Welcome to 2021

Who would have thought something I started for a bit of fun would still be updated (even if less frequently) nearly 16 years later?

I thought I would cover come of the things that have changed in all that time, both good and bad.

The Internet – Back in 2005 it was still a new place and was also very basic in places, emails were still new and it would be a few more years before video calling was actually realistic (in 2005 Three UK offered the first trials but it was terrible back then 😉 ). Music was just starting to find mainstream streaming options online and Winamp still ruled for streaming your daily dose of Chiptunes. In fact, I’d say 2005 was when it really started to become mainstream, although it would be a fair few years before the main platforms evolved enough and technology offered phones able properly stream MP3’s.

Work – In 2005 I started employed by a company and then broke free and setup on my own, the next few years were very tough but I still think it was the right thing to do. These days I deal with frankly frighteningly large projects, albeit in a very limited way, which would have had me frozen in fear and indecision even a few years ago. I’ve worked on the back deck of Construction vessels in the North Sea in both Oil & Gas and renewables. Slowly I worked my way up from the bottom and then moved sideways again to concentrate on something I felt was a niche area. I guess it was when I was there at the beginning now 16 years later it’s not so much. Recently I have started to transition to another role, but that’s something I really can’t talk about.

Home – I started 2005 living in Eastbourne, East Sussex.. But as I was working away most of the time I slowly came to the realisation that I was extremely unhappy when I was home because it brought home the changes I had been going through and that people were starting to drift away on their own journeys. The Death of an extremely close friend really had a profound impact on my life and slowly it became clear we needed to move away. Our first stop was Lincolnshire, firstly in Sutton Bridge renting again, then just outside Boston, where we started to find time to reflect on the changes. During this time, I became focused on improving myself and slowly worked through on some plans which we put into motion in 2015 when we moved to Scotland, Aberdeenshire. So now I sit in a lovely house on a hill (it wasn’t when we bought it though poor old Angel was crying most of the first week, the house was that bad). Slowly we have improved the place. Still no swimming pool though 😛

Friends – Here I have sadly been terrible, after the events of 2004 I slowly broke away from everyone and hid away. I was just too scared of any more pain. I was and still am not sure how to make new friends or even if I could bare the loss of anyone. So I hide away. To all those who knew me before, sorry but please know it was not anything you did but rather my own personal cowardice that made me run away.

Future – So the future is really open right now, we have been through a terrible year in 2020 with the pandemic and all it has done to countless families and people around the world. I have been lucky with work continuing to be there, even if it has been intense and full on since mid-2019. Going forward I plan on continuing to improve myself and slowly transition to another role, either within the same market or something new. We have 5 years left on our mortgage and once paid up I plan on switching to either a part time consultancy role or starting another business and running it from a higher level leaving the day to day to someone else.

To all those who know me, call or once called me a friend I wish you all the best for 2021. Feel free to reach out and say hi via email chain @ this domain or use the contact form.



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