Next chapter

Quick update..
general stuff;
– Caravan (last one) is going to get given a viking burial next week.
– Containers have been sorted out a fair bit and I have found tons of stuff that I have re-bought (opps) still a way to go with them though.
– Garage has been nearly completed, Angel did a awesome job with the painting and we moved the machines in. Even played a bit of table tennis 🙂
– Solar panels are now working and the cables have been replaced and re-terminated correctly, by us.
– Started to make progress with the Server Rack and awaiting a new RAID controller for the last bits.
– Had a mental quote for the Harling (16k).
– Nan on Dads side died and left all of us a little bit in her will, nice but the pictures we got were the best.
– Facebook is about to be lost to me as I don’t want to agree to them having my data etc.. I’ve already dropped the app and chat so no great loss.
– Someone I know is finally getting married to, by all accounts, an awesome person. Looking forward to the wedding 🙂
– Been accepted for another role (start in coming weeks) although until I have the contract *nothing is certain*.
– Bloody mice! in the walls and eating through the waste pipe on the dishwasher (twice in two days ARGHH).. so set more traps and also stuffed wire wool into all the gaps i could see.. 🙁

Other stuff;
– Awaiting a small DC Generator so I can design and build a small scale wind turbine.
– A certain persons old Amiga has been upgraded a fair bit and cleaned up, waiting on a replacement FDD at the moment and some 3.1 ROM chips 🙂
– Fixed a broken PSU, meters don’t work though so may have to revisit that tomorrow.
– Heard from an old friend and helped fix his PC remotely 🙂
– Thinking of getting some radios out int he coming days and setting up my station here.
– Also thinking about placing the IC7000 in the van, or at least having a mount for it there.

Not looking forward to going back to work, although it will now be 14 on and 14 off so not all bad 🙂


So Angel convinced me to plaster the garage and although only just under half is done I have to admit it is the right choice and it will look fab once complete.
I’ll possibly take some photos once it is done so you can look at the right bodge I have made of it all, I know I have done stuff that’s crap, but it is a garage so i have left some bits a bit rough. I mean not much point if the next person who owns the place smashes it all down anyway.

Found my Network card and went to put it in the Amiga Bubble sent up, alas it failed to boot and then I ended up stripping the machine down to find the connector to the 68060 was a bit corroded, at least that is now working again 😉 Bubble did include a Ethernet card with it but alas it is an old style Ethernet one so I need a hub that supports BNC or some such.. I might just buy a new network card for it instead.. or buy the vampire for the A1500-2000 I have in the container 😉

Toying with the idea of swapping out the HDD’s adding a smaller SSD and Compact Flash drive.. Oh and I have the newer kickstart roms i could remove from my A4000 .. hmm..

Work is just not happening it appears my CV now reads as I’m a dimwitted terminations rep or some such as every job I apply for they are refusing me on lack of experience (which does make me laugh out loud when they inform me this on the phone).

Angel has been painting again today and I have been mucking about in the mud sorting the poly tunnel out. The garage plaster still hasn’t dried out enough to paint so for the moment it’s having to wait a bit.. Maybe it will be dry tomorrow. Then a bit of paint and we can get the arcade machines moved in and the other side can be done 🙂

Time to plan..

I find myself feeling a bit lost, my last contract ended without an extension, which means I have no idea when I’m going to get another contract. A lot of jobs I wanted to get done are now possible however I have managed to get the lurgy on more than one occasion, although the garage is now boarded out and lights are up.. I haven’t plastered & jointed or painted and if I’m honest I don’t think I will bother now either.

I have started to tidy up the poly tunnel, so that’s a good thing, filled a skip with rubbish (which went this morning).

Plans this week.. go out for a meal somewhere nice with Angel, plant some seedlings in the poly tunnel, finish the floor in the garage and setup the test equipment and radio(s).

Also the A4000 TWR arrived from Bubble (thanks 🙂 and apart from one of those silly copper clips for the case coming lose nothing seems damaged 🙂 I have an Amiga Network Card I shall be putting in to replace the BNC old style one in it 🙂

The Solar Array sprung a leak (water started to come out the conduit used for the DC cables) and they are still not online yet, SSE due at the end of the month though.

Had lots of people trying to convince me to work at the last minute on jobs, one made me laugh as it sounded good until you found out they wanted to pay you an employees wage but use you as a contractor, I’m sure someone will take the rate besides they will just accept anyone at some point, but it does make you wonder how that project will turn out in 6 months time.. Oh and after being told there was nothing for *months* the company who let me go are now *desperate* to find someone.. Sorry I’m having a month off besides you didn’t need me 17 days ago.. rates probably a joke anyway..

