And so 2022

I have, I think it’s fair to say, has a terrible 2021.

I retook the exam I failed and now can say I’m a qualified Project Manager (PFQ PMQ) not that it means much in the long term, or short for that matter. I took a couple of other courses 18th Edition, IOSH and some random stuff, started my OU Engineering course and generally tried to pick up some more skills.

I was set for a long term role on the large Wind farm that failed to materialise and in August found myself back with the same old company working on another remedial campaign, which was cancelled a month after I joined (ho hum).

Looking back at my last post and 2021 in general it shows in my post clearly I was hurting and not in a good place, I used to joke about depression but feeling the icy clutches of it in reality is not nice… I can only hope I can get myself out of this downwards trend I seem set on.

So what about 2022 I hear you ask?

Well the OU course is hard going I’m struggling with mental issues I have never faced before so that’s not got any better, however I have started to walk again on the treadmill and look forwards rather than back. Honestly still having a role is amazing and a big surprise, however that may be ending soon so I shouldn’t shout too loudly from the hill tops.

I’ll try and update this a little more as a way of tracking myself and how I am mentally, but no promises.

I hope everyone who passes this way is doing well and has a great year.

Stay safe folks!

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