot of Revision 2016 last night.. Opps.. Anyway thought it was pretty good (Vote EvilBot 2016!!). 😉 Will try and make it to the next one I think as looked awesome, shame it was so far away otherwise I might have been tempted to drive there.

Wonder if Rich would have been interested.. Hmm.. Probably not as he has grown up a bit, unlike me lol.

Sitting here listening so Scenesat again, makes a change from Slayradio (my default choice these days), think it might be streaming some shizz from revision still.. Who knows? Noticed they were on Twitch yesterday too, and I managed to catch the C64 and Amiga demos last night (opps late one)…

Played a little bit of Destiny too last night, had some chilli from the night before and thought long and hard about what I’m going to do after this contract.

Angel seems to have cracked on with the spare room over the last week or so, which means I have a little bit of work left to do in that room and of course the hard standing for the container 🙂

Be nice to get the crap out of the garage and house into storage, before we plan what I hope will be our last move for a long time. Aberdeen way is calling and I can’t see any prospects further south to hold us here. Would be nice to go further south but there is nothing we can afford and the money is frankly crap for any type of work down south these days.. So.. What to do..

Easdter Bunnies

Well seems my little comment about being unable to find the Easter egg to my Boss Thursday has resulted in everyone getting an Easter bunny…


IMG_20160326_120406.resized IMG_20160326_120914.resized IMG_20160326_120909.resized


You see sometimes I do have a positive impression on people 😉

Played a bit of Destiny again last night and have to say sometimes it can be a rather annoying game with no real feeling you are achieving anything.. Then at times it feels fluid and great to play.. I just wish they could get the grind/fluidity more balanced.. Maybe that is just me though?

Keep thinking that when I was a Kid I never had stuff to do.. now I have so much I get confused working out what to spend my time on! Oh well feeling more and more like Summer now.. Well over here anyway 😉

Anyway back to the Grind 😉



Easter weekend

So it’s the Easter weekend and lots of people who work normal jobs Monday to Friday are taking advantage of the extra time at home with family and friends.. Alas I work the life of a contractor (spit) which means I work when I am needed to, this time it means I’m working through Easter. Frankly in many ways working as a contractor suits me more, I don’t like shopping in crowded places so when I go out, once home, I tend to do so during the week with the weekend a DIY or chill time. Of course this is a bit of a pain for people who want to come and visit as I can never be sure I’m going to be home. But you can’t have everything.

Anyway I’m away for Easter.. looking at new jobs too, my role will be ending soon so I need to keep my eyes open for the next role. Ironically there seems to be something going on down south.. Running out of Newhaven is Rampion which would be nice to get on, however the last year has seen a lot of people out of work which has pushed rates low and also means some people will accept those rates as nothing else is out there. Can’t help that and frankly I think I’m better off waiting giving some of these a chance to get work, although you have to wonder why they were out of work if they were so great?

Regardless I am not in a hurry for the next role but as a contractor you have to look, I have also already ruled out a couple of options that have been presented, mainly due to conflicts with either people on the projects or the company doing the hiring.

Ironically I have had no luck trying to convert back to an employee, crazy as it seems I am being pigeon holed, what more surreal is that I’m now finding myself doing a more project management type role to boot.. Not that I’m complaining but it is unexpected.

So what else.. Oh been playing Xbox 360 here, yes brought it back again, and plan on going offshore this week to see the “lay of the land” as it were.

Angel is at home decorating the crap out of the spare room.

Oh and I have been asked to book hotel rooms for people.. What The Hell!?”!?!?

Want a nice picture… how about this one?

Sea Challenger seen from Godewind 1 Offshore Substation.

Sea Challenger seen from Godewind 1 Offshore Substation.

Foggy then

So I’m back at work and sort of settled in, well as settled as I can be anyway, have a stack of paperwork and lots of questions to be getting on with. The weather was nice yesterday but today we have cold foggy weather.. So probably best get used to that then.

Just been listening to the bombing in Brussels which sounds pretty bad.. I would complain now about security and everyone trying to use this as a means to take privacy from people but it is way too late for that.. Besides when things like this happen surely we should be more concerned about the survivors and victims 🙁

Brought over my Xbox 360 with me again this time, but haven’t had any time to play it as too tired and late back from the office. I’m hopeful I can have a few games on it during the week however.

