Ready to go

So this morning just getting ready to go back to work, had a nice calm weekend, which was nice.
Even managed to go to a local farm show type affair down the road.

Tidied up the workshop container a bit more, new tumble drier that arrived has the control panel hanging off a tad. Seem to have a wasps nest in the roof, where the guy doing the fascia managed to leave a huge gap that they have gotten into 🙁

Got a long drive down to Grimsby later, it’s going to be a nightmare couple of days until I’m setup offshore..

Found loads of stuff I have bought at previous places, going to get all the retro stuff together and start selling it off in huge chunks next chance I get.

Really need to just either bin or sell off the older stuff.. I would prefer to sell it for a reasonable price but eBay is full of scammers these days so it will have to go on private forums that pay a lot less and want to cherry pick the best stuff.. Could mean I end up skipping (as in two of three) lots of stuff come the end of the year.. Crazy.. But I have no need to hang onto it any longer and I’m not willing to lose money on the auction sites.

Right best get ready to leave, have fun while I’m away!

Moving on

Gosh.. So yesterday went bowling (great fun) and popped into the local (20 miles away) model shop.. They have some HUGE remote controller helicopters and cars.. And no I’m not going to buy any lol..

Got my Amiga 4000 working with it’s 68060 and updated Workbench to 3.9, still have to sort out the networking aspect but for now it’s almost complete and I was enjoying playing with it.
Oh I need to set up some sort of switching system for the audio and fix the fact that for some reason the speakers only output on one side (right).
Bubble’s old Amiga 4000 in a tower has had some upgrades, the HDD has been changed to a 2.5″ and the floppy drive has been changed (the old one was shot), I’m waiting on a heatsink and fan for the CPU and will probably modify a nice new chase I bought off eBay for it to move into. Need to get some sheet metal and make up a backplate mind.. That’s going to be a bit of a mission but I’m looking forward to it.

Not done anything around the place for the last couple of days and although I’m now walking again it will be some time before I can run as I don’t want to push my knee.. so half hour of walking and then half hour on the bike each day it is then.

Trying to get my Kinect 2 working with the pinball table and shall finish that tomorrow I expect (need to solder on a power cable).

Going to charge the drone tomorrow as well and give it a go to see what the place looks like now we have had some dry sunny weather, not to mention nosey about what the neighbours have done, they have been digging in the front garden.

Back to work Monday for a week or more offshore looking after a jointing campaign so that should be good, at least it will be a break from all the hassle I have had the last couple of weeks.

For now I have two days off, so I’m going to make the most of it, well once I have booked the hotel that is 😉

Oh and booked my OU course for the year (3k no wonder people don’t bother anymore!), just think in 4 more years I might have a degree (of common sense perhaps boom boom).

So hows everyone doing?

Been busy with work again, not really had much time off since I have started this project and it’s starting to show.. So tired and at times I find myself thinking about just going to sleep as tomorrow might be better.. Not great, makes me think I’m starting to slip into a bit of a depressing state.

Managed to get a couple of days off so far and seen a slight reduction in work load, however it is less work but it’s slipping to afternoons leaving me with some days not being able to do stuff as I’m waiting on meetings, documents etc.

Oh my batteries arrived so we now have approx 7.2Kw of battery storage, meaning we are now using on average 1 unit a day.. Cool, although of course I still need a good day to balance them out a bit (ones a bit less charged than the rest so I need to leave them for a couple of hours on a sunny day disconnected to balance out 🙂

Expect to head back offshore next week for a jointing campaign so that will be fun, not.

Just about to wait on a date for the harling to be done on the outside of the house, and then if lucky we can get the bathroom done, oh the life we lead lol..

The garage floor (EVA foam) is not working and I’m looking at other options that I can put in place.. One I’m tempted by is the Plastic flooring route, but as the EVA foam ones lift up I’m concerned I will get the same issue with the PVC type and as I have a lot of heavy stuff around the edges it would be a nightmare to try and get it to stop lifting up, not to mention the fact that it costs and arm and leg to do!

Angels car has been playing up, although fingers crossed it’s now resolved as a faulty sensor.

Spent the end of June beginning of July in Amsterdam working and since then I have been trying to 1. work out what I’m doing on this project from day to day (as my role varies with the needs) and 2. work out where I’m going to next after this project is done.. I have heard something about going to do another role but I feel I may have just been sold a line to tag along.. Shame..

