Fantastic :(

Great now got a bad throat.. Looks like the guy with the cold on Thursday night did in fact give it to me :(

Ended doing some of the garage and throwing out tons of gear and moving a load around to access where the mouse/rat has been eating/peeing & pooing :(

After doing that for sometime I gave up and ended up playing some more destiny.

Booked a course for 16th.. only a day so should be ok.. Travel up Sunday night and back Monday evening, then that’s done for another 4 years, as long as they have some space.

All done then..

Well yet again was a day when nothing went to plan, got offshore, even though really pretty tired, the weather just wasn’t calm enough to do a lift and ended up coming back.. Handed all my gear in to the only guy left in the office, and headed home.

Got home and just finished up doing all the paperwork, although I have to do some more tomorrow as I can’t be bothered to do it now.

Going to chill for the next couple of days and then think about tidying the garage and throwing away tons of the fishing gear that has been eaten by the mouse/rat :(

So now finished and nothing to go to for some time as everything has stopped for the time being.. Sigh


Yes finally finished on this project, which is a shame as I have enjoyed it, but everything have to come to and end eventually. Keep hearing noises about a possible role with them doing something else.. And stupidly I’m getting excited about the prospect of doing it, I should know by now that in fact it’s likely I won’t even get a look in on the role.

Started late and then ended at stupid o’clock in the morning.. worse still I have to go off again tomorrow and make sure they get the container down.. :(

Destiny.. Hmm

Ok so I have to admit it is very much like Too Human I keep going back to it.. I now have two high(ish) level characters and keep trading items backwards and forwards between them. Although I have to say the word GRIND comes to mind.. :s Also seems unlikely I will play the expansion as you need to be level 30.. Seems daft to make an expansion you pay for but must be at level 30.. Hmm..

Anyway spend most of the day chilling on the game, frankly pretty knackered..

Re-booked my course’s for the end of April and probably going to book another course at some stage next week.. Of course I now need to book hotels.. OOerrr..

Still windy then..

So this evening was a late start (6pm) to make the most of a lull in the weather..

I was worried that the snow would be a problem but it seems only Boston got hit, ended up making good time and getting there spot on.. I did also do a time lapse of the drive as a check but the camera/phone seemed to be corrupt.. I’ll see if I can get it sorted at some stage, but it is only the car journey as not allowed on the bridge of this vessel. :(

Anyway headed out and damn was it rough, this vessel isn’t the best anyway having a cockscrew motion, so with weather on top of that it’s not clever. Ended up getting to site and finding the weather was still *on the limits* and if we had gone for it we would have been stuck there until Friday if the weather did change too much..  8-O

Headed back in and then drove home.. Was a nice journey home and had pizza for late tea.. :)

Tomorrow I’m at home as the weather is just too bad to try anything, looks like Thursday night or Friday morning now.. So may finish this week anyway.

Finally the TV is on the wall..

Yep got the TV up, sondbar installed (after a lot of faffing and in’n’out of the garage, kept forgetting the bits I needed). Looks very bare in the room now.. chortle.. So I guess it is good in that respect at least.

Found out that I’m offshore tomorrow evening, yes they are finally *pushing* it..

And been chasing about an upcoming project and pointing out I am training and don’t want my CV being refused on the basis that my certs are out of date right now or soon to be, as I’m planing on refreshing and retraining in the next month or so.

I was panning on a Bath tonight.. But bit too late now.. So won’t bother.. ;)

Started snowing earlier.. OOoOooOooo.. Snow! pretty!

Pinch, Punch, First of the month

Yep it’s February at long last.. Another day playing at Destiny.. Managed to get quite far this time without too many disconnections and even managed to get Jasper to help me complete the game.. phew..

Back to work tomorrow although just in for a meeting and some scanning tomorrow morning before heading back home.. The weather is pants for the rest of the week now too.. although I expect someone will risk *it* to prove a point at some stage.. I just hope for everyone’s sake that no one gets hurt.. I’m certainly not taking any chances ;)

Angel ordered up a new soundbar for the TV upstairs and I’m going to stick it on the wall tomorrow (been saying that for ages ;) ). But once the soundbar arrives I have no excuses I have to get it up, the soundbar you dirty minded people!!

Elite Dangerous – Refunds..

Ok so I managed to get my refund a couple of weeks ago after over two months of boilerplate reply’s and being generally ignored, I only succeeded when I made it plain I was taking them to court in the next couple of days. Since then I have seen a big increase in other people and their success in also gaining refunds. Which is a good thing for everyone, not least the company that makes Elite Dangerous – Frontier Developments who were starting to look very second rate, back street dealer what you may.

It’s a real shame that something I was really looking forward to turned out to be such a complete failure in the end, for me at any rate :(

With the erratic nature of my broadband line and the fact I wanted to install it on my laptop and play it offshore on vessels that only offer internet access to dumb terminals I was never going to be able to use the game.. Such a shame as it was initially promised with an offline mode. Still regardless of the failed features (too numerous to mention even here) I look to reviews from people to see what I’m missing out on.. So far not a lot but it does look nice none the less..

What am I doing at the moment.. Playing Destiny.. hang on an online game.. huh.. Well yes it is.. But even that falls over all the damn time and I spend hours getting so far only for me to be kicked out.. Sod knows why I still play it.. I guess because it reminds me so much of Too Human :)

Paperwork meal out and ILL.. :(

Yes got up a bit later than normal then did a load of paperwork with headphones on while Angel did the hoovering up stairs (vacuuming to you from the US of A), then booked a course for end of Feb. Only to have a call a couple of minutes later explaining there is no room and next available date is over two months away!!! So asked them to cancel it.. two months!!

So right now I need to get all my certs done and I have cancelled them all.. What am I like!

Went out for a spot of lunch and then ended up feeling ill all evening :( Freezing cold and even with the fire roaring away both of us were feeling a little cold :(

On the bright side not into work tomorrow due to the weather.

Late LATE LATE day..

So to make the most of the weather we have gone offshore late today, meant coming back at 10pm and then driving home at 11.. Tomorrow I’m doing some paperwork at home so that should be ok I guess.. No need to go in over thew weekend now either so next time I’m at work is Monday!.. result!

Although was a long LONG day today :(

Cancelled one of the training courses as it is now no good for offshore wind.. :(