To the end of 2019

So as the year draws to a close what has happened?

Well the country managed to elect a bunch of lying toffs and we’re all heading towards a mirror of the US.. I wonder if we’ll be building a wall?

In other news still working and still on the verge of chucking it all in, even if I’m on variation order 5… Everything is starting to get to me 🙁

So in closing I’m looking forward to the complete Armageddon that IR35 will be bringing next year.

Hope everyone has a great Xmas and New year.

I’ll raise a glass of Dr pepper to you all ?

Getting colder!

Still hard working away in the background, no real progress on any projects of late, some small fiddling bits with the 3D Printers but nothing major. I really haven’t had any spare time to do that sort of thing if I’m honest.

Been finding myself on a flight either to London or Europe a lot of late although I think that should calm down a little now, this traveling just doesn’t agree with me.

So we are coming to the cold part of the year, I have one more week of work then a week off, just as things start to get *interesting*, but I have been told to start farming out my work to someone else. Even though I’m not very confident this other person will work in the company or projects favour I have to start accepting I can not do everything and I need to look at the work/life balance.

Strangely working from home I would have expected a better balance, but that does not seem to have been the case, I’m constantly on the go either working online, in meetings or taking calls….

So now that’s my moaning out of the way what else?

No an awful lot! How are you all doing in the land of the real?

Welcome to September

Seems strange that I used to update this blog everyday, why? Did I enjoy it.. Don’t think so… 

Anyway time seems to be compressing again and work is eating me alive.. Not only that I seem unable to switch off at the weekends.

On the bright side the Garage/Den is nearly done and I’ve upgraded my PC to a whopping AMD 3900x woohoo.. 

So what’s happening? Not much.. Starting to think about looking for another place to build although it will take some time as this will be “The place”.. 

Oh and I’m planning on taking some holidays soon!!


Anyway stay safe out there folks!

So how is everyone?

So how things have changed?

I remember sitting down writing lots of updates and thinking back on the things I had spent the day(s) doing and what I was aiming to do in the next week etc..

Now I have a day that involves;

  • exercise (roughly 30mins to an hour on the treadmill)
  • breakfast
  • calls
  • emails and documentation
  • lunch
  • more calls and documentation
  • dinner
  • exercise
  • watch some TV
  • sleep

I mean I get up to other stuff, but I’m not sure anyone is interested in my struggles to correct a 3D printer or the mucky work involved in Resin printing. Then I have the tidying up, gardening (not as often as I should)..

The main thing I used to talk about was work and what I got up to, now I can’t as the stuff I deal with is very commercially sensitive. I guess I can say I’m working on an offshore wind farm, the biggest in the UK (again) although I’m nearly finished on this one now.

Hope everyone is well and sorry if I haven’t been in touch but my life is a bit surreal these days working all hours and jetting about all over the UK and Europe.. Who knows soon my be off for a trip further afield, only time will tell!

Only bit of news worthy I guess is to say that sadly Smudge passed away at the end of March, it was very sudden and hit us both very hard.. Still find it hard to talk about her and I’ve certainly been down about everything in general since 🙁

Anyway I hope the second half of 2019 treats everyone better!


Well we all made it, well done folks!

The world didn’t end in 2018, although the jury is out on 2019 at the moment.

So nearly 6 months since my last post, so maybe a recap?

Work.. More work and well work.

On the brightside this contract is about to end and I’m looking at another one in February, this one I’m going to have to be very careful about however as I could price myself too low and end up unable to take the role, so I need to investigate some more. Also I’m hoping to make more *me* time as right now all my time is used up with either work or Study.

The last couple of weeks I have struggled with a bad back and so the exercise has just dropped off, that’s something that needs to change from tomorrow. Along with a bit more structure to my daily work/jobs.

Hope you have all had a great Christmas and New Year.

Sorry but again due to my new role(s) I won’t be updating anything online in more detail, but feel free to reach out to me via email if you want to chat, I’m not on Facebook although I do browse Twitter from time to time 😉

Have fun in 2019!