Last day for awhile

Well in early again today and although I hoped the boss would be there early it was not on the cards. So spent most of the day mooching and chasing to various people about the job.
Also tried to diagnose a problem with the d900 car do dar.. With no luck I might add.

Boss arrived just after lunch and had a chat about some bits and books before I heard back.

Then whipped off the two rads in the conservatory, yes I did drain the system down.. Although still got a face full of water lol.. Actually the pipe (ahem, damn predictive text) work was pretty crap anyway so will change it when they go back afar the extension is complete.

Tomorrow got the garden to do and some other stuff.. Go hum

Oh well

Seems that my hope, not sure is the right word, of being in the office a bit more have been scuppered. But thinking on it this does mean that if there is weather then I can go home, as I do now, rather than sit in the office all day.

Have a meeting tomorrow and Wednesday with the guy taking over from my current Boss so will see what comes up then, but either way I’ll be happy, probably more so being offshore and away from the office.

Sunny today and last full day (probably) in the office for another 10 days.

I have finished my paperwork a day early and now wonder what else to do, I guess I could do some hand over notes but there isn’t actually anything to hand over as we have hit a pause waiting on more cables to go in…. Still have the meeting at 3pm and errr.. that’s it.

I should mention that I’m witnessing some epic sunset’s and sunrises right now, lost count of the amount of times I was tempted to pull over and take a snap…

Maybe tomorrow morning eh?

As I shall be back earlier than normal tonight I will run the treadmill for the first time in ages and have a play with the Amiga 4000 trying to get the Network card to work again. Still need to get some of the other stuff out and take photos so I can stick them on ebay too I guess. ho hum.

Why is it that?

The last day offshore is the nicest for weather? Oh well, the next couple of days are going to be stuck in the office which makes a perverse sense ;) Probably rain for about a week now then.

Anyway finally finished today and heading in.

So much for a..

Expected to have tomorrow off but alas seems more than likely that I will again be out testing tomorrow with the teams. *sigh*

Today took ages to get out again due to bring bumped on the lock again and then the skipper taking a detour to site (don’t ask as I have no idea).

Now just a waiting game while the guys climb each tower and test from there. Ho hum… Another late day I guess. At least my stomachs not giving me grief today, so far at any rate.

Bit grey out here today and actually raining too.

Grey starts

Well a late start this morning with a delay getting into the lock too.

Pretty tired still from the Wednesday Thursday marathon shift, but with any luck only today and tomorrow and then a couple of shorter days in the office. Still that might not happen so let’s not get too excited yet.

The weather offshore us due to start to deteriorate over the next couple of weeks as autumn starts to show it’s force. So things may slow down or inversely speed up as they try and push the limits… Although there is the face of concern shown in the office at meetings once the pressure comes from above over delays the limits may be ignored, experience sadly shows this is the case with every project I have ever worked on. I have my fingers crossed this isn’t the case but have to be realistic.

Damn just found out going to be offshore Sunday as well due to delays, can’t be helped but would have been nice to get this testing done today & tomorrow.

So end the day with a bad stomach ache, just to top off a great day. As if working another late one isn’t enough.


Well still here at work waiting to get off.. Not looking to rosy now though.. Blimey.. Not only is it foggy but we are all sitting about waiting to get off. Generally in pretty unimpressed with it all now.

Well finally off the platform at 3.30 with a possible three hour trip in and an hour drive home, oh the joy.



As you can see I’m not the only one a bit tired ;)

Seems strange posting this later in the same day too… Anyway here is my Amiga 4000 with its USB card and nice shiny new network card.


64mb ram card, with built in network port too.

Looks like another couple of days offshore then some in the office for awhile.

Very late day.

I find it somewhat funny that people complain about health & safety, working hours and then think that it’s advisable for people to come in a couple of hours later the next day so they can work late. In theory this is fine, however when you are on the receiving end trying to sleep in later just doesn’t work. So you start later, but you’re just as tired as your body got up at the same time anyway. Sigh.

Anyway at least I should get some nice sunset shots later on. Here’s one from this afternoon.


Sun over the sea

I will get another one shortly for you :)
Well still working at just after ten and now going to be at least midnight before I get off and head ashore, putting me at about 4am for getting home.. Sigh

Oh well.. No picture of a nice sunset either as the mist/fog drifted in before I got a chance to get one. :(

Don’t you just love it when…

Late start today, which was nice, strangely it was still a normal finish. Even better. Tomorrow is a very very late start, 1pm no less, however it may also be a late finish, sigh.

Tomorrow will mark the job at the 33% mark too.. Tempted to bring cake’s just to wind up the people in the office… Hmm maybe..

Photo of a 6MW turbine.. Interesting eh?


6MW turbine

Word is might get a couple of days off (well in the office anyway) still be nice to have a few short days.

Hmm late back today again and probably going to have a long long wait getting off as well… Bugger

Welcome to September…

.. Month of rain?

Stunning sunrise this morning was followed by rain once I got to Grimsby, fitting I guess. A day of climbing multiple locations today for inspections may be the most climbs so far this project. Which probably means my right elbow us going to be killing me tonight.


The team climbing to work

So most of the team are now up the OSP, with me and another off to climb some towers, before I return to the OSP this afternoon.. Oh joy.

Right well now back on the OSP after climbing three towers and doing since work in them.. Going to be here until about 4.30 before heading in, oh the joy. Something to look forward to I guess ;)

Here one of the work they are doing today (no questions please to secret).


The guys hard at work

Right back to it…


Nice but of packaging eh?

Just heard contract has been extended until end the of November now too, yey!

Oh did I mention we do part a wind farm on the way to ours? Yep here is a PIC of on of the vessels there.


Turbine installation vessel Humber Gateway

Oh the conservatory sold on eBay too, did I mention it was on eBay? Well it was.. :)

Slow Sunday

So err not much to say really, been having loads of nightmares lately not sure what that’s all about?

Was a bit warmer offshore today, other than that nothing else to add.

Oh.. Angel did have a few more people round to view the conservatory and some Pillock had bid on it expecting me to pay it to Plymouth? Mental.