Does it really matter?

Not updated this for sometime, which is a stupid comment to make as you can see from the post below this that right enough.

Quite a lot has changed since my last update, but I’m not going to bore you with that 😉

Pretty soon I will be closing down this site, or at least making it private and only available for me.

There are a lot of reasons for it but I guess the best one is that when I started this Blog I was trying to prove something to myself and let everyone else know I’m not stupid and I don’t follow the rest of the sheep… Frankly I was not sure what I wanted.. I still don’t. However I know this is not helping anyone so it’s time to pull the curtain down on it and move on.

A lot of you will think you have annoyed me or I have just got bored of you, that’s not true. What I have done is started to think bout myself for a change, I’m sorry if that’s disappointing you but everyone lets you down eventually 😉

In the words of a great book

“So long and thanks for all the Fish”

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