The long drive back

So set off about 10am ish for the drive back.. Shame we couldn’t have had a bit longer but I have to fly back to work tomorrow :(

The drive back was ok I guess and managed to get back about 2pm which was cool.. the chickens seemed very happy to see us lol.. They pretty much flew out of the coop down the garden for some mooching 😉 The dogs had a play and I went and sorted out my plane ticket before putting stuff into the bag for tomorrow.

Then was just a matter of sleeping.. Which.. I couldn’t do.. about 3am I woke up and paid the dartford rip off (toll).

Angel’s 50th :)

So in to Hastings today and I have never spent so much time on facebook letting everyone know where we are and what’s happening.. All the while Angel was looking a bit unhappy :( I bought a book.. And we had coffee.. She surprised me by not throwing anything over me too, maybe that will be later?

Anyway had a nice calm day started to pack things away for the trip back tomorrow all the while keeping people updated on what was going on.

Anyway come the evening I had to take a long shower (not that hard for me, just ask Angel), and then drive slowly (again not hard for me) to the restaurant, anyway managed to text to give an ETA while I managed to persuade Angel to buy some boiled sweets for the trip back tomorrow.. lol

Arrived at the place walked in and to the end.. Round the corner and then had to push her in as everyone was there with balloons and everything, prezzies and some flowers to boot!

Jasper and his wife came down from Scotland specially for it, Angels sister managed to persuade a the kids to come and it was a great time.. Bit sneaky eh?… Best not mention it was all arranged with the help of Angels sister back in early July then eh lol.. I guess the hardest thing was convincing Angel to book a place down south lol..

Anyway a great evening to finish off the whole holiday.. Apologies to those who I could get to see but I just didn’t have enough time! Maybe next time!!

Good (ish) day

So this morning straight into Eastbourne again to try and retrieve my Debt card which had been swallowed last night, they managed to recover it (yey). Then bought a nice bracelet for Angel before then popping into the Fish shop on seaside for some crap claws for Nan (I know she loves them). Then dropped them at Nans and blow me down my mum decided to come over again.. ?!? So ended up with her there again.. sigh

Anyway once left headed back to where we were staying and got ready for the evening when the in-laws and everyone were popping up for a night out.. was a good night actually and enjoyed it a lot.. :)

Although Angel was not very happy when they went as they didn’t really talk about her birthday at all (snigger)..

Into Hastings tomorrow to avoid people (snigger), that is unless Angel goes home, she was a bit annoyed as I say after everyone just sort of glossed over her birthday.

Rats escaping?

Had breakfast up the bar/grill today.. not bad.. hehe.. Seems that a lot of people have started to leave the company I’m currently contracted to.. worrying.. In fact more so when you consider the people leaving have the most experience and are being pushed by people with none..

Popped into Eastbourne today and had a look around the place… Were supposed to go round my Nan’s but got sidetracked and by the time we had finished in town the fish shop would have sold out of most stuff.

Ended the evening walking the hounds along the seafront after managing to get my debt card swallowed by the building society machine (whoops).. Bonus got some ice cream on the way home and tried watching a Naff film.

Into town..

Popped into Hastings today and had a nice wander around managed to buy Angel a nice ring, even though my Debt card didn’t work? Bought a nice dressed crab yummy. Still really tired so had a snooze in the afternoon, then had a pizza before heading to Eastbourne in the evening to meet up with a load of the old friends for a booster draft.. I did terrible, but that’s not surprising as I haven’t played in years.. I enjoyed the evening though, even if it did bring back painful memories of playing the game with Wayne.

Anyway got back late and made a nice cup of tea and chatted with Angel, I don’t know what it is but this holiday feels very nice I’m not getting a huge amount of sleep here but I feel so much better than I have in a long time. Perhaps this is what I need to engage in things when home and turn off my phone ignore work emails and relax a bit.

Going into town again tomorrow..

Fixing email with a phone

Yes I managed to fix someone’s email with my phone, well actually that would be pretty easy in a number of ways, phone someone else, text someone else.. etc.. Anyway I ended up logging a call online through the phone after confirming (txt with info lol) that an IP address was banned.