What else.. Hmm.. Van is a bit knackered.. In for a service tomorrow though, needs some Tyre’s anyway.

And Year two of my Uni Degree is complete.. in a few more days I will need to look at the next step.. Although I may change my focus to something else.

Right I’m off to tidy up the garage some more and move junk about, I feel a massive selling spree coming as I offload all my Sinclair, Sega, Nintendo and Atari stuff. 😉

In other news Angel is ok although I think she misses going out and wandering about town (its a bit far now). Oh and she is painting again (or about to) just don’t stand still if you come round!

Hey Happy Christmas!

Now that most people have moved on I can sneak back to the odd word or two written for the masses of the *internet*.

If you have found this page looking up technical information or google has given you a link to this in the vain hope it can sort your life out and make you rich….
..Well you in for a surprise and not the pleasant kind either.

Anyway I’m going to keep things short so here is a summary of whats been happening this year;

February – Managed to secure new house in north of Aberdeen on a hill with stunning views, however the house needs a LOT of work.. And in places was falling to bits (windows anyone). Working in Lincolnshire (Oh the irony).
March – Some new carpets fitted along with a wood burning stove fitted. Working in Belgium & Lincolnshire.
April – More carpets fitted and Kitchen first fix goes in. Still lots to do and finding it hard to get trades in the area. Found out Solar panels on roof never registered so no FITs for us.
June – Works on kitchen coming along now with Kitchen obtaining a proper cooker. Working in Barrow (Monday to Friday no less).
July – Gutters getting replaced along with doors and windows, slowly taking time. Working in Barrow still the drives a nightmare.
August – Windows still not all done yet (seems some wrong size) Kitchen now almost done and starting other rooms. Most have new carpets and Angel have blitzed place with Paint! Still in Barrow got lots of good audio books for the drive!
September – Looking at small Solar Panel array.. With Battery storage, Split phase (for Economy 7 Removed), later in month receive letter from OFGEM saying that split phase is no longer Exotic so could have kept it and move supplier anyway if waited ARGHH! – Still in Barrow bad weather is now hampering works offshore.
October – Kitchen done, Utility room nearly done, Most rooms now done, Garage starting to get done, one caravan has lost it’s head. Ordered small (10kW Solar Array and Battery system). Still in Barrow.
November – Starting to see a little Snow, got low marks on first TMA on second year of Degree course (annoyed at myself), Bathrooms remain not undated, windows all finally in (bar Bathroom), Roof skylight removed and steps outside to be rebuilt. Take a break from facebook (not looking back either once a week if I remember). – Still in Barrow contract about to be extended until March 2018.
December – Snow slowed progress on the steps outside, but solar array is installed but not turned on yet (awaiting consent for export), two rooms require updating along with bathrooms. Place looks awesome if put against when we bought in February. Got snowed in, neighbor popped in with snowplow but didn’t want to risk it, dug car and van out of snow on drive. Sounds nice but not fun and managed to strain arm muscles so week had off was in pain most of it. Still in Barrow signed extension until end of February 2018.

So there you have it you should have an idea of 2017, there are lots of other things but most are generally boring and I won’t go into..

Anything interesting Technical I’m doing right now? Well I have a couple of hundred quid in Crypto Currency that I have been playing about with (currently made about 100% since I started in August). Not got the radios out yet, one container remains 75% full, although I’m getting close to seeing a movement of stuff about the house. Still running and now using the exercise bike too, managed to do some damage to my left knee when I twisted whilst running at speed on treadmill so having to slowly work up to speed again. Still not at my ideal weight but I can see some slight improvements.

So what else.. Hmm bought some Ryzen machines so now running on them (impressive).. Got a VR system fro Xmas tomorrow.. That should be fun..

Anyway I shall now wander off and look for something to tidy up, Have a great Christmas and New Year here’s to 2018 being AWESOME!

Does it really matter?

Not updated this for sometime, which is a stupid comment to make as you can see from the post below this that right enough.

Quite a lot has changed since my last update, but I’m not going to bore you with that 😉

Pretty soon I will be closing down this site, or at least making it private and only available for me.

There are a lot of reasons for it but I guess the best one is that when I started this Blog I was trying to prove something to myself and let everyone else know I’m not stupid and I don’t follow the rest of the sheep… Frankly I was not sure what I wanted.. I still don’t. However I know this is not helping anyone so it’s time to pull the curtain down on it and move on.

A lot of you will think you have annoyed me or I have just got bored of you, that’s not true. What I have done is started to think bout myself for a change, I’m sorry if that’s disappointing you but everyone lets you down eventually 😉

In the words of a great book

“So long and thanks for all the Fish”