Right best get back to it, these bills won’t pay themselves will they.

Have fun!

Stuff and Tingz

Hey hows it going?

Great.. good.. really?.. Good.. aha.. Awesome.. Me?

The new role is.. challenging.. I’m starting to get my head around it but still have some stuff that is frankly disturbing.

What else.. Hmm.. The caravan’s have finally gone, and the containers are in there final resting place, well until the next move at any rate.

I’ve finally got the server sorted and the solar panels are keeping us off grid for most of the day (going on grid from about 11pm until about 6am atm), although with some extra batteries we should be looking to go off grid all day, at least during the summer months. Our electric bill has gone from 70-80 a month to 18-20 and the panels are generating approx 120 a quarter (in the summer) so we are making a small amount right now, however it was never the intent to make money more to save.

I’ve learnt a few things here and for the next place I’m going to have a GSHP with underfloor heating, solar collectors as well as 10-25KW of Panels and a 7-10Kw battery pack. Possibly a generator backup as well, depending how far away we are from a stable grid connection.

I’m possibly going to try and embed the place into the ground in some way to increase the thermal efficiency of the place..

In other ideas are a large Garage, fully insulated and again with underfloor heating, above that storage accessible via stairs, a room in the new place for the office and a base for the containers to go onto.. Possibly with one buried (yes with supporting walls not just buried 😉 ) and the other on top.

Had some plans put in again for the land behind us.. three houses, in the region of over 300k as a sustainable planning application.. yeah.. great last year the plans were turned down because it is not near enough to any other places and classed as arable land.. so they just stuck the application in again and said that as there are plans for 50 in the town and another five in the center they should be allowed to do this.. even though they admit no one wants to build those places that have the planning consent! Probably because no one here can afford them.

Amazing how when I was younger I had plenty of time and no money now I have the opposite and find myself time poor.. It’s pretty shocking when you come to the conclusion that you just can’t afford to spend time doing simple stuff like building a ramp for the container.. I enjoyed it but.. it also felt as if I wasted a day doing it.. *sigh*

I find myself starting stuff and finishing again shortly afterward pondering why I’m bothering at times.. *sigh*..

Oh must tell you about exercise.. yes i’m still doing it but.. I’m now doing an hour on the cycle machine do dar as running was knackering my knees.. Although I hope to give that another go this weekend as I felt great afterwards.. Well util my knees hurt anyway 😛

So yeah.. Oh and I’m only on twitter now Facebook lost its charm when it was just all adverts and crap.. ho hum

Next chapter

Quick update..
general stuff;
– Caravan (last one) is going to get given a viking burial next week.
– Containers have been sorted out a fair bit and I have found tons of stuff that I have re-bought (opps) still a way to go with them though.
– Garage has been nearly completed, Angel did a awesome job with the painting and we moved the machines in. Even played a bit of table tennis 🙂
– Solar panels are now working and the cables have been replaced and re-terminated correctly, by us.
– Started to make progress with the Server Rack and awaiting a new RAID controller for the last bits.
– Had a mental quote for the Harling (16k).
– Nan on Dads side died and left all of us a little bit in her will, nice but the pictures we got were the best.
– Facebook is about to be lost to me as I don’t want to agree to them having my data etc.. I’ve already dropped the app and chat so no great loss.
– Someone I know is finally getting married to, by all accounts, an awesome person. Looking forward to the wedding 🙂
– Been accepted for another role (start in coming weeks) although until I have the contract *nothing is certain*.
– Bloody mice! in the walls and eating through the waste pipe on the dishwasher (twice in two days ARGHH).. so set more traps and also stuffed wire wool into all the gaps i could see.. 🙁

Other stuff;
– Awaiting a small DC Generator so I can design and build a small scale wind turbine.
– A certain persons old Amiga has been upgraded a fair bit and cleaned up, waiting on a replacement FDD at the moment and some 3.1 ROM chips 🙂
– Fixed a broken PSU, meters don’t work though so may have to revisit that tomorrow.
– Heard from an old friend and helped fix his PC remotely 🙂
– Thinking of getting some radios out int he coming days and setting up my station here.
– Also thinking about placing the IC7000 in the van, or at least having a mount for it there.

Not looking forward to going back to work, although it will now be 14 on and 14 off so not all bad 🙂