I was round Nan’s at the time so was muttering and pressing bits and bobs.. Kinda surreal really as my Mum came unannounced at the same time and then stayed for ages.. She continues to talk about people I don’t know and tries very hard to include herself in the conversations, I don’t know what to do as well I just don’t know her any more. It’s a bit like a stranger walking up to you and starting to talk about their personal life.. very strange.

Anyway popped into the pub/grill/bar on-site this evening and had a spot of dinner.. blimey EXPENSIVE! Then went and spent some time and money in the arcade.. Two pence machines are ace!.. lol..

Oh also found that there is a nice place to walk the dogs along a sort of stream bank which is nice.. Damn hot here which is another pleasant surprise, normally when we go on holiday it’s raining all the time 😉

Travel day

So everything in the van by 10am and then just fiddling about making sure everything else was ready before heading down south.. Decided to forgo the toll and went the long way around.. knackered by the time we arrived.. The place is not too bad actually though pretty impressed with the feel of the place, although everyone is on-top of everyone else it felt pretty good there as the caravans are high up so no one can look in whilst walking by.. Nice..

The place also gets bonus points for having a Burger King on-site 😉

Ended up going to bed early.. I’m getting way WAY too old as so tired from a little drive.. Maybe I should start doing something else to keep fit.. Like exercise lol..

Bath time part two!

Got the bath sorted out at last today as when checking it the other day I didn’t stick enough along the edges and it came away from the wall leaving a gap. So cleaned it all out again and re-applied it. Should be ok I hope, only time will tell when back from down south in a weeks time.

I also noticed the shower leaked a bit from the back corners the place I really don’t want it leaking from either.. I’m unsure what to do about that as I need to ensure a good seal against the wall and base but I was under the impression that the internal seal should not be on the bottom.. But how else am I to stop it leaking to the outside corner.. Hmm.. I may have to rip the whole bathroom suite out and redo it properly!! God knows how much that will cost!

Anyway for now I have added a bead at the bottom edge and I will have to think about what to do when back next time.. I feel I may have to get someone in to do it though.

Nooooo.. Sob

Well seems that I will be doing a normal length trip when I go back and then having only four days off before going back to it again.. Means a bit more money I guess but it has cost me over 90 quid to sort it out which I’m not happy about at all. Still what can I do :(

Had a shower in the bathroom today and noticed the door/screen is not very good for the seal and some water gets out the bottom edge.. DOH! Not only that but Angel had a bath in the evening and pointed out that it wasn’t quite right either.. So looks like I need to sort that out again tomorrow.

Thank Crunchie for Friday

So been arranging stuff for next Saturday and got most of it now sorted, now going about getting my gear ready for when I get back so I can just chuck it together in a couple of hours and head to bed before going to work the next day (get home next Sunday and then flying off to work Monday morning). Managed to sort out someone’s email as well, seems they wanted a new account set-up so did that as well.. ho hum..

While I was doing that and again making sure that I could get a bigger table next Saturday I had a call from Bubble! Yey!.. seems he might be getting Fibre to a pole outside his place.. rather cool and I hope he does, be interesting to see how long it takes BT to start running this out to other people in the middle of nowhere (hey BT over here!!!).

Been reading a set of books (ok I’m normally reading about 4-5 books at once) but these have me hooked they use a lot of proper physic models which make it more believable in a Sci-fi way.. Check out the Synchronicity War series by Dietmar Arthur Wehr. Nice a cheap and a good read.. Very well written, well I never said I was a conasuier of fiction did I? Hell I like Tully Zetford and the Hook books for crying out loud.. Anyone who doesn’t know what I mean should check out and look at the works of a one Alan Burt Akers.. Pay special attention to the Dray Prescot series for some real stories you can read anywhere without engaging the brain too much eh? Love the books and I think for Xmas I would like the full set in hardback lol.. There you go Angel something for you to get me :)

The shower was put back together today as well, although I had to use the old broken plastic trim to rebuild it, went ok and looks pretty good, but only time will tell if it leaks or not.