Welcome to 2017 and Scotland!

Yes my blog has been silent for quiet a bit hasn’t it?

Well a lot has happened so lets just have a recap –

Sold house in Lincolnshire in Dec 2016
Moving to Scotland in Dec while on the road house purchase fell through due to access issues and the sellers being muppets.
Spent from Dec until Feb bumping around holiday lets while waiting for new place mortgage to go through.
First week in Feb moved into new place..
And since then we have ripped out floors, painted walls, Angel has cleaned more than a cleaner for the NHS (ok that’s not too hard, but you get the idea). Had a stove installed, fiddling with multiple issues as in boiler/thermostat electrics.. You name it..

Probably going to have to sort out some underfloor insulation at some point too.. Which is going to be challenging.

On the bright side the views are astonishing, has BAGS of potential and isn’t next door to anyone or have people walking through the garden every five minutes..

Work has been on hold since beginning of Dec, but I’m hoping it starts again today with help on another project.. But won’t find out until later.

Broadband was only connected Tuesday..

My Open University course suffered hugely due to no/lack of Broadband.. Submitted after a day of cramming.. I know it’s going to be bad but feel it’s my fault..

Anyway starting to do major works in the garage this week with insulation and boarding going up and then going to use the remaining insulation on the house and whatever is left over goes to my brother for his place..

Still amazed how badly the people who lived here left the place, I mean BAD.. We would have been embarrassed to leave the place like this.

Anyway today is all about the office so later will be moving desks about and setting that up downstairs, fingers crossed I can keep updating the blog now I have reliable internet YEY!

Will this be my last day offshore?

So offshore for the final tests on my latest windfarm project, wondering if indeed it could even be my last ever trip offshore.

I’m looking at a long time between projects, on completion of this one, and with that in mind have started to think about getting a normal job, whatever that is.

I have tried once again with the current company to see if they have any roles I can forfill, however having a lot of niche knowledge is not really helping in that respect.

I have been asked to make arrangements for a call sometime this week with a boss of cables, however I think that will be a “thank you” and “we’ll be in touch” call.

House move still hasn’t happened and I know angel is getting more and more stressed.. not helped with a new round of viewings with the hopes of moving it forward.

Lastly, managed to get down to 85 kilos and pretty stable there, however looking forward to the end so I can work towards getting a little more off and more importantly getting a little fitter. Close to where I want to be but just feeling a little tired..

And started course one.. I suspect next year I will have to do two if I’m to meet a target of 5 years for my degree… But it’s early days yet, and I’m about a week behind study. Still after today I should have plenty of time to get up to speed.

In other news, not played much destiny as no time, been reading a bit though. Feel a little lost if I’m honest, like a rabbit caught in the headlights.. what to do..

Right not long now until I’m on-site and running about on the oss.

Next step..

Completed another online course today.. Renewable’s in nature so was of interest as well, which made it a little easier to do. Also started my OU course, need to print out a chart and make time to go through the books, but I hope I can get into the habit of spending a couple of hours every other night going over it.

Just come back from another quick trip the Scotland where we have looked at a few other houses, seem fairly likely in a couple of months we will be a little further away 🙂

Looks like I will have a lot of building to do once up there as there are no out buildings to speak of so I will need to build an office, garage and workshop. Already plans are afoot to bury a container in the *garden* to create a *different place* I’m hoping to use that as a workshop come office, but right now just an idea 😉

Getting together a list of likes and needs –

Need – Garage/workshop

Not sure – Generator, Solar Panels, Turbine (Yes this is possible and actually could generate some money!!).

Like – Swimming pool, Office, large antenna array, more land, huge area for stores.

Bit frustrated as the sale infers you can buy extra land but when asked they said they don’t really want to sell.. wtf? Land is expensive too going for between 4.5k-5k an acre!.. There goes my idea of 10 acres extra lol!

Welcome to the thunderdome

Sorry everyone, yes we are still alive and kicking..

Been a little busy, finished cutting the huge log up, taken stuff down in the house (antenna’s and cables).. packed away stuff like the rack and set out the CCTV which we are leaving behind for the new owners.. Then had all the hassle with paperwork (wth) of the sale.. Someone broke into my Van so now staying in another Hotel which is a little more out of the way than the last one… what else.. Oh my knee is a lot better now.. yey..

Still waiting on a date for moving to the rental, as the one we were buying has fallen through (they could not agree a date to move out ?!), so we are paying for another place in Scotland even though still living down in England.. arghhhh.. And on top of all that I managed to side swipe the skip on the way to work last week and put a big mark all along the passenger side of the van 🙁

Angel has seen a nice car she wants to buy as well.. *sigh*..

Just had to pay the government for corporation tax, probably more than any of the big companies pay 🙁 so now skint after earning a whole months money.. crap.. 🙁

Anyway I will try and update some more in the next couple of days, tonight I’m going to go the Gym for the first time ever.. Oerrr.. Should be interesting.. :s

An update..

So where should I start..

The house.. Ok most of the work has been done, bit of outside painting and the pond will never get finished.. But it’s all sorted everything not being used everyday is in the container.. And the house is looking HUGE!.. It’s on the market and we have had four viewings, actually having a fifth as I type this, first people offered full asking price. Only for us to find out they haven’t sold yet.. Hmm

We were in Scotland at the time looking over places and found three we loved, only one of which was what I expected Angel to love.. This has been whittled down to two as one of the better suited/looking ones looks likely to be un-mortgagable.. Due to never being signed off by an architect (bit of a shame).

So left with an old cottage which needs a fair bit of work and a bungalow which has a couple of near neighbours and a rather long track to get to (yeah I know strange).

We are now sort of waiting.. Nothing else to to 😉

Work.. Ok right now I’m supposed to be starting next Tuesday, but I’m not 100% happy with the contract so have not signed.. I don’t want to lose money so rather than get into grief I may end up passing this contract and waiting for the next, hopefully not for too long!

Bought a couple of Drones.. a Quad and the new one is a Hexacopter.. Here are a couple of links to videos taken with them –


That’s it really, down to 86.6 kilos still running, once or twice a day, looking to get to 82 (within the BMI then going to slow down).. Off tomorrow to do a confined spaces course.. oh the joy.