Welcome to the Pandemic

So did I ever think we would have this sort of world and how comfortable am I right now?

To be honest I haven’t really got a massive issue with the stuck inside as many who know me will attest to I will happily sit on my fat arse all day and watch TV or surf the web. However my job has meant I have continued to work, more so than before as everyone else is available 24/7 because they’re working remote. It came to a head last week when I felt burnt out and just wanted to hide in a dark room 🙁

And no I never thought or would have wanted to be like this, feeling hunted if I go shopping and looking over my shoulder as I stick some chocolate eggs and biscuits in the trolley in case the thought police seize me for non-essential trips out shopping. Delivery of stuff means that technology hasn’t really changed for me, although I’m seeing delays on launching products (a laptop I ordered has been delayed from April until June now.. rather annoy after paying for it mid March).

Reminds me I need to order up some micro-SD cards.. wanders off to amazon and orders a bunch… £15.98 for 5 16GB cards.. crazy prices.. Oh course when I look back it this, in say 5 years, I will shudder paying that much 😉

I’m going to try updating this one every couple of days for awhile, more to get stuff off my mind than anything, move along nothing to see!

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