The year is 2021, …the place Earth

So the year started well enough, I looked to be moving to a couple of R&D type supporting roles (of a sort anyway) I had training rebooked. The Pandemic was slowly coming under some sort of control, mainly because of the vaccines and a stupid number of people around the world were not hearing about injecting bleach and stuffing light bulbs up a rectal passage but one of the most powerful (and as it turns out dumb) people in the world.

Come to the end of February and things are not so great, my chances of a plumb role have gone and because I wanted to be honest and helpful I have begun to see my role side-lined and dismantled as those above looked to find ways of staying attached to projects (and earning money).

It came to a head in March when I was expected to sit on front of my computer in case I was required, so I took a week off in March no on missed me so I decided to do a couple more days and then finish up.

During the last 3 years I have had many ups although these have been at the expense of my health and mental well being, even now I find myself struggling and don’t honestly know when I will be *ok*.

To add to the list I failed my first attempt at an exam and got the results back on the worst possible day (although I was not expecting to pass, if I’m totally honest with myself), then sadly Tia had to be put to sleep as she was just struggling so much and it has broken our hearts.

So 2021.. Not so great so far, looking second vaccine dose in the coming week(s), and slowly starting to see some improvements with places opening up again.

I honestly wonder if I will be ok before 2022 arrives, I have filled most of my time between the last contract and not with training and doing stuff to take my mind of things.. But it’s harder than it should be damn it.

Will be looking for another contract come July, along with getting fitter.. 

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  1. Bubble says:

    So sorry about Tia and the other stuff m8. I won’t do the classic ‘It’ll be okay m8 stuff’ because that is not helpful either. What I will say is that we are here for you both if you need us!

    Take care you two, regards Martin & Sara.

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