Moving on

Gosh.. So yesterday went bowling (great fun) and popped into the local (20 miles away) model shop.. They have some HUGE remote controller helicopters and cars.. And no I’m not going to buy any lol..

Got my Amiga 4000 working with it’s 68060 and updated Workbench to 3.9, still have to sort out the networking aspect but for now it’s almost complete and I was enjoying playing with it.
Oh I need to set up some sort of switching system for the audio and fix the fact that for some reason the speakers only output on one side (right).
Bubble’s old Amiga 4000 in a tower has had some upgrades, the HDD has been changed to a 2.5″ and the floppy drive has been changed (the old one was shot), I’m waiting on a heatsink and fan for the CPU and will probably modify a nice new chase I bought off eBay for it to move into. Need to get some sheet metal and make up a backplate mind.. That’s going to be a bit of a mission but I’m looking forward to it.

Not done anything around the place for the last couple of days and although I’m now walking again it will be some time before I can run as I don’t want to push my knee.. so half hour of walking and then half hour on the bike each day it is then.

Trying to get my Kinect 2 working with the pinball table and shall finish that tomorrow I expect (need to solder on a power cable).

Going to charge the drone tomorrow as well and give it a go to see what the place looks like now we have had some dry sunny weather, not to mention nosey about what the neighbours have done, they have been digging in the front garden.

Back to work Monday for a week or more offshore looking after a jointing campaign so that should be good, at least it will be a break from all the hassle I have had the last couple of weeks.

For now I have two days off, so I’m going to make the most of it, well once I have booked the hotel that is 😉

Oh and booked my OU course for the year (3k no wonder people don’t bother anymore!), just think in 4 more years I might have a degree (of common sense perhaps boom boom).

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