Well best get back to it and do some more paperwork, probably best I start to reduce it some.

Back to it..

So up early after a surreal night of dreams.. Angel had just dropped me off at Humberside airport and I’m sitting in the construction area that is supposed to be departures..

The whole idea of flying strikes me as stupid.. I spend more time in the airport than in the air, security seems to be run by people who think they have the right to make your journey as painful as possible, mainly because most of them earn less than a MacDonald’s manager probably.. So I spend 2 hours in the UK making sure I’m not smuggling something onto a plane then aliens an hour flying, then nearly another getting through the airport to pick up a hire car .. I’m beginning to think getting a ferry across might be easier and cheaper..

I have always felt that flying is the closest a human can get to how cattle must feel.. Onto this bus.. Follow this queue.. Grumble but don’t openly complain, or else.. And smile while security people lube up a rather menacing rubber glove.

I guess my saving grace is that I haven’t got to put up with this for much longer, six more flights and that’s my contact done. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

In other news.. Didn’t manage to get anything that I wanted to when home, well alert from the drive.. Which will probably need doing again when I’m home anyway.

Filled a skip with stuff though, most of it actually ticklish this time too.

Only managed to get half the hard standing done, so that’s the only thing I’m going to do when home next, well that and putting a radiator back on the wall… And maybe skimming a small area with plaster.. Hell why not build that wall I was supposed to and replace the fence panels.. *sigh* plenty of time to do these things in a couple of months as I’m not working.

Right only another twenty minutes until my flight boards.. Zzz next time I’ll bring a scale model of the titanic.. Give me something to do while waiting.. Plus be good to explain about the glue to security.

Flying.. Go see a departures lounge..

Skips away!

So started to re-plaster the wall today then moved a load of rubbish into the skip that was delivered in the morning. Was supposed to start the wall around the oil tank today as well but that will have to wait another day.

Played a bit of destiny in the evening.. Not much else to add.. Didn’t do anymore of the hard standing which is about half done.. The builders arrived to finally finish off the tiles… Be glad when they are done that’s for sure.

Had hassle with the server, seems they are having teething issues, sorted someone’s laptop out..  Time for a kip me thinks.

Drive done.. Again

So started the drive yesterday and finished it after I ran out of fuel half way through. Also got a tiny bit further with the hard standing for the soon to be ordered shipping container. The idea being sick as much as possible in the container and then sell the house.. Ready for the next move…. To do knows where..

Also finally cleaned off the plastic roofing of the back, well a little anyway still needs more work. And finally got round to taking off the radiator in the spare room and cleaning the old blown plaster off the wall.. So tomorrow will attempt the fix that mess.

Also got a skip arriving tomorrow so lots more rubbish to go in that. And of course a wall to build too..  Oh the joy!

Back home for a bit

Well got back last night after a very very long day.  Managed to sort out a server on the garage, order some new fence panels and cement.. Oh and build the new bed.

Also managed to brick an mxq box and now have to wait for someone else to find info on it. 🙁 damn it.

Think off out tomorrow for breakfast in Kings Lynn.. Maybe even look in Cex,  who knows.


Looks like my destiny dude, cool eh?

Interesting internet

So.. I finally have internet on the apartment again.. Of course the broken Fridge/Freezer means I’m now having to buy food every day and being more careful with my money.. No more buying food for the week 🙁

The Internet was a case of throwing a cable out a window and in another.. I thought they would hire an electrician to install a catanery wire and then attach some copex to it. Drill a hole in the wall and put sockets on each side.. err no they bought 30 meters of cable and just threw it out the window!

Anyway bought a cheap wireless access point router today so I now have everything back on-line properly, in fact faster as no relying on a rather pants wireless network point that has since failed anyway.

Work is rather depressing as well, with a lot of things starting to go wrong.. I have a stack of paperwork to do and no time in which to do it 🙁 all in all not a great time.. *sigh*

Not been feeling great the last couple of days and Angel has been feeling very unwell as well, she is now suffering from an infection to add insult to injury..

On the bright side only a couple more days until I’m heading home, although leaves less time than I would have liked to complete the paperwork in the office 😉

Here’s a nice picture to look at ahhhh

The House in Summer :)

The House in Summer :)