Ready to go

So this morning just getting ready to go back to work, had a nice calm weekend, which was nice.
Even managed to go to a local farm show type affair down the road.

Tidied up the workshop container a bit more, new tumble drier that arrived has the control panel hanging off a tad. Seem to have a wasps nest in the roof, where the guy doing the fascia managed to leave a huge gap that they have gotten into 🙁

Got a long drive down to Grimsby later, it’s going to be a nightmare couple of days until I’m setup offshore..

Found loads of stuff I have bought at previous places, going to get all the retro stuff together and start selling it off in huge chunks next chance I get.

Really need to just either bin or sell off the older stuff.. I would prefer to sell it for a reasonable price but eBay is full of scammers these days so it will have to go on private forums that pay a lot less and want to cherry pick the best stuff.. Could mean I end up skipping (as in two of three) lots of stuff come the end of the year.. Crazy.. But I have no need to hang onto it any longer and I’m not willing to lose money on the auction sites.

Right best get ready to leave, have fun while I’m away!

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